The Arrivals pt.16 (The Media and Islam)



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  1. @firuinthehouse So I thought about what you are trying to do, it does seem sincere, so I feel it is my duty to share the truth that you are seeking. As I said if you know anything about Muslims and their interpretations of Hadith, then you know there are around 4 levels: Weak, Strong, Undecided, and False. Many of Saheeh Bukhari's and Saheeh Muslim's Hadiths have been deemed False, Weak, or Undecided.As Muslims we should only follow the Strong ones, although we are aware that they too are not

  2. @amilitarymind I don;t have anything particular against Islam or against any religion in fact. I have my own beliefs and if the rest of the world doesn't share them, then I don't care.

    What I have a problem with is the violence, the murders, that guy stabbed in the chest in Denmark after drawing a picture of Mohammed, and so on. The threats and violence are my problems, not your beliefs.

    It seems some Muslims just cannot practice peacefully. Tell me you haven't noticed this as well.

  3. @firuinthehouse That are not 100%, that is why the primary source is the Quran and everything is checked and balanced by the Quran, not the saying of such and such who said that such and such said this and that, they have to be verified. And just to clear up, the Prophet himself NEVER ordered the killing of ANYONE who left Islam.

  4. @firuinthehouse And to put it for you in plain terms as well ISLAM DOES NOT SAY YOU SHOULD KILL APOSTATES. Period. End of story. Bring whatever you want, it is all false.

  5. @firuinthehouse Of course I have brother, every culture has its criminals and idiots. Throughout history they have been using and abusing religion to achieve their ends. It is known that Islam is about peace, it does not allow suicide or the killing of innocents, or the killing of anyone who draws or insults the Prophet, yet people think otherwise despite what they know to be true. Why is this? The truth is there, its because like in these videos and many others, its the bloody media.The Media

  6. @amilitarymind OK but do have a look at thereligionofpeace site. Many of the numbers and incidents they give can be verified, and the numbers are impressive. Can you comment on that?

    Don't get me wrong I'm sure the Israelis also have their own problems, napalm on civilians and war crimes and so on, but see, that's not a place I'm afraid to visit nor people I'm afraid of. If I went there I wouldn't worry about Jewish people blowing themselves up next to me, yet I would about Muslims doing it.

  7. shox mann says:

    islam is riddled with violence and stonoing of adulterers virgins in paradise etc etc i could go on you guys have the right intention and that is to join the reall war GOOD vs BAD an ancient battle but you must understand islam is FALSE dont believe it ok you can tell of a teaching byu its fruits now…..look at all the islamic countrys saudia arabia sudan somalia egyjpy etc etc what do you see? peace? oh yh its not muslims fault its america that mentality will be your destruction

  8. Wow, I am a proud Muslim and Arab and still sometimes get that image in my head :/…Thank God I dont watch TV anymore.

  9. kidsarocker says:

    Those slogans with the same writing are not from Zionists, here is a video clip of that protest 50 seconds in. Sorry Islam but I see through your lies


  10. kidsarocker says:

    @islampwincezz123 all about peace, yes peace when non mulsims are either killed or converted, Islam will not protect my freedom to criticise your political/religious system

  11. kidsarocker says:

    @amilitarymind He orderd the killing of those who criticised him

  12. kidsarocker says:

    @amilitarymind Tell me why a Chritsian has to pay an added tax in an islamic country? tell me why churches and preaching the gospel are banned in Saudi Arabia, the West gives you freedom to preach your religion, so its only fair I should be allowed to preach the Gospel in an Islamic Sharia country without the fear of death.

  13. @kidsarocker Of course you should. Saudi Arabian law is not Islamic law my friend. Please find out more about this subject before jumping to conclusions, its the mistake that most people like you who mean well (I hope) make.Also you must have noticed the little discussion I had with @firuinthehouse, I mentioned that many old Arabic traditions are mistaken for Islamic practices or ideas. Moreover, many Hadiths have been deemed false and weak.

  14. @kidsarocker Saudi Arabia along with many other groups and countries that claim to be true Muslims have twisted and distorted the true teachings of Islam. Of course you can preach whatever you want, its absurd to say you will be killed for that! Where do you think this unjust brutality happens? I have never heard of any such thing. You have to remember that extremists and criminals exist in every culture, every country.

  15. Haha show me one verse from the Qur'an that discusses stoning…you are just another ignorant dumbass who recycles common misconceptions about Islam.

  16. shox mann says:

    Bukhari (6:60:79) – Two people guilty of "illegal intercourse" are brought to Muhammad, who commands that they both be stoned. Apparently their act was out of love, however, since the verse records the man as trying to shield the woman from the stones.

  17. shox mann says:

    Ibn Ishaq (970) – "The adulterer must be stoned." These words were a part of Muhammad's farewell address to his people on the occasion of his final pilgrimage to mecca

  18. shox mann says:

    how you like me now?

  19. Arabicatron says:

    but i wish one day muslims know that the christians in the arab world are their friends, neighbors, living the same eco-socio conditions…. the problem is that the terror is also affecting on the muslim population and led them to hate the christians!! they don't know that the new world order is on both religions…

  20. god is good…all the time

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