The Arrivals Part 51 (Outro) – Malay Sub


A documentary about the comings of the Antichrist / Dajjal, Imam Mahdi, and the second coming of Jesus (Nabi Isa). A very powerful and unprecedented …


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  1. SRai123456 says:

    thanks for the information and this documentary

  2. Syouq Adiex says:

    @jackdanielmabok Allah :)

  3. rosli8 says:

    god job frend ….. selawat…

  4. mashallah, subhanallah…
    thanks guy for this amazing research
    without u guys, i am just an ignorant not knowing what is happening in the world of deceit. MGBU all..

  5. taufiq rosli says:

    may God include you guys as a martyr.. Amin

  6. rokac3 says:

    Dude respect for your work can i ask where are the Sumerians and their history. That history is more in detail then later cuze the mission is to send a message true time for the final battle (hope that will be peaceful) when the people shall unite under one flag and that is earth and earth is circle and circle is spiritual world and we evolve to the next level of intelligence. And i believe we dont need god to guide us cuze we will evolve to their level of intelligence. Love to all people. Peace

  7. I am going to be a better Muslim after watching these videos. Thank you for waking us up. Thank you wakeupproject for changing our life's to live to Allah not to Satan. I am glad I do no longer follower Lucifer's footsteps. May Allah bless all the true believers.This is a wake up call for me.

  8. matkechik says:

    Thanks , today i just end this last episode .
    -Muslim from Malaysia !

  9. sufian ramli says:

    free my mind..

  10. edycole77 says:

    I have end the last episode and I feel so thankful… Salam from Malaysia. ;)

  11. changed my life. and im thankfull fot it may god be with you guys

  12. Bilal.™ says:

    Thanks alot to your vids they helped me :D

  13. jc ox says:

    I'm not a muslim, but I think that you message stands true. We are all God's children and should recognize eachother as such. stay strong in God!

  14. Alhamdulillah thanks for the information, now I can continues my journey as a Muslim, insaAllah

  15. royzum 0 says:

    all the videos really open my eyes about the truth of Dajjal Strategy and All what happen in our world now..hope have more video soon..really appreciate ur hardwork guys..Insyallah.

  16. Knowledge is Power.

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