The BEST Parallel Universe Documentary


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38 Responses

  1. Sounds a lot like faith to me……….science has been dumbed down sadly…….focus on what you can see porkchops………speculation is BS…….anything for grant money.

  2. Josh Swenson says:

    are these guys going for shock factor, or actual science?

  3. This goes against the bible.

  4. Mr.MegaMain says:

    how many 0.5x a presses?

  5. if parallel universe really exsist then there is a possiblity in any universe that Einstein never take birth or he may die instantly after his birth and if this is true then may be in any universe that all idea never came and even invention of bulb don't be made by anyone and that world or that universe still living under dark and the people of that world may still searching the idea of bulb and it also true that in any parallel universe they search they way to go from one universe to another and if this had already happened in a universe someone from another world may came at your door

  6. Dusty Glover says:

    Nonsense and silliness.

  7. Would be very funny, if our universe is only a cell in nerve system of a bigger life being 🙂 It looks little bit alike.

  8. Daniel Cook says:

    8:14 This map is nonsense,there is nothing this map says! Just look at it! it doesn't mean anything at all!

  9. Hugh Adams says:


  10. Mind BLOWING! (Get it, BUBBLES)….

  11. Darkshine42 says:

    What would a soap bubble look like in a vacuum? What would happen if a universe sized soap bubble popped in a vacuum?

  12. Darkshine42 says:

    Exponential infinity? If there is an infinite copy of our universe then there would have to be infinite copies of the copes?

  13. Darkshine42 says:

    What if light at the moment of the "big bang" was traveling faster than it is now?

  14. Darkshine42 says:

    Can light accelerate and decelerate?

  15. Here's a possible enigma. If you die in one universe, do you live forever in another (thats the opposite outcome).
    Are the parallel universes based on decisions by us or nature?
    I've asked this to many professors… Several theories, but isn't this documentary also one?

  16. wow … and i'm living the shittiest outcome

  17. Allan Robin says:

    a lot of perhaps here

  18. I would hire all of my self and conquer this earth lol

  19. Will Kent says:

    how do you tell were the universe ends

  20. Sanfarid09 says:

    If you want to go inside the black hole and traverse it then we need more speed than the speed it using to pull everything into it. Like if it pulling everything in 200000 miles per second then we need spacecraft that can travel faster than that speed and this will allow us to go through right inside the black hole and travel other dimensions or universe.

  21. Peter cross says:

    I got disinterested when he said that in some other universe Elvis Presley could still be alive…..

  22. John R says:

    24:40 – dude's eyes look red, i am pretty sure he was stoned

  23. Mary Dowd says:

    My mother ironically explained parallel universes to me when I was 8. The way I understood it though would explain the flat universe theory.
    Except they aren't far away. They are right here with us. Layered like pages from a book. Ghosts, monsters, UFO's, doppelgangers, fairies, shape shifters could all be explained. They slipped briefly through the veil or page.
    Making many possibilities for what is said to not exist.

  24. Wht Rabbit says:

    Got to love how they actually think they are seeing that far back.

  25. If the theory of the multiverse holds true, then time travel is not possible. If the theory is true, then that would mean that there would be some universe where they have the technology to travel at light speed. We would've encountered ourselves from another world already.

  26. Maybe one of the infinite universes has a god in it.

  27. wow I didn't marry the first wife? Lucky guy!

  28. Din MS says:

    This is pure speculation and not science fact. This is no difference than the Gospel writers claiming it as being the inspirational word of God.

  29. whatever you dreams can just be something called deja vu

  30. So there is a universe where literally everything happened exactly the same forever but when i was 12 I blinked 56 times instead 57 that one time?

  31. DAD 527 says:

    all lies FROM HELL, only a deception to take your eyes off the TRUTH, the imagination of EVIL, theory's of LIES. …not probably in any way shape or form. but there is a book that predicted many things that came to pass, and are coming true in these last days…

  32. Flutter says:

    An A press is an A press, you can't say it's only half.

  33. mikeorclem says:

    i believe i am a unique spirit made by can't be in multiple places at once…i don't have a problem with these folks trying to figure stuff out…it is interesting

  34. Rayan Khan says:

    If parallel universe is really a thing and there are multiple copies of people and myself and basically the different copies of earth then what if the dreams we see are actually the scenarios that happened or happening with me in the parallel universe with the different versions of me.

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