The Arrivals Reloaded (Urdu) Part 1 (3 of 3)


The Arrivals Reloaded Part 1 (Urdu) *Standard Definition* This is the first part of the recreated version of The Arrivals. Air Date: 12th February 2010 Channel: Ary …


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  1. americanpapa says:

    thnx bro.. pls upload the next part as it on airs thnx again ..

  2. arifkarim says:

    great! next episode;

  3. vitalsign81 says:

    The truth and secret weapons are decoded by this great video series,i knew the story partially but lets see what have i didn't the way who ever have made this series deserves respect for doing research and hard work to let people know that they are the victims,thanks to the uploader as well.

    Now we need to wake up and resist the effects of Dajjal in our lives !

  4. i think
    single standing piller bilkul

    same hai os piller k jo k mecca main hai as a shetan jis ko pathan mary jaty hain

    i think is piller ka matlab b yahi hai k ya shetan hai ……..

  5. Rab carn says:

    this series has made non believers convert to islam and has made the believers much more aware of islam. its an amazing video real thought provoking and eye opening epic fullstop.

  6. mrdead7412 says:

    geo ankh (GEONEW)also have 1 eye (satellite)

  7. Umer Saleem says:

    @ArrivalsHD upload in urdu..pakistan has popoullaton of 280 million….so u can understand wht am saying!!

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