The Attacks that Started World War 3


This is not true is just a simulation of what could happen .


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  1. That's not real but that broadcast dose'nt apply to me so ya

  2. Benji Deaula says:

    Gotta find a special cord.

  3. Ok. I dint know it was possible.

  4. Albert Tam says:


    That's so fudging far away!

  5. Looks like this is based on the Jericho TV show. in Which a traitor within the US government attacked US cities in order to trigger a global nuclear war. Of Course, this EAS scenario is based on a foreign attack scenario, it is just that Denver got bombed in Jericho, which took place in the fictional town of Jericho, Kansas.

  6. I live in CT so, I guess im kinda fucked

  7. So, your saying fuck the americans because?

    The people have nothing to do with military actions and if you think wiping out an entire country full of men, woman and children trying to get by then you are one selfish, bigoted insecure individual. I live in America and I haven't done jack shit to you so you might want to re-phrase that to "Fuck Obama"

    War isn't the answer neither is blowing each other to bits till nobody lives but cock roaches. Tell me, what do you know about life in America?

  8. James Edison says:

    some laptops have HDMI or DVI connectors witch will hook into most flat screen TV's

  9. Thanks James. See how much I don't know

  10. Yeah, but that was true before the attack.

  11. 100029 error: nuclear war detected.

    die.      live.         say "fuck off missles!"

  12. This could happen since Iran can not be trusted and the threat of a Regional War in the Mid East that could escalate to Global Thermonuclear is GREATER NOW than it was in the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    God Help Us and Protect Us.

  13. Bryan Bokser says:

    I keep getting an remergency alert thing.

  14. Beryl Dash says:

    This is one year later from the second of june

  15. Beryl Dash says:

    This is probably real or not real

  16. I played this on my TV and scared my grandma half to death!!! XD

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