The Arrivals – Part 46 (The Complete Human)


Free from the world.


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  1. we are wolves , drinking our bloods

  2. goldenlion3 says:

    God be with you. Thanks.

  3. goldenlion3 says:

    God liberates us from sin. Ask God to set u free from those chains

  4. Dan Khan says:

    Yeah but god says to work an put effort an the rest is up to him not u bro but u must try

  5. goldenlion3 says:

    Yes you're right. I can't be saved just through good acts. Christ is savior, but I have to put my part by fulfilling God's will, and by following Christ teachings with love and faith. Thanks for your attention, may God bless you.

  6. Edin M. says:

    Does someone know whats the name of the music/song that starts at roughly 7:00?

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