The Bible’s Buried Secrets



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  1. So who did the caveman believe in and where do they fit in all of this

  2. Yup god is everywhere even in my toilet and my poop….

  3. stucco ninja says:

    there is no proof for the slave

  4. Eric Gardner says:

    PS The more they protest and the more they scream just goes to show how empty they are on the inside and how insecure that they really are. Their screams are like the drowning man screaming for someone to throw him a lifeline, except that they are not even aware of it, or to afraid to voice it. I, too, was once like them. It took me 5 1/2 years in a 12 step program before I had finally grown enough where I could finally kneel down and ASKED Jesus to come into my heart and my life. Jesus is the perfect gentleman. He will stand at the door and knock, but WILL never enter until permission is granted. He is my best friend, not some ruthless intruder. Jesus, thank you for ALL of the blessings that you have bestowed upon me and the others whom believe, and for the blessings that are not yet here. I trust you completely with all that I am. One day at the doctors office, the EKG machine showed that I had just had a mild heart attack, even though I had felt no pain. I was taken to a hospital by ambulance, and I was under observation by staff and machines from about noon until 7:00 PM that night. During this whole time I was completely serene. I had absolutely NO fear. I was calm because I knew that whatever happened that it was okay because I had turned it all over for Jesus to do whatever He wished. The night, they discharged me and sent me home. They told me that they saw no sign of a heart attack, nor even atrial fibrillation, but that I did have just a real light flutter, and that medicine would keep that in check. They gave me transportation back to my car and then I drove home basking in the warmth and love in Jesus, without being bothered by any concerns from the world. Before I came to accept and know Jesus I was a raving lunatic. What a wonderful life He has given me. As long as I am able to, I will let others know what He has done for me and let them decide if they want it, too. No pressure. I just give information, and they make up their mind all by themselves. Thank you, everybody, and may you receive everything to your heart's desire. And, thank you, too, Jesus. Amen.

  5. The starting remarks of "God is dead." reveals all about "the producer" behind such video as these.

  6. Robert Matos says:

    My favorite thing about the comment sections of videos about my Lord and and Savior is the fact that random people (atheists) come on, learn a few facts about whatever it is they learned and they are automatically an expert of history, anthropology, philosophy, theology and saying all of the "experts" are wrong LOL!!! Atheists make me laugh on another level. They act like they know "everything" and believe everything came from "nothing." If that's the case, you're a byproduct of nothing thus your opinion's mean nothing. Before you atheists bash the bible…read it. And reading the Bible does not mean reading for front cover to back cover one time and think you have everything in the divine world figured out. There are people who have been studying the Bible for many many many years and still have questions (not doubt…questions). You know when atheist because they always say that the Bible is just a book of fairytales but yet haven't bothered to study historical facts such as anthropology and history. If you did, you would see everything from history lines up with the Bible and their dates.

  7. Thank you for your message. I just finished a shocking book, it is in my user name. It blew me away and was so shocking and I am sure my eyes near popped out at times. It was over 200 pages and it had interesting pictures on each page and lots of Scripture to back it up so I could not argue with it. It is a must to read. If you are a Truth seeker you will want this book. Keep up the great work here:-))

  8. Martin D says:

    Jesus was a black Palestinian who probably travelled to India to practise Buddhism, the true way of peace. Can you disprove me?

  9. Phil Cooper says:

    this video is by anti God shills.

  10. airplane800 says:

    There is a good research done by Patrick Cooke called " The great Deception – The Bible UFO connection" , which shows spaceships in the Bible. The Bible talks about "clouds" going up and down with people going in and out. These were starships. Jesus ascended in a "cloud" . Jesus will come back "with" the "clouds" . Jesus will come back commanding a fleet os starships to reset the planet. The ancient didn't have vocabulary or knowledge to describe what they saw so they called the spaceships "clouds", Pillars, etc… Jesus is real. He has the legal rights over our planet. Read the research by Patrick Cooke

  11. "God" gave u free will. There's no praying, hoping, etc. There's only do or do not. That's it. Everything else is just a distraction even selfishly praying for yourself or what u want. Jesus did not want a bible. He wanted u to sit down and share and love each other no matter what. That's it. But Constantine screwed that up. And forced aka killed anyone who didn't obey him. That's the wrong way to start a religion. it's based on blood. Good luck with that u bunch of Satan worshippers.

  12. The true Jews are the so called black people here in Amerikkka! Read Deuteronomy 28th chapter will explain it All! Yes my Heavenly Father is A black man an so are the Hebrews! Even the Messiah black Man! It's all in Scripture!!!! This Bible the So called black people history book of our people the 12 tribes of Israel

  13. I am a Bro says:

    Joos believe in 1 god: Shoe.

  14. Thomas Greer says:

    it rained 40 days and nights. dry land was seen at 150 days. the dove returned with an olive branch then the raven was released and didn't return. doves are what we call today a homing pigeon.

  15. they can understand why we need at least 3 satellites to know of an accurate position and could not know why there are 4 beast to provide the accurate time.

  16. I have to say – the circumstances around the current Israel and Palestine is tragically sad – (and was not handled in a manner to avoid tragic)

    Peace be with Palestine and with Israel –
    Empathy and communication toward Palestine could be helpful. <3

  17. alpha wizard says:

    " WARNING " ! You sick Muslims , GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY ! This will never be your home , but you can die here if you stay ! —- Please " LEAVE " on your own !

  18. lazan arndt says:

    islam is the devil's religion. When the muslim bows he is bowing to the devil and at the same time is making a gesture towards God! The devil does not own the earth.

  19. Gold Heart says:

    for me and my family God almighty is real.


  21. Jesus is Muslim and why did the Bible lie

  22. According to the bible, the Israelites where negros. False representation. Busyness as usual. Lies and propaganda. U never stop!!

