The Belgium Wave UFO Sightings


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13 Responses

  1. muchgurf says:

    One of the best mass UFO sightings.. they may not even be alien

  2. the image used for the video screenshot was a hoax. It's been "confused" by the photographer on RTL television.

  3. Stefano G says:

    It's the TR-3B triangle human spacecraft

  4. Ann Pauwelyn says:

    and yes its belgium

  5. Ann Pauwelyn says:

    yes there are mountians in belgium in wallonie

  6. mountains? in belgium? c'mon…

  7. i have seen the ufo again on 26/3/2016 at 01:30

  8. 2:04 there are no mountains in belguim i know this cuz i live in belguim

  9. 2:04 Thats not Belgium. I know your trying to recreate it but its not very believable at all if you use mountains when talking about Belgium

  10. I saw this on my way home from the soccer field last year wow!!

  11. Nabahaal says:

    Like to stay updated about Belgian Drone-race events!

  12. beeehappy54 says:

    When is the new Unsealed Files coming on TV. Please let me know so, I can watch it. Thank you =)

  13. len got says:

    yep gringo copied tech

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