The Best Bartering Items to Have in a Collapse


Everyone knows that they should be buying gold and silver for when the collapse happens. Everyone knows that they should have a supply of food and in the best of circumstances a self-sustaining off-grid farm. But, what happens after the first few months of collapse? What if things don’t return to normal and the new normal is just everyday survival? What if our currency collapses, the grocery store shelves are empty and we are left to fend for ourselves. In that case bartering for everyday items will become necessary. Here is a list of the best bartering items in a mad max scenario.

  1. Alcohol: Normally I wouldn’t include alcohol mainly because the bottles are heavy and it is not a necessity except of course if it is needed medicinally, also alcohol is expensive. But, if you can stock up on it you will always have a demand for it, so that is why I have included this item.
  2. T.P.: Have you ever gone without toilet paper for any length of time? It’s not pleasant. There are very few palatable substitutions for toilet paper. Sure newspapers can be used but who knows how long newspapers would be around should a total collapse happen. People used to use leaves, corn cobs and other items but I can’t see that happening except under severe circumstances. The only problem I can see with using toilet paper as a bartering item is that I would be hard pressed to exchange it unless I was starving!
  3. Matches: Matches are a great item to stock up on and use for bartering purposes. They are small, cheap, enduring and necessary, this would be high on my list of items to stock up on.
  4. Seeds: Seeps are controversial. Yes, seeds have been worth more than silver and gold in history. However, if the masses are starving now and if they don’t know how to grow food, they might not be interested in trading for seeds. However, I would have them anyway because they will last a long time and you could always use them yourself.
  5. Batteries: While batteries will be in demand for such items as radios and laptops should a collapse occur, they only problem is that number 1, they are expensive now and number 2 they don’t last. So, although I think they are a good idea, I would not put a lot of money into batteries..still I would have some.
  6. Canned food: Canned food is a good item because everyone needs to eat (and by canned I mean any food that can be stored without refrigeration). The negatives about canned food are that it is heavy, while it will last a long time it wont last indefinitely like matches and if people are hungry enough they will just steal it.
  7. Cigarettes: The biggest problem with cigarettes is that they are expensive now. I am sure that you will have a market for cigarettes however, I am not so sure they are your best bet for bartering. Still, historically, they have been used and so I have decided to include them.
  8. Aspirin: Aspirin is a great choice on several fronts. First of all aspirin will last a long time, secondly if someone needs aspirin they will trade whatever they have for it. Have you ever suffered from chronic pain? Thirdly, aspirin is small and it stores well. A great choice to use for bartering purposes in my humble opinion.
  9. Chocolate: Chocolate is like alcohol, it’s not a necessity but people want it. Also, dark chocolate has nutritional value, is a good source of calories, stores well and is relatively small. I would give dark chocolate 3 ½ stars out of 5.
  10. Soap: Soap is one of those things that you don’t miss until you don’t have it. Try doing without soap for even a day and see how uncomfortable life can be. Not only that but soap is not easy to make for yourself, so it is going to be in high demand. Additionally, soap stores well and lasts a long time. If you can buy it in bulk even better.
  11. Plastic baggies: Plastic baggies can be used for all sorts of things. If the grid goes down they can be used to store food items, as gloves or to keep things from getting wet. All sorts of plastic products will be in demand. Moreover, they don’t expire so they store well. The only issue with plastic baggies is that they are relatively expensive now and you would need a place to put them, in other words the boxes are a bit bulky.
  12. Salt: Salt has been used in lieu of money in history. It’s cheap, stores well and can be used to preserve meat, something that could become very important in a SHTF scenario. Not only that, I love it and so do others and it’s not easy to get. It is definitely an item I would use to barter.
  13. Coffee: Coffee is expensive and it is not a necessity so why have I included it? I included coffee because I, along with millions of other Americans, am addicted to coffee. Not only that but how does one get coffee if not in a store? It’s not like we have coffee plantations in America. So, yes coffee will be in high demand should a collapse happen and even though it is expensive I would have it if not for my own use to barter for other items. Believe me, instant coffee will bring you a high price should a collapse happen!

Not only can bartering help you get the things you need should a collapse happen, bartering can also help you now. Bartering cuts out the middle man, provides anonymity, allows you to live on a much smaller income and avoids taxation. The best thing to do is to start participating in a bartering system now. It will be difficult to start a bartering system after the collapse, if you are already familiar with the system when the collapse happens it will be a much easier transition. Good luck and happy trading!


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7 Responses

  1. Ted I Lewis says:

    Yes, womens pads, can also be used to stop blood flow in all types of wounds. Have used them myself. Batts., buy the ones at your hometown dollar store. Sure they are not the best but, keep them in the freezer. They will last a lot longer. Look at the solar lights you can get for $1.00 each at some wal-marts at the end of summer. Don’t want the light, get the rechargeable batts. out of them. Now you have a recharge batt. that cost 1 buck. Take the lights you buy, tie cells together, + to + and – to – and make a charger. Have did this and can charge 20 batts. in about 7 hours in sun. just my thinking. Watch your 6.

  2. maría says:

    “The one world people, or central bankers, are ruthless people, and they will take over all properties when they crash your money system. This takeover by martial law is coming, and My faithful need to be ready to flee to My refuges before these evil ones will try to kill you. Christians and patriots will be their targets to eliminate for the evil ones’ new world order. This is why My refuges will be your only safe havens from being martyred. I have told you before that your dollar will be crashed to cause a bankruptcy. This, together with a pandemic virus and terrorist activities, will cause a martial law. This will lead to a new currency and eventually a takeover by the Antichrist. Some will be martyred, but the rest of My faithful will be protected at My refuges. I will soon come in victory over evil to establish My Era of Peace. Have patience and call on My angels for your protection.”

    Jesus to John Leary -June, 2, 2012-

    If I warn you with an interior message, do not delay, but get your things together, and call on Me to have your guardian angel lead you to My nearest refuge. Those faithful, who do not heed My warning, could be the martyred faithful buried at these black tombstones in the vision. Pray to Me to give you peace about these coming events that could see people in chaos and riots searching for food and water.” June ,5, 2012

  3. Saq says:

    condoms. If TSHTF, you don’t want a moment of passion to end up as a lifetime responsibility.

  4. Saq says:

    Don’t forget medicines, bandages, and feminine supplies.

  5. Kruiznik says:

    Yeah was gonna go with ammo, other options also include 5.56, 9mm or 40 (my opinion) for the next most common ammo types. I guess 30-06 can go with that. Or also 12 gauge buck shot.

  6. Stan Sikorski says:

    I would include .22 LR ammunition in this list as well. It is one of the most used calibres in the US. It is small, takes up little room to store (one box of 500 rounds measures 4x4x3 inches), and can be used for hunting small game, self defense, and starting fires. It is very cheap right now ($12 for a box of 500 rounds).

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