The Arrivals & The Wake Up Project – Debunked (2/2)


The first video The Arrivals & the Wake up Project DEBUNKED The anti-christ wont claim to be Jesus …


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  1. minteko says:

    Maybe the Anti Christ isn't one person but a description of us as a collective. For example we dominate the Earth and exhault our selves as kings who rule over nature with an iron fist.
    We worship self proclaimed Gods aka Goverments.
    We worship the God called money.
    And because we worship money more than we do the planet that gave us life, we by our actions have set the seeds for our own downfall aka armageddon..

  2. minteko says:

    Because, while we went around bragging about how powerful we had become (Gods of the Earth) we forgot one simple thing.
    We forgot how we achieved such technology that gave us God like power.
    What is it that causes this Armageddon?
    Oil is running out.
    Sooner or later mans greed for power will end and we as a collective will return back to nature and paradise will be restored. Because without such a huge source of free energy like oil, the wheels of economic industry will grind to a halt.

  3. minteko says:

    CONT 2;
    The wars for control of the last reserves of oil are now at hand.. These are the signs for the end of days, or the end of the world as we know it now.
    Our attention will turn back to the Earth that feeds us and sustain us. No longer will we give praise to the false Gods that are oil and money.
    The world doesn't end, it just changes. :)

  4. minteko says:

    @IsinfiersWay Oh puleaze, Mr Fusion?? lol
    and yes we can create oil from trash, but it takes more energy to process the trash than it actually creates. I have studied the " Bedini motor/generator" but again you need more energy to create the materials for such devices, and as of yet they still remain just an idea, no working model exists. It's good that you educate yourself but you must keep your head out of the clouds and firmly planted on Terra Firma. :)

  5. fullfist says:

    good video! spread the truth, there are lie everywhere, thread carefuly

  6. sundance kid says:

    @WakeUpBritain2009 did u know jesus was also tempted by shatan!

  7. excelserious says:

    We muslims and christians are wasting time fighting among ourselves while the illuminati prepare for our doom. Its time to put aside our differences and focus on the similarities. Peace

  8. Gamer X says:

    Illuminati does not exist. And religion is just bunch of bullshit.

  9. Omar Younis says:

    very poor video you are the one who is picking here

  10. Omar Younis says:

    get your facts right body, 1st of there is no prophet in the world didn't worn his followers about the Dajjal (you can search in Judaism as well and ask about it) 2ndly Islam doesn't deny the existence of Jesus peace be upon him, 3dly where is this prophesy you are talking about came from at 5:45, and where dose it say in Islam that Jesus has one eye and where in Islam that it says he was killed on a cross in the 1st place rather than it was portrayed from Allah to look like it he was killed.

  11. Omar Younis says:

    listen brother Islam is out there go study it, there is no shame in it if you dont know, its wrong to bring this debate based on passion or maybe something else (like its so hard to except the fact because I'm not so religious after all) and living like this is much easier (remission and all). the fact is: been a true Muslim is like walking on fire, specially these days where you have people are degrading & dehumanize us, but this was the situation with prophets & Jesus peace be upon him & all. 

  12. Omar Younis says:

    you are confused and confusing others, listen: the opposite of false Messiah is not the right Messiah or the Messiah Jesus PBUH Messiah means MA SA HA in Arabic مسح
    the root of the word مسيح (Maseeh or Messiah), the name Meesiah when its linked to Jesus PBUH means wiping or rubbing his hand over the blind, dead to cure by the well of Allah, but when its linked to Dajjal the false messiah its مسيح العين means the wiped eye or

  13. Omar Younis says:

    sorry for the mistakes, the false messiah is the opposite of the Messiah but i meant the word it self Messiah witch confusing you, because Jesus never claim that he was God or his son,
    that's why its clear for Muslims who is the false Messiah because he is the one are going to claim that he is God, and for whats it worth and if you are interested please read the Islamic version of the false Messiah or Dejjal or see imam imran on the subject 

  14. Nazril Mizar says:

    there is no cristian on bible
    there is no im god worship me – jesus on bible
    there is no cristian for all on bible
    there is no holy spirit on bible
    jesus arent dead yet.

    how u guys can tell is it spirit is good or bad?

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