The Arrivals prt.46 – The Complete Human and The Battle For Your Soul



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  1. Sayo18 says:

    Homie People Need 2 Understand Greed Isnt Impowering Unity Very Impowering Love Is Impowering If I Can Love Each An Evry Person For Who They Are & Not What They Are Or What They Achieved Then Thats Impowering. We Need Unity And Comprimise Understanding Each Other Is A Must So, Is Communication. Peace & Hit Me Back.

  2. yourhood says:

    Exactly we need to use our own brain instead of looking at celebrities and fake hiphop artists as rolemodels and following what they do. Chek out a video called "the industry part 34" of got some of the series on my channel. Part 34 pimp c talks all about the fakeness of the rap game il upload it when i get time. Peace bro

  3. fantastic vid peace always.

  4. Eileen Grace says:

    very enlightening <3

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