The Arrivals Part 17 (Perang Atas Nama Keganasan) – Malay Sub



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  1. Aku lah says:

    we already know that buddy!! lie…inside… between..every single statement from USA… thanks for remind me..

  2. coneto88 says:

    after 9/11 happened..a lots of american revert to muslim..that show their conspiracy was open many eyes of lots human being in american..n now wats the propaganda of them to attack flotilla..i hope they will get a real punishment from Allah soon..

  3. WakeUpMalay says:

    VCD yang dikeluarkan semula oleh PPIM tentang peristawa 9/11 ni, sangat-sangat memberi penjelasan kepada apa sebenarnya yang berlaku.
    Kecuali maklumat lebih tentang isu kod 'Tim Osman'.

  4. Heathen531 says:

    Youtube- "9-11 Missing Links". It is the best researched and least known of the 9-11 films. A lot of information on the Zionist/Israel connection.

    "The Communists are against religion & they seek to destroy religion; yet, when we look deeper into the nature of Communism, we see it is essentially nothing else than a religion (Judaism)"-'A Program for the Jews & Humanity', Rabbi Harry Waton, p.138.

  5. TokeY giGGsY says:

    Only 20+ thounsand is watching this???im' so upset!!this thing should be watch over 20 million or more…wonder why Umat islam likely watching Lady gaga Music video than watching this documentaries??

  6. Mohamad jion says:

    u cannot blame the umat islam,because they dont know and they hav been blinded, we must blame the leader of these conspiracy and let exort one another to tell this truth,


  8. To all muslims…I'm sorry to say but Islam is not the true religion!
    The catholics and protestants are also not the true religion…
    The true church is the Church of Christ!
    The Church of Christ is different from other religions!
    They teach and answer questions through the bible and I believe you guys should check it out or search about it in google or youtube.
    They are quite successful today.
    You want to prove me wrong? Go to them and they will answer you through the bible.
    Pls spread this!

  9. Jermeen Nasr says:

    @TheJoshua111 Islam Believes in Christianity and The Holy Quraan mentioned Jesus in a very beautiful way several times, believe in Moses(PBUH), Jesus (PBUH)& Muhammed (PBUH).so if Muslims we're wrong they are in no troubles as they believe in the other 2 Holy Religions.the Holy Quraan is a miracle that states all worlds facts and mysteries that are discovered by scientists a book could know all the secrets of the world thousands of years ago!!read about Islam before u judge 🙂


  11. Osama bin Laden adalah org CIA amerika…direka sebagai watak org jahat. Osama bin Laden x wujud sebenarnya..hanya sebagai umpan utk penonton..

  12. already Research about it, been almost 1year research. but seem like Islam is more true religion. have you research about Islam? hope you on the right track. I'm a Dyslexia..have you research about Dyslexia?

  13. acoy stylo says:

    you are wrong TheJoshua11!!. islam is the best religion and u also must research the Quran.. ..find the meaning of each word and u will find the true…

  14. Alif Danial says:

    im not getting fooled. seriously

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