The Beginning of World War 3?


Plane Russian newspaper today shot down by Turkey . We are preparing to watch the start of World War 3 ? Vladimir Putin called the act a stab in the back …


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  1. the pilots were killed by the American funded moderates..USA's work is done make turkey russia fight and nato will dump turkey fucking off home free

  2. alex y. says:

    Nero will not defined turky I pram is you turky mead a big dumb mov

  3. Well Brad my opinions are considered radical so I have to watch what and how I say things but…I think we are on the verge. Our government is not strong like it was when Reagan was in office. What we as a nation need is a strong statesmen who will and is not afraid to back up what they say. We don't want to fight but don't poke the bear with a stick either!!

    If we back Putin into a virtual corner he will come out fighting like any caged animal and he won't care what happens!

    We as a nation have suffered enough! Our troops have to pay the price of our presidents pride. Our boys have been asked to give everything and some did. It's time we work on our own country, borders and problems. My uncle used to have a saying: Take care of the weeds in your own back yard before you go weeding mine!

    Give our troops and guardsmen a break and let them build the wall everyone is talking about. Put our boys on the wall and let them patrol and defend our sovereignty here on our soil! Put some to work looking for and rounding up illegals. That last one would take an act of congress literally.

    Lets as a nation get together on the convention of the states! Lets have a healthy, logical and serious debate on what we want from here forward in our leaders!

    I have two words for the conservatives and liberals…TERM LIMITS!

    Until we give all our officials including the supreme court term limits we are done! Make our elected officials live under the same rules and regulations we do, no golden parachutes on healthcare, no full salaries after you leave office and if you don't keep our best interests at heart then we have the right to de-throne you!

    These are some of my more moderate views. If I have offended anyone…..TOO BAD!

    Oh, By the way….political correctness has gone too damn far…..GET OVER IT! My right to free speech is not dependent on your not being offended….I have the right to say whatever I dang well please and you have the right to be offended…..PERIOD!

    Told you I had radical opinions! 🙂

    May have said too much but oh, well.

    Everyone have a great turkey day and give some thought as to what your thankful for and why.

  4. US syrian backed rebels shot the parachuters as they came down, both are considered dead. US serial backed rebels then shot down the russian rescue helicopter, forcing it to an emergency landing, then blew it up with a fine piece of US military equipment. Russia will fight back, hitting turkey, THEN turkey will call up the NATO "he hit me, now you have to help me hit him back" and then the crap will really hit the fan. So yes, to answer your question, this is the beginning of WW3.

  5. I am kinda glad I already served and got injured….. I am not able to be drafted into this bullshit war that is brewing

  6. Annie Smith says:

    With a son, daughter, and son-in-law in the Air Force and a son in the Marines, this scares the sh*t out of me. We've been through several deployments and it isn't going to stop anytime soon. The only way I stay sane is by spending time on my knees. I want this madness to stop!

  7. Honestly why should Russia ask our permission? So Obama can say no and then they disobey his wishes anyways? Do we own Russia? Do we own turkey? Do we own Syria? Russians have come under attack from these terrorists just like we have, just like most of Europe has at some point recently. It's their right and choice to decide when and how they retaliate against an attack on their people and nation. Just because America and Europe have decided that forward movement on this issue is a bad idea does not mean Russia has to agree. And honestly the "terrorists" mindset and desire to spread hate, fear, and war is not changed or halted just because America and Europe have not responded in the same way Russia has. Those people will still try just as hard to attack us on our soil. Trying to be politically correct & cooperative with any middle eastern government ruled by a religious ideology will never work, and at the end of the day those governments can't be politically correct or even political.

  8. John Ramos says:

    yah scary aint it, just shows us how much are government wants world war 3. its insane, there desperate as a world war would keep our economy afloat when the next financial crisis hits in the near future. and its the US who does not care what we do not Russia. we overthrow rulers when we do not like them. that's exactly how all this turmoil started to begin with. Ukraine, Iraq , Afghanistan , and Syria, all this is we the united states fault, and yet we try to blame it all on Russia AKA the scapegoat.

  9. Yup ! In god we trust ! prepare for the worst and hope for the best ! It's not a good time to leave the homestead ! that's why I haven't called !

  10. We love your channel man. This isn't going to make "the history books". What's real in history books anyway? It's a done deal. It is going to happen.  Keep your chickens fed, garden tall and loved ones close. That's all you can hope for.

