The Arrivals Reloaded (English) Part 4 ( 2 of 3)



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  1. clknish nash says:

    whats the music at 8:05

  2. greybear3 says:

    I've watched each episode so far in one sitting and its very very good, can't fault anything covered apart from some volume issues…

  3. kpac F says:

    relax kid, it has nothing to do with actual women, its just symbolism. 

  4. @mullageekjutsu1982 This is a video not a radio broadcast. 

  5. @Joonbugg1 All research is coloured by the pre concepts of the researcher so you just have to take what you want and leave the rest, Personally i like The Freedom Movie and also Kymatica Actually I respect everyone who is trying to contribute in their own way

  6. HUDA HD says:

    @mullageekjutsu1982 B'coz not all people are oversmart to understand the agenda even though they think they are smart…you must taste, or feel, smell, to understand it's origin otherwise why religious ppl are always reciting the same prayers everyday and week. Can't u say thats over emphasizing Ppl know what sin yet they do over and over again out of ignorance or will isnt that over emphasizing so…is it the Symbols giving u Erection…

  7. HUDA HD says:

    @94hashmi It willbe

  8. @mullageekjutsu1982 i dont know about you but no matter how sexual the images were in this film… never turned me on cause of the background music and what he was saying… it kind of scared me.

  9. @mullageekjutsu1982 We are exposed to these kinds of images/songs/ads/movies every day to the point where it has become acceptable. They are showing us what media have been feeding us for over the last couple of decades. It's not enough to just show a simple image or one song, because the overexposure isn't that restricted. It's in everything, it's everywhere. They are showing us in great detail which proportions this mind control is taking in order to get the bigger picture.

  10. TheLovatic14 says:

    They didn't mention Lady Gaga……. -___-

  11. sam war says:

    wtf why would they need to?! its explaining the tricks of hollywood, long long before retarded trend setters like her…..-_______________________-

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