The Arrivals pt.2 (mind control feat)



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  1. Mackadoeshez says:

    George Carlin(rip) one of the truest comics ever! No sell out!

    Fyi- on another youtube channel that has this same Arrivals series Youtube has taken this video part and a few others down(or removed the dialog for musical infringement).

    Just a head sup for ya.

  2. vrossino46 says:

    lol ,alexjones has been talking about this for 20 years this shit isint new

  3. payphonebone says:

    alex jones is shit! carlin has been talkin about this since jones was a sperm

  4. Is this the same video as all the other part 2's that were deleted? It took me a good mintue to click on part 2 of this and hear something

  5. chjunaid says:

    yeah.. its the same one, from the arrivals series.. only this user has all original videos from the arrivals..

  6. Can't blame them for what they've done. Someone knows whats going on around here though. Whether a guilty conscience grows is to be seen.

    If they themselves have already chosen, then, let them stand by that choice. There are only 2 choices ahead. 1, They remove those spreading truth. 2, Collectively we make our voices heard.

    Point 2 is always that elusive dream. We must remove those in control NOW. That is where we are yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  7. There is a danger that many other groups with their own agendas could use a revolution situation to their own desires.

    We must be ready for a massive leap in faith in even each other. This is what I'd consider real trust. No longer can we hide behind walls and not care about the troubles of not only the world, but, of each other.

    It is this new age seclusion that threatens freedom. Those of us who are watching know the realities involved in the type of change we are asking for.

  8. The revolution is change…without them. Any of them. With their regime, so must the corrupted industries that have used control, power and influence to poison us fall

    In our freedom there is much we must let go and we need to start understanding who we are and what we're doing…right and wrong.

    It is a proposal that will rock the foundations of our current way of life. What would you keep and remove given the choice?

    Where money and jobs is at stake even revolution is halted.

  9. In a world bought-up to respect differences we forgot the similarities. We are a people who have been til now happily living in our cocoon lives. The big step paralyzes us because what happens afterwards is unknown. If a group of people unknown to us went to power I would ask for revolution again. I demand we the people rule ourselves with respect for all.

  10. marginalacz says:

    Allahi means God on hebrew as in arabic, that is how Jesus Called God

  11. God owns me…I think for myself…I use my brain…

  12. Eunhee Kim says:

    I don't think you should have said that. As a Muslim, I'm very hurt by these words you've stated. In Islam, we were taught to respect other religions. If it weren't because of that, I might have wrote something worse here. Please respect our religion. I'm not asking you to believe in Islam. Just some respect. It's all right to call us evils and even equalizes us with the Masons. It's okay for you to think that Allah is a lie. We believe in Him. Do we talk about your God that way? Thank you.

  13. dana enani says:

    ya ur right there is only one god, but how can people believe in this god if there is no prophet to encourage them to, and we dont worship out prophet, we worship our god, the one and the only.

  14. ThePIKE26 says:

    the first step of awakening is awareness!!! people have to wake up and it seems like more and more people are waking up…so the time for the elite (illuminati) aka evil fucks is running out!! free yourself from that prison that they build for your mind and keep god/allah first. 😉 (SPREAD THE INFORMATION)

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