The Arrivals pt 50


The foundations for the great battle of our time are at hand, all the signs are being fulfilled, and let it be known that as our puppet leaders passively observe the …


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  1. asalar8 says:

    you can also watch the full series of the divine book in my channel. along with phase 3

  2. asalar8 says:

    Peace . you can also watch the full series of the arrivals and the divine book and phase 3 in my channel.

  3. BumayeX says:

    whats muhammed ali and osama bin laden picture ment to show why does it come up in other words plz answer ?? peace x

  4. asalar8 says:

    the pictures of heros and villains are shown, and i believe you know who are the heros and villains.

  5. Simsima H'm says:

    الشيعة و الصهاينة وجهان لعملةٍ واحدة..انهظوا من غفلتكم يا مسلمين ..الموت للشيعة ..الموت لليهود و الصهاينة و النصارى  و كل أعداء الإسلام ..قاتلكم الله

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