The Arrivals – Part 27 (Why Satanism is Practiced By Our Leaders)


The Arrivals – Part 27 (Why Satanism is Practiced By Our Leaders)


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  1. hbk711x says:

    NO Jesus Christ said another prophet would come, Torah says a Prophet like Moses peace be upon him will come.
    It is Prophet Muhamamd peace and blessings be upon him. Gospel of BArnabos, a diciple of Jesus peace be upon him talked on how Paul was a liar both when he tried to kill Jesus peace be upon and then introduced the trinity from ancient Egyptian Pagan times of the Sun-GOd Rah on a SUNDAY. Holy spirit was b4 Jesus peace be upon him. Satan deceived Paul he invented the trinity.

  2. Sometimes it's hard for people that has been brainwashed to go and read all the scriptures.
    Just search for Dr. Zakir Naik for his debates with other religions.
    He relates science, logic, history and many more to reach other religion's believers' mind.

  3. LightKiiraa says:

    @theraisis how stupid. This is a test for humans, dont you understand? "God aint steppin in". God is not supposed to "step in" and stop this, this is all a test for us to see if we will follow the right path.

  4. lola1966 says:

    @CallUmHowISeeUm ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  5. I feel like I need to thank the makers of this series. This has opened my eyes & brought me closer to my religion. Thank you for changing me.

  6. mkzkhris says:


    Peace upon you brother.

    Every soul will taste death, and you will only be given your [full] compensation on the Day of Resurrection. So he who is drawn away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise has attained [his desire]. And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion.

    Quran [3:185]

    And I totally agree with you, Allah is not Jesus (Peace be upon him). Allah is the God Jesus (Peace be upon him) worshipped. 🙂

  7. mkzkhris says:

    @BakToTheER I have woken up. 🙂 Yes, I don't deny your statement "No one shall come to the Father except thru me". The respective prophets of their time were sent to guide their people. Prophet Jesus (PBUH) was sent to guide the Children Of Israel, and it was through him that his people could be guided to our Lord.

    I put it to you, that the Quran was sent to complete the original Bible, (known as the Injil). Jesus (PBUH) never made any mistake. It's the followers who misunderstood, brother 🙂

  8. It does me good to see that there are still people with common sense! Fortunately, it are they, that bring awareness to the ignorant. Well-spoken, brother! Because the Mahjabeen is between yourself and the devil. Because God has nothing to do it! God can only show us the correct way, how we ought to live. Please note, that we all have a free choice!

  9. Sou1zify says:

    Here's a random question, do you guys think that there is really a Satan out there tempting us to do bad thing , or is it merely just a test by God Himself??

  10. These signs show that leaders are using Gematria, magic and old occult ritualistic ceremony to issue majick and bind others to there wants and desires. This is apparent everywhere and I feel sorry for those who choose to be ignorant of the intentions of our leaders to influence popular opinion and culture to meet their materialistic ends. Just think, who killed Jesus, a savior to the enslved culture of that time, the moneychangers. We have been mentally and phsically enslaved for a long time.

  11. How do we defeat this force, prayer? Truly…how, so that I can share with everyone. Do not the believers out number the decievers. Must this show play itself out unto the end and then God defeats it??? Please, encourage me. Hopelessness does not help and this is the message I am seeing everywhere. Is that not another tool to the ends of the opposing group.

  12. Please don't judge on something you have no knowledge of.

  13. Sorry I misread your comment.

  14. Hearts says:

    If you knew your history dear ignorant sheep, muhhamad had set up a system between muslims, and jews during his time to PROTECT everyone, he would allow multiple marriages to make sure that each male was responible for another child or women, this system was set up against foreign invaders, you know really molested 9 year olds? Priests have molested children, Satanists have used Satanic Rituals to molest, and rape others, the Army molests women in their own army, dont be so stupid, and grow up.

  15. hivemindboii says:

    What movie is used in this. Like the guy in the mask what movie is that from

  16. ali safi says:

    a doubt in part 30 of this series it is said tat cross dimensional communication is forbidden….could i kno wer it is mentioned like the location or reference may be….please let it be in the light of the holy qur'aan or ahadees…a lil urgent

  17. 90Bartek90 says:

    You are going against God by saying that. How can jesus be a lord when God created him? Dude really no logic sence……

  18. Baje Brown says:

    Satan feeds many in the world.  He is not the bad guy for feeding Christ sheep.  Many Christian organizations steal from the poor and do not give rightfully so.  However, Satan is always portrayed as the evil one.  Wealthy people give to the poor.  Celebrities donate to the poor, yet people portray them as evil doers – which on one hand suffer from ego and greed. You must make up your mind, is Satan evil for feeding the poor with his wealth, or is he leading people to hell

    Many are quick to attack Satan when things go awry.  On the other hand, people will not hesitate taking money from him.  Sounds like people have made their own selves crazy over Satan

  19. M Zaki says:

    The fact that these Satan worshippers know that God too must exist and yet choose Satan shows them to be stupid as well as immoral.

    Hell may actually be not enough punishment for those so ungrateful to God.

    Even if people watching this don't become Muslim, at least BOYCOTT israel for now until you have time to see the complete picture, and hopefully accept the one God BEFORE it's too late. Pharaoh realized too late and God did thus not accept his repentance.

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