The Bachelor Ben Higgins Episode 1 Part 5


The Bachelor Ben Higgins Episode 1.


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  1. Inna says:

    The moment you know who the winner is. Literally had goosebumps when Lauren and Ben met… I just knew 🙂 Agh so happy for them:)

  2. So ironic how lauren wins and shes the first one out hey

  3. snowbird14 says:

    I didn´t remember Lauren was the first one! …… and the last one!

  4. Already hate the Caila girl

  5. JOYCAKES says:

    Love that Lauren B was the first girl out the limo <3 :D

  6. Magda Queta says:

    this looks like the real

  7. Ben loved lauren from the moment she walked out that limo. ❤️

  8. The final four are in the same limo

  9. The best thing would be if two of them fell in love with each other

  10. Roseee154 says:

    First girl he laid eyes on and last girl standing

  11. omg the girl with the blond hair and blue dress and the start the way they looked at each other: GOALS

  12. This part I find that women are so cheap…willing to let themselves been treated like a rug. Stupid show just to show how pathetic women are

  13. Why the fuck did he want a hug?! Hahaha

  14. Omg Ben broke JoJos heart???

  15. Aw "can I get a hug?" He's so adorable

  16. Eliot Park says:

    As you can see, sometimes the first contestant that jumps out of the limo becomes the winner. You never know and that's how Lauren became the winner to Ben Higgins! :)

  17. Reti Tauts says:

    is it weird that ben and jojo both picked people who they met before anyone else.

  18. Mike Hunt says:

    Isn't it weird that the last 2 winners (her and Jordan) both were the first out of the car..

  19. myhopefaith says:

    Caila that was an epic FAIL !!!!

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