The Arrivals pt.39 (The Prophet’s Lineage)



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  1. yellieyellz says:

    Why was Abe Lincoln included in the photos?! It concerns me that he was included in a montage of freedom fighters . . .

  2. UnLeAsHeD122 says:

    To Dan and rus don't you guys see the point of noreaaga's videos and how we shouldn't fight but unite as one to fight the true enemies of our time… The dajjal/Antichrist

  3. The 12 imams is not specefied in the sunna's sources from which source those names !!! except Imam Al Mahdi give us the prove damm it

  4. asif khan says:

    @princefreed u cant handle the truth 😛
    if last one mahdi is cumin frum family den first one must hav came frum family of prophet.
    muawiya fough wih hazrat ali and poisnoned imam hassan
    muawaiya son yazeeed killed imam hussain
    aisha fought wid imam ali
    are u guys gone nuts
    still prasing the enimies of family of prophet.

  5. asif khan says:

    wat m seeing is the arrival is near and sooner all un answered questions are about to answer by mahdi
    we shud stop fighting, all muslims shud be unite,
    for the record sunnis are followers of muawiya so automaically yazeed is also there khalifa
    thats why there scholars hide so many facts frum them,
    they are miss guided its not there mistake

  6. Shia are misleaded,even Ali (pbuh) followed the teachings of the prophet(saw)
    so how can you call sunni misleaded when they are the true followers of the Holy Qur aan and Sunnah

  7. The Arrivals are comin with a lot of truth,they re awake people but…….i see a lot of shia propaganda in the series.Its very well hidden

  8. Vengance says:

    if you wan't to know if shia/sunna are right to be honest they both are and if combined then islam will be like 1400 years ago

  9. Vengance says:

    both of you are wrong

  10. Nikhil Mayne says:

    ive watched a lot of these videos now. i really feel you'll are confused about the message you want to get out. Nothing that you say is conclusive. Nothing you say really says anything, man you guys have lots of time don't you. how do you make money…

  11. revolaid says:

    It's all about putting the pieces together, thinking outside the box, and having knowledge of history. If you don't hear any of this in the mainstream media then is it to you all a lie?

  12. anab noor says:

    i respect the series but it is promoting the shia propaganda …

  13. but what we have been told in this part is not truth
    its propaganda and infiltrated history which is followed by shia's
    they are very common to jews so may be as christains have been mislead by romans i think templer knights have infiltrated this history

  14. Iam not talking about muawiya & I love Ali May Allah be pleased with him. allah will panish those traitors who give up on him. Iam talking about his Grandchildren the last 6 imams before Al Mahdi

  15. Mcreator83 says:

    i really hate that other uploaders don't allow commenting as there is no chance of correcting what's in the video if people find false info and young uninformed ones will be misguided which is what this documentary was supposedly made to prevent

  16. Shia Propaganda! long live the ahlus sunnah!

  17. baboo says:

    open ur eyes …. the blood line of prophet mohammad s.a.w.w is the holy and pure which is connected to prophet ibrahim … upward to hazrat adam… all prophets r in same blood line which allah send on earth to guide us…. so we have to follow allah's will and khalifa…. not our own … man made khalifa….

  18. mitsofproz says:

    O.o Assasins creed?

  19. Eman Ismaeel says:

    Love this. Unfortunately not everyone can handle the truth

  20. arifa abidi says:

    its near … we know this is coming by the hadees of prophet mohammad s.a.w.w and predictions of imam ali and all his 11 sons…

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