The Arrivals pt.32 ( the most prized Truth )


This series explores the revelations of the religions of the world with regard to the arrival of the Antichrist Dajjal , Imam Al – Mahdi , and The Second Coming of Christ .


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  1. you're an idiot, no offence…

    w w w

  2. Dolphin Man says:

    I'm an idiot? You believe in a magical intelligent being and the closet thing you have to proof is "faith".

    Oh, and it's pretty cute too that you call me an idiot when you can't even spell "offense".

    You should kill yourself, no OFFENSE…

    Sit the fuck down kid.

  3. Dolphin Man says:

    Yeah I have a strong hate for stupid people. If in this day and age you can still believe in religion you're an idiot, you're a weight on humanity, and you have absolutely no purpose in my eyes. It'd be just like someone who still believes the world is flat.

  4. S. Nociar says:

    nice (nope) conversations about idiots, this leads nowhere gentlemen…pitty you keep beliving in your own ego. this shows that devil never sleeps

  5. Dolphin Man says:

    When did I say anything about you? Why don't you re-read what I said before you go on to write a comment that makes you seem like an oblivious retard. Never did I even insinuate that you're a theist. Sit down please.


    how could the arrivals just convert you to Musliminity, and it says on the subject it was inspired n words from the Koran, The Holy Bible, and the Torah? Lets get our spirits together gentlemen, were entering into war!

  7. If i brought a apple mac in front of you and said to you "nobody invented this it just appeared or evolved", you would think im crazy right? Well how can you believe the most powerful computer in the world(The brain) was an accident or just evolved? Seriously? May God guide you.

  8. Your christian and im muslim but we can agree he is an idiot lol.

  9. Dolphin Man says:

    You're comparing artificial technology to biological material.
    That apple mac you're talking about contains biological materials and anything used in an apple mac that is artificial is created through natural biological material. You clearly have no idea what evolution is and you've clearly got the IQ of a 5 year old child making you the perfect candidate for religion. By the way if you're going to call me an idiot learn the difference between "your" and "you're" because you're an idiot.

  10. It doesn't matter you can apply the same theory to the human brain, how could you possibly believe a creature of our intellect just evolved from apes, you truly are stupid. Also evolution is THEORY! no proof its right just like religion, its personal belief, this is why they call it the Charles Darwin THEORY and not fact!.

  11. Dolphin Man says:

    "Theory". Hilarious. You've proved your ignorance once again sir. Do you even know what a theory is? Are you using that word in terms of scientific theory or colloquialism theory? Do you even know the difference between these two? You probably don't because you can barely spell. Trust me, you won't win this argument because at the end of the day factual evidence points to my conclusion whilst your "opinion" holds no factual evidence. You have 0 grounds to argue with me kid.

  12. No No! It is just a Theory! Otherwise show me the factual evidence that we evolved from apes, can you do that? No, charles darwin himself admitted himself there are alot of flaws in his THEORY, There are thousands of verses in the Quran talking about science, when it was impossible for such knowledge to be known at the time the Quran was revealed, so as i said it is your personal opinion and understanding. My ancestors weren't monkeys, that is an insult lol, maybe you came from monkeys though

  13. Dolphin Man says:

    Your ancestors were monkeys and to be honest I highly doubt they've evolved much. Perhaps your mother is the missing link.

  14. Theres so such word as musliminity, only islam

  15. Haha, no logical argument so resort to insult, good job. I come from Adam simple as that. When you die you will get a horrible surprise unless you repent and change your ways, listen to this….if i die and your right and we did evolve from apes then all that will happen is il be in the ground, but if you die and im right your going to hell for eternity, so really im in a win win your the one that is at risk. Think about that.

  16. Do you no what hell is like? The fire has been burning for so long and it is so hot it is actually black. Take that risk if you like.

  17. Dolphin Man says:

    Have you been to hell?

  18. Nope…but i believe in the signs of god, so i believe its real, but if im wrong i have nothing to worry about, if im right you have alot to worry about. Your obviously a scientific person, do you no the big bang is mentioned in the Quran? 1400 years ago when science only discovered recently!
    "Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth was an integrated mass, which we then split, and from water we made all living things, will they not believe even then?" Quran 21:30

  19. ZiFrenZie says:

    Piano song is:Clint Mansell – Together We Will Live Forever´╗┐

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