The Arrivals The Series Part 53 of 53


The Arrivals The Series Part 53 of 53.


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  1. Ana Postudor says:

    this is the last one? -.- ok. it looks like 52th but ok. FINALLY FINISHED IT.

  2. dch047 says:

    i stumbled on the federal reservesystem on december 16th, 2012, via davids wilcocks article on divine comos. since then, ive gone down the rabbit hole. nine eleven, ALL the U.S. false flags/wars, NWO, Illuminati, The Prohibition of Riba by Imran Hosein, Satan in the Vatican, History of the Roman catholic church, etc etc. I have been made aware of all these things. I have always believed in God/Allah and Jesus. Your documentary has taken everything that ive learned and made everything make sense.

  3. dch047 says:

    thank you thank you thank you. i was raised Christian, i believe in Jesus and Moses, but i realize that the Qur'an is the final and all encapsulating message from our Creator, the Lord God, who created everything in the heavens, and on the earth. i feel like i've been a Muslim all my life, but that i have only recently become aware of this truth. once again, thank you for this life changing documentary. you are fully awake, and because of that, many others will become fully awake as well.

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