The Arrivals pt 51 Outro

Pakalert June 16, 2009 1


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  1. Jason Robert Merrington December 28, 2016 at 9:54 am - Reply

    Hi.  I'm not sorry to say that at 6:16 in this video I realized I cannot continue to watch, as I am a genuine Christian, so, why would I now choose to dispute my Holy Roman Catholic Faith in Christ and start following a God Jesus never ever pointed to, namely, their 'allah.  Why would I ever suddenly start to think that Jesus had "a real story" other than what my pure Roman Catholic faith teaches unchangingly, long before Mohammad ever came on the world stage.  Truth is Zak, these folks preach 'peace' with their lips, but in no less than 6:16 minutes into this they've stirred division, anger, war, insinuations that Christian Catholics are liars, and that somehow they know better than the Lord God Jesus Christ Himself, who the Bible's Revelation of Jesus Christ (Apocolypse)  declares THE ALPHA AND the OMEGA (the beginning and the End" , and the-  ONE – , yes, the ONE who GOD conferred all power and AUTHORITY in heaven and on EARTH. Christian teacher and scholar Dr. David Jerimiah did a very clear concise study on the origins of Allah; who like witchcrafts 'jehovah' for example, comes from a Babylonish/Egypto type God figure that consists of something like 150 different names.  Just remember, the ISIS people are keeping  a little black stone idol type rock that fell from the sky 666 nautical miles from some middle eastern pyramid; they're demanding a caliphate symbol upon people in order that they may be allowed to buy or sell.  Zak, Jehovah Witnesses had a pic of Osama Bin Laden in their magazine and promoted this stuff all along, and tell people, "Go ahead and take a chip or mark, since the mark of the beast is only a principle or choice of life, and not literal (2003 Watchtower.  They supported terror and are the loudest historical promotors of the Pyramid stuff, they call God "evil" , they had me in their Arabic group go door to door in the name of Allah's Jihad without telling us what we were really saying (it's all in my books pls read if you're able and pls. share if you wish)  Watchtower calling God "evil" in their 'Insight on the Scriptures Volumes places them in the seat of the anti-Christ, and since they're globalists and anti-Catholic, these others working in harmony with destruction of faith in Christ in favor of man made gods are also anti-Christs.  Zak come home, go to Catholic Church RCIA (rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)  Islam is very dangerous as it's plain and simple anti-Christ, as 6:16 of this video indicates!  They claim Jesus was not crucified and therefore was a liar or an actor who allowed someone else to die so he could trick people!!  They practice homosexuality too bro!!  (Pls. if you're able, read Omar Nasari's ' Inside the Jihad' book, a CIA infiltrator who realized the scope of this, and also Watchtower involvement!!!!  (they use no Bible  prior to admittance to the Jihad camps, just "many books" as is all Watchtower uses.  (Solomon in Proverbs says " devotion to Many books is debilitating to the SOUL!" They're trying to rob your soul Zak and win it for Satan, pls. my friend free yourself from it asap and I'll pray for you ok.  God bless you and your efforts Zak since I know you and I know you really want to do what's right.  You'll be safe if you worship, as all the angels in heaven even  (Revelation)  ALL of them, BOW down and Worship ONLY JESUS!!!!!   How much more so should all of us humans.  Wishing you the very best ok and stay safe.  Let me know how you are sometime soon ok!   (Jason)

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