“The Arrivals” mentioned on the Alex Jones show


I understand if it sounds like the conversation wasn’t finished yet, but at the end of this video the caller starts talking about something else.


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  1. kappy0405 says:

    I love how I get 'thumbs down' for promoting unification and truth.

    Anyone saying Jones doesn't expose Zionism is being completely & willfully ignorant.

    I can't see for the life of me why people need & constantly look for someone to hate on.

    If you want to bash Jones, do it because hes a disrespectful egomaniac, but don't spread lies about him

    Seriously, some of the newer movements within the anti-nwo scene are doing nothing but causing disruption and spreading hate/ignorance. sad.

  2. knowquarter1 says:

    When asked if he has seen the arrivals Jones first says no, then says oh yeah maybe just one or two. Truth is that he has seen them all and is careful not to associate himself to much with any critics of Isreal because of the ADL. He can criticize the government, the bildebergers, the club of rome, the illuminati, but fact is that the masters of the fraudulent "hate" laws can lawyer any radio personality out of a job.

  3. Derrick Hoon says:

    The problem with this Im Shia or Im Sunni is that it is a tool divide and conquer. Why cant we all be muslims? As muslims we are united and stronger as Sunni and shia we are divided and we WILL fall, just watch, one faction for power will side with the oppressors and only make things worse. Look at Iraq that was not by chance. Wake up brothers they dont care what faction you belong to they will kill you either way. Salaam

  4. Mohammad Tar says:

    WHEN you are a Muslim you will understand everything around you

  5. 77moessa says:

    AS SALAMULAYKUM. First i would like 2 say that i think there is something very dodgy about MR Alex jones. how can u get in to one of the elites rituals and film it without them knowing? i reckon they let him do it. he really works 4 them.

  6. JDubyaPDX says:

    LOL.. How'd i know they'd use the A-Word? —- (the word is "antisemite") naturally. This was a planned discussion. Enough to acknowledge the film, so they can claim they have discussed it, but it's immediately dismissed as antisemitic. — Isn't Jones' show owned by ABC/Disney?

  7. TheQueeny20 says:

    i love the arrivals movie i watch the whole thing and the other movies called : Phase 3 and The Divine Book.. it exposes everything. its way better than zeitgeist movies.. it proves that there is a higher power and theres also evil entities… 

  8. Zen says:

    Theres a higher war going on then all of this its against the reptilians they r the ones corupting us

  9. BudZilla34 says:

    I have seen the arrivals and am a big fan of what they did, Basically paved the way of my ''awakening''. But Think as someone new to the truth, it is somewhat scary lol. Alex leaves religion out to get them started, especially take it from an athiest point of view, you got to work up to the big picture depending on were your are in life. 

  10. fiya4hiya says:

    @plurdada lol, reptilians? like actual reptiles or is that like a buzzword that means something else…….excuse my ignorance of what u said, but would like an explanation 

  11. fiya4hiya says:

    @cbluver22 i would suggest u watch a series called the revivals, it has alota info from the arrivals but i find the revivals more accurate and makes more sense

  12. Zen says:

    @fiya4hiya Reptilians.. there the Real Man behind the mask. reptilians is the word describing all of the races controlling, watching, harvesting us everyday. look at all the news casts in HD look at alex jones.. if ur looking at this video u want truth so i suggest looking more into the reptilians like the "Greys" which are the evil basterds. i sugest "above top secret they have a lot of great ppl there that like to wake ppl up from there slumber.. if u need any info just PM ME

  13. fiya4hiya says:

    @plurdada so ur talking about real reptiles? like reptiles control the govt?

  14. Zen says:

    @fiya4hiya Reptilians are very differant from reptiles. reptiles are very undevoloped compared to reptilians. pretty much reptilians is the correct way to describe the aliens controling every aspect of our life like i said u will find many answers if u start to look up the Topic.

  15. 'Aevus lucifer' is a great series. 

  16. 'Aevus lucifer' is a series, I'm guessing, like the arrivals. definitely worth a watch.

  17. AJ doesn't promote anything he can't sell (DVD's or books). All of his knowledge he gets from his own research, so he claims.
    Still like his info though….

  18. anti semitic? wtf? the people that made the arrivals are semitic. 

  19. MrJulesPT says:

    @fiya4hiya reptilians are nothing but disinfo.. lies designed to keep you away from the truth, beware..

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