The Arrivals Reloaded (English) Part 6 ( 1 of 4)


The Arrivals Reloaded Part 6 (English) *Standard Definition* This is the sixth part of the recreated version of The Arrivals. Air Date: 28th March 2010 Channel: …


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  1. JDubyaPDX says:

    May I please advertise on your vid bro? 🙂

  2. thanx bro,
    u r doing a great job

  3. ArrivalsHD says:

    No problem my friend

  4. ArrivalsHD says:

    your channel is great of course Bro

  5. t10parwani says:

    Stay tuned for my videos… inshallah at surrendermywill2Allah… inshallah

  6. You are truly doing God's work. May God bless you and your family.

  7. thanks uploader 🙂

  8. I must say, i KNOW satan exists, because i have falen victim to it.

    I dont mean i have sinned – it is NOT that simple. He tricks you, and he tears your life apart. A new friend, a new habit, a new way of doing things…. and pretty soon, your life is destroyed.

    Unfortunately, only those who KNOW, really know.

    And their words dont often mean anything to others. It seems that a "walk in the wilderness" is all that proves the point. But when you return you will truly wish that you had never left

  9. …………….. but, aaah, what sense does that make ?

    Suffice to say…. stay where you are – the green grass, is posioned !

  10. is300ss says:

    i save a black dog once that was just ALWAYS locked up on a farm. never got to run around, just sat there behind a fence and got to stare at all the land around her. locked up and fed thats it.
    so i took her home. and found out there was something very wierd about her. very scary. u can see something in her eyes. she was SO smart. learned to open doors the first day in the house. crazy behavior, way to active.
    But when i gave her love. wow did she love back! i almost feel like… u know

  11. This is interesting but I clearly know two brothers who go to the mosque I go to and they said they converted to islam because of these arrival series videos… As for me I converted because Islam came natural to me.. And it took years to make a final decision to revert to islam. I just laugh at these two brothers…

  12. Ironthis says:

    For some reason after seeing the warning at the beginning of the video i started seeking refuge with Allah from the devil and recited surat al falaq and an nas Mainly because i'm watching this late at night.

  13. ezfla says:

    I hope Noreagaaa is well….with all the uprisings i pray for him.He left the wake up project,I hope he has not left this life yet.

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