The Arrivals Reloaded (English) Part 10 ( 4 of 4)


The Arrivals Reloaded Part 10 (English) *Standard Definition* This is the tenth and final part of the recreated version of The Arrivals. Air Date: 25th April 2010 …


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  1. thanks uploader 🙂

  2. Roonz GK says:

    SUBHANALLAH ALHAMDULILLAH….Hang on to the rope of Allah my brothers…Pray and also act positively according to the guidance of Allah and His messengers…and reject completely the evil that these satanists and luciferians are trying to inject through all forms of media etc….instead we should use the media,computer,tv etc to spread the word of Allah and such truth among the masses…and reject all that this evil portrays and highlights..WE all are UNITED aginst this evil..we MUST

  3. Mirza Khan says:

    loved the movie.. we Muslims shias and sunnis must be united and strong. i have seen a lot of unity because of the great work from the government of Iran and the Noreagaa and Achernahr. I am thinking of naming my new born son Noreagaa and another son Achernahr. but then i don't know if these are Islamic names. but i love these two individuals and i pray for them and May Allah bless their work.

  4. Tony Clarke says:

    very entertaining. i am not muslim but have watched the arrivals and arrivals reloaded and phase 3 all are very good and well put together. just hope they more….

  5. Great stuff, thank you for uploading the whole thing brother. God bless!

    To all the disbelievers, remember one thing. "Your paying for the disease, but the cure is free!"

  6. Najm Mub says:

    Mashallah great work… may Allah bless u guys to show us the reality….wid authentic ayats and hadith…

  7. TheHLstar says:

    i heard mohammed was racist he called black people raisenheads and the arabs shouldnt marry them

  8. all u hear is distorted my friend
    dont blindly believe anything u hear
    research about anything u dont know it exactly and u will find the truth with pure heart

  9. muSizm says:

    You have opened my eyes. Thank you and God Bless.

  10. why is it no sound on this part, can someone fix it please ?

  11. This audio track BS is pissing me off. This is just another way to silence people. Everytime I want to watch The Arrivals, "the Audiotrack has not been authorized BLA BLA BLA." Why don't they do this with other videos, or even better LEAVE US ALONE to express ourselves freely. I never see this done with any other video, and almost all sountracks on youtube are taken from somewhere else. This confirms that the Arrivals is telling the truth.

  12. @TheHLstar At least the Arabs didn't steal black people from Africa and ship them accross the Atlantic making them into human machines. And don't go on telling me that Muslims had slaves. Slavery in Islam is nothing like European slavery, it was a profession which took into consideration the humanity of the slaves. European slavery was genocide.

  13. thank God i just realized whats going on in this world and since how long its been happening.thank alot alot alot to the makers.we love Mosa ,jesus,and Mohammad.p.b.u.all of them

  14. thank God and the im experiencing the world all different and watching the holywood and media with open eyes.

  15. thanks to the Noble Quran and the authentic hadits which predicted for us centuries ago.

  16. You have broken down and explained into simple 10 minute videos my visions and understandings since birth, Thank you Hamdulillah for Universal Knowledge, We will all be United Christian Jew Muslim all believers soon. Allah knows and sees all and to those who believe and know him he shows the truth.

  17. To those who have the Audio Distorted, turn the volume on youtube down to hald and your PC/laptop volume up.. it will rectify this inshallah.

  18. lXlJedekolXl says:

    its been 3 years now that i have this new knowledge,
    i thank you with all my hearth and soul !
    bless you

  19. sam war says:

    thank you so much 🙂 been following you guys since I was 15

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