The Arrivals – Part 34 (The Infiltration Of Religion)


The Arrivals – Part 34 (The Infiltration Of Religion)


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  1. PastorIblis says:

    The God of the bible is the most brutal sadistic tyrant in all of Fiction!

    The Blood Lust of the Lord God is so vast that of the 613 Old Testament laws Over 100 of them center around BLOOD SACRIFICE!

    There is none so evil as to say THINK AS I DEMAND OR BE TORTURED FOREVER!

    Not basing it on what can be Proven but only on the conditioned ideas from a religion used by the illuminati to enslave this world!

    The Deception is the BIBLE AND JESUS!

  2. @PastorIblis No. The bible has been changed over the years by non-believers to lead pious people away from religion.

  3. PastorIblis says:

    Clearly you do not know how the Christian bible came into being.
    Let me Educate you.
    In 325 AD The Council of Nicea Voted on which texts would be included and which would not. What became the bible was the ideas and message which the Council of Nicea and ultimately emperior Constintine approved of.
    Christianity was merged with Constintine's favorite pagan religion Mythraism.
    Hence the day of worship becoming Sunday not saturday. And the Sun God as opposed to the Moon God

  4. PastorIblis says:

    The truth of the matter is it was all about Rome trying to maintain their control on the masses.

    As far as a God being real that is nothing but complete and total bullshit.

    Religion is about Mind Control not the Truth.
    The Truth is based on Facts and Evidence.
    Mind Control & Cults are based on Threats and Fear to Manipulate the masses into blind servatude!
    It wasn't non believers that decided what would be in your bible but religious leaders working with a Government!

  5. PastorIblis says:

    It wasn't until the founding of the USA in 1776 that the shift away from living under a dictatorship started to end.

    The Inquisitions lasted nearly 1,000 Years and that was complete Church Approved Torture and Murder in the name of your God!

    Being called a Heretic was a death sentence.
    A Heretic is simply someone with ideas or Views Contrary to THE CHURCH!

    You are clearly very ignorant of historical facts!
    Try educating yourself!

  6. @PastorIblis FYI im a Muslim!
    And if you're an atheist then May Allah Forgive you.
    Yes. And why should it not be a death sentence during that day in age?
    Just because YOU dont believe in a God, doesnt mean you have to preach you're FAKE beliefs on here.

  7. The Illuminati dont scare me… it just fills me with sorrow because one day Israel will be the super power

  8. PastorIblis says:

    FYI I don't give a fuck what fantasy belief system you have.
    Thought Crime is Tyrantical!
    There is no two ways about this.

    Given the fact that Islam is a Violent Religion you fuckers can't claim to be based on Love.
    Beheading someone is Not a loving act!
    Cutting a woman's Clit off is Not a loving act!

    I have the right to express my thoughts just like anyone else!
    Freedom is not limited to those who believe in crazy shit!
    You do not have more rights then me!

  9. @PastorIblis Not all Muslims are Violent!
    A minority are.

  10. PastorIblis says:

    You must be one of those Violent on es given You advocate Thought Crime!

    Mr Nucklesandwich1! Rather VIOLENT name from someone professing Islam is not a Violent religion!
    You advocate Violence in one breath then try and claim that is only the minority in the next.
    Make up your Stupid mind!

  11. PastorIblis says:

    I don't claim All Muslims are Violent but You certainly advocate violence to those who Think Differently!

    Your Name doesn't denote someone that is interested in Peace or Love. MR NUCKLESANDWICH!
    Why not just say Mr ATTACK FOR NO REASON!

    your saying Muslims are not violent is as Moronic as Muslims holding up signs saying BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM! Claiming to not be a Violent religion!

    You can't advocate Violence then claim to not be Violent!

  12. PastorIblis says:

    Yes I know every well what Iblis means.
    Fuck I have a video where I explain how I came about using the name Pastor Iblis.
    FYI As i state on my channel page I am an ATHEIST! one could even say an ANTI THEIST!
    I am opposed to ALL forms of Mind Control & magical thinking!
    Considering i deal most with Christian's the Pastor Iblis name is a Joke and a Slam at their Ignorance!
    I've gone into many Christian chat rooms and had them seriously think I am a Pastor!
    Not realizing Iblis = SATAN!

  13. wrb409 says:

    JEWTUBE has disabled voice of another video that exposes elite ZIONIST corruption

  14. Ummmm – I will have to side a little with the Pastor (below) …. Though in America there is its own brand of crazy – you cannot deny yours. Some of the crap going on over there is FUBAR ! And no, I don't get info off the MSM. So please don't bother. I see, with my own eyes. Stone throwers. Literally man! Wtf
    — treatment of woman , grow up. I agree … Peace.

  15. DAMIAN BLACK says:


  16. KingFisha83 says:

    This is where I stop watching your videos. You had a good run but now I see the deception and the true purpose of you making these videos. You Insult my religion, my faith by saying it was created by the elite? There is proof of existence that is no longer a myth but you of course have no intellect of this and even if you did you would dismiss it and continue to try and convert people. I'm done with this shit.

  17. KingFisha83 says:

    I am against the elite and the master plan they to carry out, my religion talks of this my faith is always with it and always will be with it. I have kept my faith in Hindu way of life.It has opened my eyes to the deception of the SHATAN'S. The elite DID NOT create the Hindu faith. The Vedic scriptures predate ancient Egypt and there is living proof of this through the science of archeology. The RAM SETU bridge found and the rocks date to the exact time frame it was written to have taken place.

  18. KingFisha83 says:

    You have one mission and that is to convert people to Islam. Shame on you.

  19. i will tell you a simple logic,if this guy was telling the truth he woulve been killed back then in a minute. however,he is telling the truth as he knows it but that aint it.

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