The Arrivals Part 38 (Kisah Islam) – Malay Subs


A documentary about the comings of the Antichrist / Dajjal, Imam Mahdi, and the second coming of Jesus (Nabi Isa). A very powerful and unprecedented …


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  1. Hizril Aswad says:

    artis utk background music tu sy kenal sape..tapi tajuk background music tu ape ye?best melodi lagu tu..semangat je dengar..sape2 tau tak tajuk background music mase klip org islam di hadapan raja kristian tu?

  2. ahmad iqbal says:

    01:37 cite ape? ak teringin nk tgok

  3. Nurul Amira says:

    @billeetompson The Messenger .

  4. Nurul Amira says:

    @billeetompson eh wait . bkn The Messenger tapi The Message .

  5. @MrMADEINBORNEO Yet, David, armed with only rocks and a slingshot,
    had the Power of Yahweh, Allah, Jah, God WITH HIM, IN HIM,
    HELPING HIM BE VICTORIOUS OVER THE ENEMY, a Giant who likkled everyone who came against him.
    Allways remember that.
    With Yahweh on my side, PLUS all His Angels and Sons, (my big brothers, Mohammed, Christ, Moses, Isaac, Jacob, Joab 🙂 what could possible be against me? And HOW could they win over me? I do not think people are overstanding the concept of God.

  6. Malcolm X became enlightened due to his great gift of wisdom from The Heavenly Father. His knowledge and desire of a better life and connection to Yahweh was what led him to this wonderful discovery. It was Farrakan's ugly, lying, cheating face that killed malcolm as he manuevered like a doberman, just waiting for Elijah Mohammed to die! Then he became head of the NOI (Nation of Islam) He is even bragging on the fact that he killed Malcolm X on a UTube video.

  7. U can also watch the interview with Malcolm's daughter and Farrakan, with Farakan lying through his teeth!!! I admire her for not jumpin on him and choking him out!!! Liar!!! Just for the glory, ego and power that came with becoming the leader of NOI. Malcolm was a brilliant man. When those in power, or wanting power SEE this in a man, it can get dangerous…even deadly. i.e. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Christ, U see me?

  8. In the video of malcolm's daughter, the reporter is the SAME man who initially interviewed malcolm X when he first started many years before, only to be sitting next to Farrakan and hearing him lie to him!!! The journalist/reporter even calls Farrakan on his shit! he maintains a decorum of respect, but he KNOWS the truth of the matter…it wasn't White men, or CIA, no…it was INSIDE the Nation of Islam. Yahweh has shown this truth to me also. Watch the videos and see for yourself.

  9. kayzix says:

    @funkateerkitty and that is the most beautiful answer. Im on your side brother.

  10. girlycajun says:

    We are all affected by the murder of Malcolm. We are also guilty. May God bless any and all of you who truly understand this message.

  11. girlycajun says:

    @funkateerkitty Farrakan will pay the ultimate price. After all, he paid the ultimate price -his soul. And of course, God is greater than any man or devil.

  12. girlycajun says:

    Respond to this video… Forgive me as I am a latecomer; however, I truly believe that in this case it is better late than never. Wonderful wonderful series.

  13. @g0DsAveOUrKIng Yes, blessings of peace upon him. How I miss him and wish another king would step up to d plate and say what he said. Did what he did. "Those whose portion is not wrath, and who go not astray. Amin."

  14. BdHstd. says:

    poor malcolm x get shot from the secret society

  15. al jawi says:

    malcom X : ( Alfatihah

  16. AL-Fatihah EL-HAjj Malik EL-shabazz..

  17. i cried… al-fatihah to el-hajj el shabazz..

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