The Arrivals pt.50 (The Arrival of Jesus The Messiah)


This Series Explores the Revelations in World Religions Regarding the Arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and The Second Coming of The Christ.


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  1. nihilityjoey says:

    freewill? Was that not the devil in the garden of eden when he tempted eve to make adam eat the fruit of good and evil (right and wrong)? before that adam and eve walked around "naked" in the garden of eden with no comprehension of freewill or good and bad, and god was "angry" because they were ashamed of being naked, am i lying here? Would you walk around naked in your own town? And if not why did god see nothing wrong with adam and eve douing t? I know you cannot answer these things so if 

  2. nihilityjoey says:

    there are religious scholers out there be it muslim, jew or christian can explain this in any kind of logical terms then please, do so. You have been brainwashed and dulled of your own emotions and essence by the words and teachings of other MEN that you are blinder than a blind man you have no commen sence to see the contradiction and falsaty of what you "claim" to be the word of god."If you know god is within you why should it take the words of another to make you see it, 

  3. nihilityjoey says:

    like the truth the world gives to man so surely god is there always" You know nothing of gods word from any books or word of men or prophets, and if you believe that then you are being lied to and manipulated and that is the TRUTH.

  4. nihilityjoey says:

    Do you have your own mind? Can you actually comprehend this existence for yourself? 2 full pages of passages from the qur'an and not a single sentence as to why YOU personaly know of a "god" or "creator" 2 whole pages? You say that you are not told to read the bible and the torah? READ TWO PASSAGES BELOW MY COMMENT, and tell you are really not that daft to have made that statement.And this is really getting anoying now, have you seen and read the original qur'an? And were then can i find the 

  5. nihilityjoey says:

    truest form of the torah or the bible then(new testament) because from what i keep hearing is that "oh no those books are corrupted" So every jew and christian are reading FALSE accounts of god then are they and the qur'an is the untarnished edition? Were is the original qur'an? You don't have it, just like the bible the qur'an was copied down on bark and leafs which as far as anyone is aware are all gone if the term is right you study uthman or yemini editions WHICH DIFFER and then why did 

  6. nihilityjoey says:

    god not tell mohammad what chapters had been corrupted in the torah so as people would see were the mistakes are? Nowere in the qur'an does it point out the descrepancies in the torah or bible if so point me to them and i mean were it mentions the VERSES that have been corrupted. Even among muslims you have shia and sunnis? (and i know the difference between the 2) Which is exactly why religion is horseshit, and an all knowing god would know this right? This is probably gouing to be the 

  7. nihilityjoey says:

    most thought provokeing thing "you" may ever hear in your life but try to grasp this if you can "If there is a creator of the cosmos YOU ARE AND ARE LIVING IN HIS MESSAGE but all you have done is deny that message". Instead of experienceing life to the fullest, haveing your emotions run riot and experienceing and learning from your own interactions with this MESSAGE you deny them. Drink, drugs sex, lifestyle philosophy or anyother interaction within lifehas only one operator, judge and jury 

  8. nihilityjoey says:

    and participent and that is YOURSELF. I drink, i get drunk and have even done somestupid things when ive been drunk but i have experienced, and learned and adjusted MYSELF and am able to take control of my actions, god didn't show me how to control myself I DID, now is that not PROPER learning? "Everything is permited and nothing is sacred" is classed as an "unbeliever" statement yes? well try thinking of it like this "life is there, you make what you will of it" You are the one who makes all 

  9. nihilityjoey says:

    the decisions on your life from thought to action there is no devil in there or god pulling at your strings, just you That is the difference between your BELIEF in a god and my opinion of what god would be, i make no assumptions i live my life to the best of MY ability and learn FOR myself the complexaties of my existence and if you will look to the ONLY evidence of a creator or the only MESSAGE that i can see, feel, touch, and taste and experience it with all that is me.