  23. irvin reubal says:

    why buried why secrets…this is only a movie

  24. totally misguided, The whole vast Universe, Stars , constellation & it alignment , diameter, radius , circumferences of planets and it distances has precise geometrics in it, the pattern of can't get out of Pi & fi (Fibonacci) sequences .

    Can anyone tell who really the founder that developed Geometric system ? we learnt from studying the ancient structure such as pyramid & there we discovered new method of calculation as difficult maths, they're are so many evidences if people are being dumb believing this of an ideas. If this has really been an idea after all then they are great writers & directors, not even Spielberg has 10% their abilities .

  25. i'm alfa and omega
    i'm flat earth and world without end……

  26. James Pettit says:

    I believe in GOD. The truth about God has been tossed around for so many years, by so many people, for so many reasons. I honestly look forward to the day that Christ steps back into the world. Because He will have the truth with him. History would and could help with the truth, but everything is a lie. That is all that is certain, is that nobody knows the truth. But its coming. Some of us will be relieved, and some of us will be wailing.

  27. the devil decideret people. i believe in the bible


  29. juts to note…ramses isn't the pharoh of the exodus…. you want to know more search for Exodus:paterns of evidence

  30. Well, Who are the Israelites? Who gave them the Holy land and why is it holy? Moses set about one of the bloodiest campaigns in Canaan to which Joshua followed under the comand of a god that really fails to look divine… to look too human to be truth. Alien and conspiracy theories aside. I dont follow. All the Empires of Ancient times were Chosen by their gods. What made the Isrilites diferent? Am I to understand their religion survived due to the importance of Catholicism and Muslim's interests? Their claim as any other holy claim makes no sense.

  31. this video immediately turned me off when he said the Israelites founded by David, is totally false

  32. sandra rae says:

    It was Moses that wrote the bible not the Israelites !

  33. The Prince of Peace (sun) goes "DOWN" into his bed chamber at the fall equinox and comes "UP" out of his bed chanber at the spring equinox as the bridegroom.

  34. sun tzu says:

    Gods son Jesus his words,i give u all seeds to growe all medicin herbs weeds and everithing you can find….,,,..,.,

  35. To grow with wisdom and knowledge of understanding throughout many different beliefs and religions. One must have fear of knowing the one true God, one is serving because many will come in the light of his name and deceive many to the follow the pagan gods of the rising sun through the holidays of man.

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  37. Diego Laluz says:

    HallYluYah Yahweh and Yahshua too forevermore

  38. Pat Eden says:

    This is sacrilegious!!!!!!

  39. Mount Horeb in Arabia has carvings of Bulls in the side of the mountain. A cleaved rock and burned mountain top. This information is outdated.

  40. THOUSANDS of testimonies !!!! Over thousands of years. And they would cast doubt into your mind ? That was the worst TV program I have ever forced myself to watch. I will NOT share it. It even withholds information !!! Misleads. And presents it as "truth", when, in fact, they never studied !!!! And these are "professors" at Harvard ? And they WONDER why I care not for your approval. I care even less, now.
    Go read, and good luck,
    ~ Reverend Shane

  41. Fact it's correct to say and true to say despite the Bible Hebrew myths and the Canaanite Mesopotamian stories all that land from Iraq Israel Lebanon Jordan Syria the land between Iraq and Jordan is really also Arabia in fact it's north Arabia from the western eastern border of Sinai to Israel to the borders of Iraq and Iran to the borders of Iraq and Syria The southern borders of turkey to those borders of Saudi Arabia it's correct to say all that land between those borders is northern Arabia and it is from beginning to end because they're all Semitic people and all come from the same geological groups the first people lived in those lands were Arabs so yes that land is north Arabia all of it is Arabia from top to bottom so when the Egyptians invaded the Palestinian areas and Jordan in Saudi Arabia parts they were invading northern Arabia in fact all the land east of the Sinai is Arabia from top to bottom from the northern borders of Syria to the borders of Saudi Arabia from Jordan it's Arabia too as well.

  42. God in our idea doesn't exist before Abraham?

    That's a lie a complete lie out of pure ignorance if you want to go by the fall scenario it will be for Noah or before Adam since Abrahams fake like those three and five entire book of Genesis mythological in fact entirety of the Torah is fictitious there's no way you can get out of that's like guy who just made that statement is completely ignorant doesn't always talking about our idea of a non-touchable one God is actually from the pre-Adamite real world we do live coffee is in the purely pagan Gentile concept just like polytheism some of it came on from polytheism some became a monotheism and this other is for monotheism and polytheism the one in the same there and used interchangeably like they did in Egypt and India even Greeks thought the gods were one and many in fact the Mesopotamian people in Babylon or reaching towards monotheism prior to the biblical text were being written right before they were making the Bible texting Yahweh the Babylonians whom the Jews came from and their creation myths etc the Mesopotamians in Babylon wanted to make Marduk their not only chief deity but only God in all Mesopotamia from Sumer to Assyria and that's a fact. So again this is stuff done not a lot of people know truly.

  43. The idea of mono theism is not slinging ever had before they had it longer for Hebraism ever even existed Yahweh is not a monotheistic god is he truly is been said to be mono theism originate from Gentile paganism in the pre-admire world aka the real wod where we do live in where one God in many Gods rule and created together in fact something theologies like Egyptian Kemet and Hinduism had both monotheism and polytheism interwoven as one. It is called monopoly theism.

  44. Übermensch says:

    theres a reason why the gnostic sects died off and modern christians dont follow the discarded gospels, it lacks any proof of a historical jesus. The original greek version was written almost half a century after jesus supposedly lived and the nag texts weren't written till 300 years after, none of the texts can differentiate between a myth or a man.


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