The Arrivals pt.45 (The Kaaba & the 9-11 Ritual)



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  1. Its scary how deep we are in their trap.

  2. realoverfake says:

    @TheMickey618 Jesus was both a messenger and the son of God, every true Muslim knows this.

  3. quilibrium says:

    @realoverfake -.- no …True muslim knows that Allah has no partner or son. He created Adam and Jesus but neither were his sons. they were human beings .

  4. realoverfake says:

    @robZzdaboss Yeah he created Jesus through Mary so technically God is his father. C'mon.

  5. quilibrium says:

    @realoverfake Dude you are no muslim … so dont say muslims know Jesus is son of god cuz he is not..
    NO the is No technically you WIT…a creation is a creation. a son is a son ..God is far exalted above having a son ….

  6. realoverfake says:

    @robZzdaboss Dude calm down.. this is no way to treat a fellow muslim (calling him a non-muslim) We may have our different opinions of Jesus but ,still, we are muslims and that's all that matters.

  7. quilibrium says:

    @realoverfake Well im sorry, i really thought you were a christian becuase you say.
    True muslim know jesus was son of God. and in my mind only a christian could say something like that becuase i expect muslims to know the Qur'an and if you know the Qur'an you know that Allah is far exalted above having a partner or a son.Jesus(pbuh) called himself servant and slave for Allah a messenger and a prophet.In the bible the word God has been translated to father on multiple occasions.

  8. quilibrium says:

    But when Allah speaks about Jesus(pbuh) to Muhammed(pbuh) He always says Isa son of Mary or The Messiah the son of Mary. And When Jesus speaks to Allah, He says Allah. In Surah 19:19 in one translation Jesus is reffered to as holy but that should be pure or righteous, as in other translations.

  9. well the stone is representing the planet saturn or satan, ur goin in the right direction wanting to be better people but islam is a formed relgion from babylonian relgion and is mentioned by hp blavatsky as being part of them

  10. We all know now the Kabba is a representation of the planet Saturn, so I don't buy this point being made about it here at all. I don't think the energy being created there is good, it's a Saturnian ritual and as such, is more than likely creating dark and oppressive energy. Great series though, really good, I just don't agree with this particular section.

  11. @ThEmIdNiGhTiNtRuDeR Abraham built the Kaaba, with his son Ishmael, I doubt Abraham built it with the intention to replicate saturn.

  12. @SyedRizvi786110 Fair enough, I respect your opinion Syed, I am just not so trusting of the historical details there. I am not even necessarily convinced that this Abraham dude even existed, or if he did, maybe he wasn't who people think he was. This conspiracy we are up against is huge and seems to go back far into ancient history, therefore I cannot treat any ancient scriptures as fact, although I know there is a lot of truth in them all, but not 100% truth, no way. Peace.

  13. Fair enough, I respect your opinions also. ­čÖé

    As a Muslim myself, Abraham is one of the most beloved Prophets of Allah (God).
    From Abraham come many of the great Prophets. Beside the Islamic scriptures, he is also a great figure in Judaism and Christianity, with many similar references to his life and events that took place. Peace.

  14. how does the number 10 signify God? I don't mean to speculate defensively without grounding but that is unsupported evidence :/

  15. I have a correction. All Muslims who can and can afford to go to Al-Hajj must go, if you can not afford then you do not need to go!

    May Allah forgive us all and peace be with you!

  16. Tsmix bombix says:


  17. Tangerinez77 says:

    I can't say for sure that,but I do know that anything santanic or occult does everything in reverse or up-side-down – so… what do you think..?

  18. Mystix442211 says:

    where do you base this information from…

  19. rein raxor says:

    Hi . Mh17 shotdown is clearly a satanic ritual. Mh 17 was shot on 17/7 , exactly 17 years after its first flight which was on 17/7/1997. Boeing 777. Salam from Malaysia´╗┐

  20. Islam is a cult….your GOD (Satan) is NOT my GOD the created and his son JESUS!´╗┐

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