The Arrivals Part 49 (Ketibaan Dajjal) – Malay Subs


A documentary about the comings of the Antichrist / Dajjal, Imam Mahdi, and the second coming of Jesus (Nabi Isa). A very powerful and unprecedented …


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  1. this is true…coming soon insyaALLAH…

  2. rudy erwin says:

    take the point, we must unite to fight them!

  3. I take it that the creator of this posts is a Malay. Thus, being so, he (she) only knows Lord of the Rings as such. And of course he/she may relate the story to the Word of God.

    True, there is some co-relation between the two YET what I'm compelled to say is that being a Malay, he/she is not really really well-versed with the works of Tolkien

    Another word, I suspect the creator of this posts is a Malaysian. I mean look at how narrow-minded Malaysians are when it comes to these things…

  4. …his/her interpretation of using Lord of the Rings as a relative reflection to the Word of God and AntiChrist may have been true cos if you were to follow Tolkien even bigger epic history of Middle-earth, The Silmarillion, it tells of the creation of the World parallel to the Old Testaments.

    (Yeah, I am a Muslim yet I am aware about the contents of the Old Testaments which I doubt this Malaysian knows anything about)…

    …so to put it in stride, Malaysians are not cultured enough.

  5. Seohyun Yuyu says:

    Good President always get murdered…..

  6. MrRoses65 says:

    How you know that imam mahdi is coming soon?

  7. jack vidgne says:

    this all wrote in quran…dont be afraid..believe in Allah…Allahhuakhbar… 🙂

  8. @LydiaMunro No matter what you do in this life will bring no reward nor punishment, no amount of time on your knees can change that, sorry.

  9. @LydiaMunro Regardless of a persons beliefs, things will remain the same. It doesn't matter what god or gods you pray to, if you are good or bad or if you live or die, because the world will go on without you, without even knowing you existed.

    Would your life be pointless without god or an afterlife?

  10. Dujjal is Mullah Omar in Afghanistan

  11. Zati Dory says:

    I will serve my whole life to Imam Mahdi and Allah IS MY ONLY GOD! You will see Kafir,Israel or America! I will kill you!!!

  12. alex chan says:

    Allah Huakbar…….Subhanallah….

  13. arsy huda says:

    America don't so happily we ISLAM will ATTACK YOU with the name of ALLAH

  14. arsy huda says:


  15. arsy huda says:

    Zionist Look With Your Eye We Will Attack You With No Mercy

  16. Ardi ansyah says:

    dajjal bangsat !!

  17. firmboyz says:

    anybody know title of the song in 8.05 – 8.50..i ask so many people but nobody know

  18. 666betrayer says:

    Insya Alloh Bulan Ramadhan Nanti Saya akan Backup semua Video Akhi Di Channel Sy..
    syukron Katsir..

  19. Henna Jenna says:

    I saw the non muslim talk about the hypocritical opinions in islam.ermm.. malay said ada aku kisah??. mean they really care about you??.

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