The Arrivals Reloaded (English) Part 10 ( 2 of 4)


The Arrivals Reloaded Part 10 (English) *Standard Definition* This is the tenth and final part of the recreated version of The Arrivals. Air Date: 25th April 2010 …


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  1. So it is proved that we should all believe in Mahdi. Shia`s believe he is born n sunni believe he is yet to be born. Some shia`s also believe he lives in bermuda triangle.

  2. @capricorncoool no no am shia and we don't believe that he lives in bermuda triangle….

  3. @shin7speaty Ya i know… Most people dont know anything about it… Not all shias believe that. To me, its a myth… 

  4. @djj2k99 U r not a muslim? Well he is the last person to lead from Mohummad (PBUH) bloodline.

  5. @djj2k99 🙂 Listen i dont hv much to say to you. Just trust me on one thing. If u r honest in ur search for the truth… You will get it for sure… because God loves every one of his creation… he wont let u make it to hell that easily. Keep searching. :)

  6. @djj2k99 Dude!!! U r not the son of satan! Even if u are( and that is possible) God will forgive you. I dont know how to explain it for yew! God never judges anyone by their bloodline. I know people who were from Bad evil parents n family but were noble like an angel. And it also happens the other way around. Ever individual is different from the other. As far as the "God talking to u thing is concerned" *sigh* ….

  7. @djj2k99 …. Man…. God talks to us but there is a whole force of evil also talking to u at the same time! So his voice clears up if u could know that god will never tell u something that would make u hopeless or tragic. Yes he can tell u things tht u simply wont like,but his voice will never leave u hopeless. And remember buddy, He sees the honesty n obedience in ur heart for ur search… if u r nt lacking tht U will eventually see the truth before its too late…

  8. Vmancanada1 says:

    You are a bunch of birth fear mongerers. The birth experience being the ultimate expression of fear. Fear is what helps us all to survive. So people are more or less afraid then others stemming from the birth experience. Yes things are afoot and a beautiful documentary yet you are really fucking up with your fear tactic.

  9. Vmancanada1 says:

    dumb asses you keep pointing the finger. We all responsible for the DEjjal. Fuck muppets we all have a destiny do not tell me your destriny is greater then any1ns. There are many destinies so make the future collectively positive. fuck these fear harvesters. Yes there is a problem from what I saee here this is not a solution. it is not positive whether they feel justified or not. Good or bad we are collectively responsible for the furure….V

  10. Vmancanada1 says:

    From the koran to the tora to the bible we are all severely arrogant and mass murderers. Do you really exppect that ?God would choose us? The truly meek and extrtemely powerful are the Budhits which are extremely poersecuted today. Excuse the spellin mnisatkes i aint got myy specs on…..V

  11. Vmancanada1 says:

    So dont be roughly guided. The truly persecuted are the Buhdists monk…..V

  12. Plastows P says:

    @capricorncoool Shia's believe that Imam Al Mahdi lives in the Bermuda triangle? That is complete nonsense and you know that. Deliberately fabricating and causing division like a true Kafir. Provide evidence of the rubbish you have just said or SHUT UP and respect yourself. 

  13. @plastows Sorry! Not all shia believe that! I'm sorry for that mistake. :)

  14. packleader87 says:


  15. Ironthis says:

    I don't agree with the one speaker saying that the Mahdi is the messiah, the mahdi will never claim he's the messiah he would only be the rightly guided leader of the believers who will oppose the rule of the False Messiah (The Dajjal) until the True Messiah Isa Al-meseh Ibn Maryam (Jesus the messiah son of Mary) peace and Allah's blessings be upon him returns to end the Dajjal's rule and would rule the world with true Justice!

  16. Samson Awnee says:

    there goes this arrivals whole argument against the true Jesus Christ, bold faced lies provably false through 2 mintues of research.

  17. Nabil Karim says:

    i agree. Mahdi will be the last Kaliph of the whole Muslim ummah

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