The Arrivals pt 13 Lady in Red


This Series Explores the Revelations in World Religions Regarding the Arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and The Second Coming of The Christ.


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  1. @shoxman123 That is the punishment from god to the disobeyers.. You see, god is the most merciful, but he can have the biggest punishment. Read the qurran and you'll learn more about God, allah.

  2. @Jgchris1981 Respect for you for saying that. Its funny but the western media shit we're getting here, in movies and tv series, they ALWAYS try to show how past christians were ignorant, and pretty strict and foolish, like for killing women that are believed to be witches. But we all know the secret message, between the lines.

    Much respect.

  3. @shoxman123 Woah what? what's wrong about islamic countries? The government are corrupt not the people, those people that control the government.

  4. shox mann says:

    @DarKKLegion somalia just one example ,…your right the PEOPLE make the country and i have first hand accounts of how life is their , thats the highest empirical truth.

  5. DerGuteHut says:

    OMG…its the fucking MTV movie awards. Of course it's a lot of Sex involved because it is watched by teenagers who are very interested in sex. Which of course involves hot woman kissing each other, especially if two are some kind of pop princesses and one is called a pop queen. And Yes…Madonna loves the Kaballa, which probably is one esplanation für the 13 steps…but loving the kaballa or kissing girls still dont make you am mason.

  6. Buglem begum says:

    is there really a lady in red at judgement day

  7. D33daus says:

    the inner circle of masonry are in kabballistic things

  8. DerGuteHut says:

    Yeah…but it is not ONLY the masons who are interested in the Kabballa and numerology. Everybody, including hollywood-stars can do it.
    So using "magic" numbers is far from a "proof" for some membership.

  9. slanis says:

    It's rather awkward you used Britney thing. This is uploaded in 2009 and Britney since shaving her head to 2009 had 2 albums that had huge hits (especially Circus) and because of that she's in Guinness Book of World Records thanks to the sales of her albums. She may have fall but she rose back

    and wearing red doesn't make you a satanic serpant. -_-
    I mean, you wear black – satanist, you wear read – satanist. I mean are people allowed to wear anything and not be called a satanist these days. :/

  10. im45hotep says:

    Using fictional films as proof….is ludicrous and pathetically laughable. It is utterly offensive that you dare to mix, by implications, words about the Dajjal from the Holy books with this trash.

  11. im45hotep says:

    You obviously know nothing about the Masons…..Don't listen to the lunacy from the likes of Texe Marrs. Most of the negative PR about the Masons came originally from the Catholic Church because the builders (i.e.. masons) of the great cathedrals of France refused to work without pay. The masons who knew the "secrets" of building massive structures, formed a union and demanded fair wages from the church. The Church demonized them and they in turn formed a secret society. NO Kaballah or magic.

  12. im45hotep says:

    Most of the symbols of the Masons are related to tools of the building trade. The Masons consider the builders of the Pyramids and Temple of Solomon their intellectual forebears. They are staunch monotheists and believe in the "one true God" of Abraham, Jesus and the prophets, represented by "the all-seeing eye". New initiates are sworn on the holy book of their own religion. Masons swear fealty to God, country and each other and live by the Ten Commandments.

  13. DerGuteHut says:

    Thx for the info…it perfectly matches with, what I allready heard about the masons, but the whole "union" aspect was kind of new to me.
    You seem to know much about the rituals…a question…have you ever heard of a masonic ritual that involves kissing or dancing? This didnt match with my imagination of what goes on in a lodge. The masons would have more members, if this was the case. And who the fuck is this Texe Marrs guy and why do he have a TV show?

  14. im45hotep says:

    Absolutely no dancing , kissing or any sexual behaviour. The meetings are solemn and serious,they always begin with a prayer to the Creator then are run as a parliamentarian system. Most almost always deals with local and national charity work. When new members are inducted, they go through initiation rituals based on historical events intended to make them humble and bond with their brethren. No satanic nonsense.

  15. im45hotep says:

    @DerGuteHut…..Texe Marrs is an American author and conspiracy theorist. He is big in the Evangelical community and writes garbage about Satan, Anti Christ and New Age conspiracies. Has a couple of best sellers (for the loony crowd). Constance Cumbey accused him of plagiarizing her work on Creme and Bailey about their new "messiah" named Maitreya, which she considers the to be the "Antichrist".

  16. DerGuteHut says:

    Thx. I wonder if this videos are made by evangelical people too…I know its just a conspirancy-theory of my own but no matter how muslim the makers act…in the end…SPOILER-AHEAD!!…they tell you about Jesus is coming back.
    According to the muslims I know, Jesus is also a respected teacher but not the one who saves the world in an epic end-fight.
    So…I know it is quiet a stretch but…I could imagine that this videos are made to bring strict muslims closer to christianity.

  17. DerGuteHut says:

    My other theory is that the makers are muslims that put all conspiracy theories of the last few centuries together and made em "sexy" for muslims, which is needed because, like you said, many theories originated from christians and didn't fit so well in the muslim world. It is interesting that Harun Yahya who is mostly known for promoting creationism, also wrote "The End Times & Mahdi" (the title is translated from german it may differ in english) and "Jesus will return". I guess he at least

  18. DerGuteHut says:

    inspired the makers, or is somehow connected to them.

    My other theory is that the makers are just spent to much time on the internet or with bad books.

  19. im45hotep says:

    You are right. The makers are Shiah muslims mainly from Lebanon with contributors from the UK, and few from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Major influence from Yahya's theories and work. The whole thing is like a bad salad that looks bad, smells rotten and tastes awful! Very amateurish and sophomoric!

  20. Some of the things said here go against the hadith…so people avoid this

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