The Bachelorette – Brit & Kaitlyn Season Premiere “Britt Likes Shawn B, He Likes Kaitlyn”


The Bachelorette – Brit & Kaitlyn Season Premiere – Bachelorette Britt gets a warm hug from Shawn B, and she’s feeling the sparks instantly. But…


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  1. Please upload more 

  2. It's funny because when he picked up Britt and hugged her I thought it was the cutest/sweetest thing ever. I thought to myself…they look really cute together! …Only for him to then tell Kaitlyn he was there for her xD

  3. Love jackson says:

    I felt like crying when I seen Britts face. It's like you can see her pain ):

  4. Naheel Husni says:

    mm he is a good talker. but never judge a book by its cover!

  5. I can bet that he will be the top two . 

  6. I really like kaitlyn , i feel like she isnt ur typical bachelorette so im so excited to she whats she has in store!!! Dont get me wrong i like britt i just feel the bet women won

  7. pjnkblue says:

    I like him but that hug, then went to Kaitlyn and said that, really, I would not be happy if i were either of the girls.

  8. Hehe he says:

    can some one explain to me why there are 2 bachelorettes?

  9. greimalkin says:

    That was mean to say that, did anyone else do that? especially after getting her hopes up with that hug

  10. She chooses Shawn. She leaked a video tweet.

  11. Ooh I saw that coming. Britt was visibly hurt. Not really charming on his behalf. He could have said it later. Not in front. But hey I bet he wins at the end with kaitlyn.

  12. I knew it from the beginning !!! and now they are engaged 

  13. I called it from when the beginning. I'm soooo happy.

  14. Shawn must like slutty women…

  15. MELEDITH L. says:

    I don't know what both of the girls saw in him, i don't find him attractive at all…. I guess we have different "types". If it was his personality, that would be way to early to tell, but as i watched the show, i can tell you he's trouble. Too possessive and jealous. I don't know how he's gonna handle all the kissing and other stuff than went on with Kaitlyn when he watch everything after the show is over…. There were better guys for her, but she's the one who choose…..

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