The Arrivals pt 28 Why Satanism is Practiced By Our Leaders


An interview with a former spirit worshiper who explains how this is possible and who the spirits actually are. He explains that these spirits pretend to be the spirits of the dead when in fact they are demons (jinn) who are fooling people.

These Jinn work for Satan and work with the people to fool the people of this world. It is these Jinn that the rulers of the world are in contact with and with whom they plot their plots against mankind.


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  1. Aslam Desai says:

    its funny when you see people argue over somthing they know nothing about lmfao

  2. Alan says:

    you're unaware of the different levels of Paradise we're taught about in Islam. The paradise of '72 virgins' was always considered the 'earthly paradise' and the true heavenly paradise is one where only the very pure can go and be near to God alone. Also it doesn't imply anything sexual at all. Why? because you're imagining 72 chicks who guys get to bang, whereas the Quran talks about completely pure, chaste, companions.

  3. hmm all the real important facts seem to be silenced as of less than a few days ago, throughout the whole series i watched the whole series only a few weeks back and was still good. big brother is watching you

  4. @ProMajtas As many muslims are good people and do take their faith very seriously and do infact show great respect for Jesus which is why I cannot see Islam and a completely currupt relegion and their must be some truth to it, which is why certain Islamist belifes and denominations are persecuted by the more powerful Islamists that control Iran and such.

  5. @ProMajtas Many prophets in the old testament had many wives, is having 72 wives really immoral? Although I did not know this and thank you for letting me know, i will do more research on islam before i say more as i really dont know that much, just what my muslim friends tell me, and on record I do only follow the Bible, I just dont think Islam is inherently evil.

  6. @ProMajtas Watever dude, all im saying is that Muslims and Christians beleive in the same god, and that is clearly stated in all the holy books, there are just divisions between the teachings that MEN teach which causes the differences in relegion, but Muslims, Jews, and Christians do infact follow the same god, the muslim's and jews are just missing some of the more important pieces.

  7. @ProMajtas

    No they are different not the opposite. They believe in the same god the only REAL difference is that they dont beleive Jesus is the son of god, and just a prophet and the messiah. Where as christians believe Jesus is all three of those.

  8. AdnanBosnjak says:

    @Dark7Angel77 Roger Morneau


  10. @unonifig You are not a christian. Jesus would tell you this, Islam, judaism, and christianty have their differences and sometimes we fight which each other, BUT we all have are origins from the same prophets and in the end worship the one true god yahweh, allah, Jah, or watever name you wanna call god. Their the same, and thats a fact. Satan hates islam, judaism, and christianty because they are all against satans plan, so take your hatred somewhere else.

  11. drewc1011 says:

    i created 3 silent sound quran excorcism mp3 and wow do they work great. great for sleeping, great for your mobile phone to give you peace in public. i've observed hundreds of times people twitch and shake from thier jinn demon being burned. even church parking lots had most of them shaking and twitching.the same silent sound used to make the Muslim troops surrender in desert storm now used for something good. visit my blog and download them

  12. @unonifig If I ask you to quote what you said, you'd look like an idiot not finding the quote in the Quran. I pity your ignorance.

  13. ksm899 says:

    @unonifig Where in the Quran is that?
    I've read the quran many times and didn't read what you are saing!

  14. kudurrumaqlu says:

    @unonifig no offense man but you look so ignorant you spealt it wrong and the people and know nothing of it man ima slit you neck cuz your annoying btw i aint muslim its just i hate ignorance

  15. Amad565 says:

    @unonifig yea but this was taken from a Muslim documentary so relax man Search the The Arrivals on Youtube you"ll see what am talking about

  16. apan alvar says:

    Sorry but the bible is just story written by 50000 men. Read the koran. The truth is laying there..

  17. SomeUser9753 says:

    That's scary. Couldn't you skip the bullshit, we know they are pathetic. Dont make people fear idiot, read the bible.

  18. what is the name of this man?

  19. Thanks for the video description!
    my english isn't good enough to catch all, someone should write the subtitles!!!!!!!!
    I can read and understand it well =)

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