The Arrived pt. 4 (The Supremacy of God)



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  1. @ambitioussoul24 Sorry just one thing to add!! The Arabic word for "sky" is Sama' or (سماء). This can be understood as sky or "heaven". If you look in the Holy book the Quran, many times this word is translated to heaven or heavens. You can also see this in ( Arabic to English for (سماء) will return "sky" or "heaven". So there is possibility that it is not meaning sky but rather heaven, which is of course outside Earth :).

  2. Saj Ak says:

    good job. but a lot of the stuff is not adding up in my head. the earlier series was a thousand times better. it carried a crystal clear message in every episode provided with substantial information with evidence to prove them. most importantly, the Arabic narrator in this series is quite repulsive. I am afraid he will drive a lot of viewers and even followers away. please consider cutting the narrator off. 

  3. mediterano0 says:

    MashAllah goodjob
    does sombody know where i can find the movie what is used in 05:50 or the name?
    i looking for it a while 

  4. @mediterano0 Al-Nebras(english)

  5. sorry but this is utter bullshit, arrivals was good, this on the other hand is shia, sorry but I've lost respect for u

  6. ليتكم تركزون أكثر على كتب الحديث المعتمدة كبحار الأنوار بدلا من الكتب المليئة بالموضوعات ككتاب مائتان وخمسون علامة وكتاب الجفر المزعوم
    هناك روايات عن الأئمة عليهم السلام تصف أيامنا هذه بوضوح تام أكثر من الذي تستخدمون ولكن في كتب معتبرة ومهمة
    إذا أردتم راسلوني على الخاص وسنبحث إذا أحببتم إعادة العمل

  7. انا شيعي بس شكل الاستخبارات الامريكيه تعبانة

  8. وش هالسخافة يا CIA

  9. خل عندكم إبداع و لو بشكل بسيط

  10. RyuHanamichi says:

    Who is the speaker in all these movies?

  11. Lena Sami says:

    what's with the music? 

  12. NurAlHaq says:

    @Insayaf Actually, it is not. In fact, if you read into the history of Islam and Ahadith of Sunni Books you would see that Shia'ism was not due to Jewish interventionism but rather many of the same points are in Sunni books as well. It is important for everyone to search for the truth because Allah will question all of us on the Appointed Day.
    May Allah guide us all to the path of Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad, the Imams and Mahdis, peace be upon them all.

  13. No one knows where Iraq's weapons of Saddam and two of his assistants know
    And the third party discretion and exploited in the development of a nuclear program
    Ataktr truth bomb on?

  14. O you who believe! obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority from among you; then if you quarrel about anything, refer it to Allah and the Messenger, if you believe in Allah and the last day; (Glorious Qur'an 4:59)

  15. faisal hamad says:

    مافهنا شي
    اللهم عجل فرج حجتك المهدي عليه وعلى آبائه السلام

  16. MrDakabc says:

    نحن المسلمون لا نعتد بأدله من كتب اخبرنا الله سبحانه وتعالى في القرآن الكريم انها محرفه (كتب اليهود والنصارى) ولا بخزعبلات الشيعة

    اللهم احفظ لنا سنة نبيك
    اما القرآن فقد قلت وقولك الحق ( إنا نحن نزلنا الذكر وإنا له لحافظون)

  17. ImamMajhool says:

    فأخذ النبي (صلى الله عليه وآله) بيد العباس وبيد علي فقال: "سيخرج من صلب هذا فتى يملأ الأرض جوراً وظلماً ، وسيخرج من هذا (أي :علي عليه السلام) فتى يملأ الأرض قسطاً وعدلاً ، فإذا رأيتم ذلك فعليكم بالفتى اليمني؛ فإنه يُقبل من قِبل المشرق ، وهو صاحب راية المهدي."

  18. aliwesker says:

    Zawra is not baqdad, it is tehran

  19. You can also join us at paltalk if you know arabic, in the paltalk room "ansar al imam almahdy" The messenger of Imam mehdi(dua) has arrived!

  20. Surah ikhlas chapter 112 the last testament of God (Koran) god describes him self look it up :-). 

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