  10. nihilityjoey says:

    1st no i dont believe in the devil, because i don't believe in any religious account for god or any other "devinly" constructed characters. Now it's fine to use any means to gain information but let me give you this,…The stories from genisis can be found in the sumerian accounts of creation ( this is before babylon). The summer had 7 tablets of creation. Moses knoah and a jesus carecter are ALL on these tablets. The garden of eden (which is were the rivers the tigris and the eufrates or iraq)

  11. nihilityjoey says:

    are in these accounts, the tree, adam and eve and the serpent and for that matter alot of the stories from the old testament (or the torah) come from the summer tablets. The summer had gods not a god though and they were very clear in saying there gods were from THE STARS. Now lets look at genisis "god made man from dust and life into his nostrells so he became a living spirit" when adam was in the garden "while he slept god removed a rib to create eve" why would god make adam from dust and not 

  12. nihilityjoey says:

    eve? And why did god do it when adam was sleeping? He is god he could have removed the rib when adam was awake and with no pain so why didn't he? Now when you look today at whats in bones (bone marrow dna)? sounds alot like genetic manipulation to me not the work of a god? So if the torah is just stories taken from another DEAD culture what does that say about the authentisity of it or for that matter any of the other books being anything from a god? Now im no religious scholar but the passage 

  13. nihilityjoey says:

    about mohammad saying "live in this world as if you are a stranger or trveller passing through it" Sounds alot like this saying from jesus "except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven" Now if i was to use my head i would say both these sayings talk about gouing through life with anabounded admiration for it's complexity and mystery, by being ingrosed in life, LIKE THE WAY A CHILD IS AT PLAY, experienceing it to the fullest and not shuting 

  14. nihilityjoey says:

    yourself away from it. if this lofe is meaningless then why are we here? Did god create this universe and us KNOWING that all of this devil and end times milarky will comeabout? And are we only born to as you put it "SURRENDER" yourself and serve god? Join those 2 together and see if that makes sence. Now on to 128 days (about 4 months) a soul is breathed into the fetus? Do you agree with abortion and if not why? because from your own appostles mouth the young fetus isn't alive with a soul 

  15. nihilityjoey says:

    intil the 4rth month? abortions have an law limit of between 12 and 20 weeks so is anything before the 4rth month concidered killing a life? Religion:= stories, poems, fables and real accounts all mixed together to create a system of control. We are a species that has evolved on this planet to the point of sentients, we have very little understanding of the universe and the unknown scares children yes? So we make up stories or add wieght to old ones and to indeviduals. Jesus might have been a 

  16. nihilityjoey says:

    real man and so may all of the other "religious" caracters they may have even had a view of life that was ahead of thier time like buddah before jesus or the greek philosophers but i can gaurantee that none of them in the slightest were anything to do with a "god" of the cosmos. And it's for the simple fact that these books truths or so called truths do not stand up to the evidenvce that the EARTH and UNIVERSE are giving us and the fact that i can go through any of these books and reject them.

  17. nihilityjoey says:

    through simple logic is the big one for me. As someone(a muslim) recently tried to explain the reason why they belive there had to be a creator of the universe (ive heard it pit different ways too) id that "you are walking along a beach and you find a watch it'd OBVIOUS that someone has left it there or been there". Does that sound logical to you? Is that the way that we can tell god created the universe because it's here? 

  18. 2 days ago i heard in this radio station that usually talk about politics the host was telling us how great the biometric chips would be if we get them implanted!! how can you conspiracy theory whats indeed happening before our eyes??

  19. muppetteta says:

    at 2:00 u said muslim leaders are not helping that is true BUT nasrallah is the muslim leader of the shia movement hezballah and they defeated israel 3 times and lost alot of soldiers but if a person could prove his/her house was destroyed they would give him 12,000$ in cash and lebanon doesnt have petroleum. i think the saudi and emarites are the zionist followers.

  20. muppetteta says:

    that comment was at 2:00 so i didnt see the rest

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