The Arrivals Reloaded (English) Part 1 ( 3 of 3)



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  1. TagzBloody says:

    @ayaz12345100 lol it's old iknew this fora year now..

  2. TagzBloody says:

    @MrDeep986 What do youmean. Missinformation or Manipulation?

  3. AK3mm3 says:

    What if watching this video and all this supposed truth is actually more illuminate plots? I don't know what to believe all I know is our (united states) government is corrupt and it seems to me like the best choice for our next president is Ron Paul. I wish there weren't all these conspiracies and lies its depressing and it makes me feel like there is no hope in life and there is no reason for living and I am only 19.

  4. @rt3657 Totally agree… Did you get the knock?

  5. @AK3mm3 I know the feeling about no hope and so on! If we as the people win, its sadly and properly will end in anarchy! A zionist jump off, already foretold that if israel gonna loose this next war, or if we go agaist them, they will ruin everything they buildt… And i mean everything, nuclear bombs on every mayor cities/capitols of the world…………………………………………………….

  6. I have two words in the response of this video..
    Fuck Jews…

  7. Moron numaivrempamant Islam has been here for thousands of years just morons like u interpret it wrong Jesus aka Isa peace be upon him. He I said I myself cannot do anything but with the powers bestowed on me by him who he's referring to is Allah

  8. Islam is the last word of Allah which hasn't been changed or interpreted anyway it's been like this for almost 1500 years but christianity has been changed from old testament to new us muslims believe in old testament not new because its false understood we believe the tora is word of Allah too but Jews interpret it wrong u get the picture

  9. AZDI says:

    Is the arrivals reloaded a remake of the arrivals first series, I'm just asking because I watched the arrivals , so should I watch the arrivals reloaded????? Somebody please answer!!!!!!

  10. I would suggest watching it

  11. There is and always will be a reason for living. Your questions to God will change, but His faith in you will always remain.
    Satan will deceive you – your energy of hopelessness encourages his followers to believe their plan is working. They are also being decieved..
    Don't give up when it seems hopeless- for that dispair is ally of the Devil. The true miracle is while the world we know is breaking down, we still have eyes to see the truth and find our way through the dark. It is the journey.

  12. im45hotep says:

    Sheikh Hamza Yusuf "Great Scholar" makes two fundamental errors in his comments about the symbols on the dollar bill. #1 Annuit Coeptis (Providence= the eye=) "Favors our undertakings" that implies the founding of a new free country America and NOT a new world order. #2 Novus Ordo Seclorum means "A new order of the Ages" again referring to the new American society and NOT a new SECULAR world order ! Repeating trite falsehoods diminishes the validity of the program.

  13. KrOnIc420c4l says:

    Yes the U.S. was a new order in 1913. The new order refers to the federal reserve banking order which printed the dollar. They are the ones pushing for a 1 WORLD GOVERNMENT LEAD BY LUCIFER.

  14. usmanmirza31 says:

    The people who participated in making of this series are legends of this of luck achnor and noreega

  15. to bad they are underground legends, i wish i could like ur comment twice ^^

  16. kickass883 says:

    david icke is a misinformer

  17. Ozymandias says:

    That what they told you it means , read between the lines !.

  18. im45hotep says:

    I read Latin and do not read between the lines! Silly conspiracy theories and fantastic nonsensical statements divert from the reality of what is truly happening to this country and the world, which is more serious and frightening than the drivel expounded in this program.

  19. Ozymandias says:

    Take the red pill my friend , and dwell in the blissful ignorance of illusion.

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