THE AWAKENING – Quantum Mechanics of the Human Brain & Consciousness

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  1. Love the narration and the whole presentation – very very very well done !
    Athene seems very well learn'ed and I truly hope and wish that his interpretations and ideas are where we are headed and where we should strive to arrive (at). Being self-aware is super important as it is an experience that we all have access to – yet we are 'directed' so far from our heart and nature with these endless distractions of material wealth and roles we are 'required' to play in 'life' (life as defined and directed by others whom are not self-aware). What a horrible trick, horrible game, and horrible thing to do / activity to waste our lives on!

    Be well everyone ! Luv!

  2. Cnow = hf. Nice ad-lib

  3. nice video I learned something new today :D

  4. this explains a lot to me about why I have suppressed my art and expressed it in solitude for so long… letting go and creating new neurotransmitters!!

  5. xPshahaf says:

    Music at 20:15 please.

  6. adam langley says:

    I don't understand many of the word in this; would they be in a dictionary;? lol

  7. Astro Ash says:

    I can explain every single thing this video discusses in great detail.

  8. Perfectly explained !!!…thanks

  9. From Dr. Max Planck, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist who discovered quantum theory: "I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness."

  10. TimmayFilms says:

    Everything presented is by definition, correlative function but misrepresented as causational.
    There is nothing "Quantum-Physics" about this; it's just a slick lie.

  11. why is there more visible matter than dark in the universe?!?! did i hear that right… everyone knows its the other way around

  12. I'm already doing this with my mind.

  13. I figured out all of what he's saying on my own..

  14. Lovechild of Chekov and Mr. Sulu.


  16. stop looking my life and get your own way.
    who you think you are to give me lessons of suicide or self-help ?
    I am human like you and all I need it was help.
    pls get out of my computer leave a alone.
    Escobar does no mean my dad is a Pablo.

  17. I wonder if the strings at quantum level behave differently in the brain or do electrons skip orbits more frequently.

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