The Big Bang Globe Earth Lie x Illuminati NASA Exposed!! | THE COPERNICUS HOAX (FLAT EARTH PROOF 9)


WATCH ALL THE FLAT EARTH PROOFS HERE – This video is proof that the …


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  1. macek677 says:

    Do you mind if I re-upload this to my channel, giving link to your channel in the description box?

  2. he didn't mention Copernicus was a Freemason

  3. Soul rebel says:

    The Vatican took the land away from the Apache Tribe in Texas. The Apache fought the Vatican but the Vatican won. The mountain is my graham. It was sacred to the Apache for millennia. You didn't see that on the news. That would of made them look evil. Stealing sacred land from the rightful owners and naming the telescope lucifer. That's messed up

  4. Conspiracy and things like Flat earth are just to expose the corruption of the establishment. No amount of exposing will  ever change who is currently ruling the earth. That will stay the same until men learn to resist Satan's influence or The True God steps in. This psychopathic system was formed long before we got here. Conservative or liberal is crazy because both sides have some ideas that make sense and some that don't. Then a person comes along and tries to go down the middle, but then we have to agree with the points he or she grazed out, and a lot of times it's hard to agree again. We go back and forth amongst ourselves, but seem to mostly float back to the ten commandments. There is a percentage that doesn't agree completely, but of them most agree we should not hurt each other physically or emotionally, which ends up being a good amount of those original commandments. For the rest they are mentally ill. Those mentally ill people end up being in charge, in jail, prison, or in mental institutions. That makes it a hard mess to clean up. But I think this plan is a good solution because eventually we will have to stop just working for our own good or that of our family or of a group of people or nation, we are going to have to work for the good of all mankind. I'm not talking about NWO either, no man or woman should have that kind of power. Everyone who is an adult knows what we need to do to sustain ourselves and also enjoy life. But we allow the psychopaths to rule out of fear. We need to stop being afraid and take the place back, make this a safe place to live for our future sons and daughters. Sounds like you're as frustrated about it as I am. humans under Satan's influence violently  took control over everything. They supposedly own everything. They lie to the subjects of their illegitimate rule. Those people are our ancestors. They are our "great " grandparents, our uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, our family. They were supposed to take care of us, but instead chose to turn us into slaves. Making us work many times more than we need to for things they say we are not entitled to, yet they are entitled to our efforts and money. How do they keep us in captivity. By using guns and money. Seems like a hopeless situation. But there is something we can do to fight back. What we need to do is stop using money to pay for anything anymore. We need to start by not paying the bills that come in the mail then progress to not paying for anything anymore. Not stealing just respectfully refuse to pay. This will bring their psychopathic system to a halt. Also it will test the establishment. Will they become violent? Will they feed us? Will they allow us to feed ourselves? The people who love and the people who hate will be clearly defined. Our working for and using their money reinforces their psychopathic thoughts of legitimacy. They think that they were born to dominate over us . We need to stop playing their psychopathic game, the way  they want to play it. All we need to sustain ourselves is already in place. what we need to do is peacefully take control of it. They may try to retaliate because that's their normal reaction, but when they see that they are outnumbered they will probably surrender. This is the only viable plan. Think about this makes sense. The faster word gets out the bigger the numbers. For your sake tell others about this. This plan will have to be widely spread before most people will be able to implement it. So copy and paste as need be to get the word out. This needs to go worldwide

  5. Edward Kyle says:

    Ha ha ha…. You guys are some of the most gullible people on the freaking planet

  6. bbmnb says:

    I'd answer ya but, apparently our whole comments, Start Revolution, have been eaten by a black hole :)

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