THE BEST CALL OF DUTY? (World At War Live Multiplayer Gameplay)


THE BEST CALL OF DUTY? (World At War COD WAW Live Multiplayer Gameplay) – Please like/share the video! & Subscribe: BLACK OPS …


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  1. tony king says:

    you suck at everything fix your fucking annoying voice

  2. dhruv pathak says:

    LMFAO! Teddy calling this the best game when at the same time a new COD was confirmed today! xS

  3. Its wont start for some reason

  4. Simon Karel says:

    Battlefield hardline no Call of duty ore if i neded to those i woud do Black Ops 3

  5. world at war was the beat c.o.d because multiplayer was the most realistic and they introduced zombies and don't forget the campaign online and by yourself

  6. U can't watch the video

  7. Why can't I play it

  8. valkerpower says:

    how many servers are still there?

  9. Der Riese was a multiplayer map??

  10. Black ops 1 is shIt

  11. If your using a controller how did you get the look sensitivity to go faster? It is so slow for me

  12. BO3 for me, then MW3

  13. KianChopper says:

    Mw3, mw2 and black ops 1, 2 and 3 are my favourite but it's hard to put them in order because I love all of them

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