  11. BonnieBlue2A says:

    WWIII began several years ago.  It is about to go HOT.  Nothing good will come of this.  Obama-Clinton State Dept. armed and likely funded what became ISIS/ISIL.  This regime change and pipeline path control crapola has gone too far  and it is too late to reverse course.  This is the legacy Obama wanted for the USA, to be reviled for the destruction of Western Civilization while propelling the Islamic Caliphate into Europe and the USA.How many tens of thousands of Christians, Yazidi, Bahai, and other religious minorities have been slaughtered over this greed?  Maybe Putin would call a truce if Obama & Hillary were given the same treatment as Mussolini during WWII?

  12. Minty Miller says:

    Putin is a loose cannon, he has decimated the Ukraine over nothing, Russia has no allegiance to The United States. The egos of the world leaders are the size of their countries. We have no power as citizens, not since the early 70's. We currently have a military presence in 164 countries. This government of this country has no allegiance to it's own citizens, we have no power, no voice without a massive uprising of the people, who would have to take to the streets, like I did when I cofounded The New Haven Air War Collective in the late 60's, after I relinquished my membership in a few subversive groups. What ever happens it's historically relevant as history consistently repeats it's self. My siblings, and I lived through having to climb under our seats in school for drills in the 50's because we were taught to fear Russia. We are taxed to our teeth because we have to pay for defense, and a corrupt government. While I once was a radical, with an FBI file, and my house was wire tapped. I refuse to get involved with anything fear based, and I have been robbed at gunpoint twice. I hate guns, I deplore violence, my house has been robbed 4 times in 40 years, and my parents house 3 times. I deplore the thought that we need to arm ourselves, I will not fall into that mental state. Remember it's our country that invades other countries, kills, and maims the populous . I have lost family in Viet Nam, and other wars as well, our government in setting foot in other countries for the sake of some covert mission, not generally based on truth, has relinquished it's citizens to live in fear, and that's not my purpose to going back to the land after 39 years after selling my land, my purpose is to live without modern conveniences. We need to turn off the news sources, and be very selective in the information we choose  to listen to, if your afraid, take meditation, and find the transpersonal from within. You need not live in fear until something to fear is at your door step. I also think conspiracy thinking is wacko;.

  13. Humble Moon says:

    Just my opinion.. nothing can be done to stop it at this point… Maybe 10-20 years ago, but not now. I'd highly recommend this book:

    I wish the best for you and your family, and everyone else watching this video for that matter. The most important thing to me at this point is that we keep our traditional values that have been threatened so much in recent decades. Integrity, honesty, and work ethic aren't antiquated ideas, but it is going to be a struggle to keep it that way in the coming times IMO.

  14. Don Veeser says:

    The devil is in ALL the details anymore Brad.  It's more than just me observing and absorbing what's going on globally,  it's actually in my being, a certainty in my soul lately that the threshold of WWIII is exactly where we are and yet the puppet mainstream  media sweeps most of the bad news under the rug and the majority (sheep) don't see the many signs because they're completely immersed in deception and illusions. None of this is in our hands anymore and as you mentioned "prayer" which at this point is not our only tool but always has been our most powerful one. I think that if many more people would repent and turn to God, He may put off the inevitable "for a time" but considering the pervasive wickedness throughout the world I don't see that happening. What I believe I have seen for some time now is the biblical prophesies unfolding and other than getting and keeping our own houses in order and helping others to do the same there isn't any turning back. I know we're supposed to face these times without fear and with faith in the Lord but that's very hard isn't it when we look at our loved ones. We have to find our strength and courage through prayer and faith to get through what is coming by focussing on what is waiting on the other side for us with Him.

  15. Definite possibility. There are just too many loose canons in the world right now. WWI started over much less than the chain of events we've seen in the past couple of years.

    Russia and China have been probing and hacking our grid and financial system as well as our defense department. They know we are weak right now because of all the internal fighting going on in our country. If there was ever a time when they thought they could succeed, its now.

    Russia almost has to start a fight somewhere. Their economy can't survive $50 per barrel oil (or less) forever. It's their biggest export and it's government run. Saw an article today saying oil might go to $20 / barrel next year. It seems likely since Iran's sanctions will be lifted, flooding the market with even more oil.

    Nothing we as citizens can really do to stop it. Only prayer. Much we can do to be prepared. Study history. Shortages then will likely be shortages in the future. Grow a bigger garden next year, get rabbits, buy shoes, gloves, socks, clothing, blankets. Make sure you have a long term back up plan for heating your home. Learn to cook with the basics and store lots of basics. Google this: blockade diary of anna eisenmenger It's the story of a lady who survived WWI. I picked up a lot of good information from this.

  16. buzzsah says:

    A war on US soil is near.

  17. Yes we are. The pot is about to boil over. Stay strong and informed. The Lord will guild each of us as to his will. Until that day comes, i will continual to watch you and your family. Blessing!

  18. desert915 says:

    How is your channel called "big family homestead" and u r talking about WW3?

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