The Biggest SHIP in the World 2015 Documentary HD – Mind Blowing


Emma Maersk is the biggest ship in the world in the E-class of eight owned by the A. P. Moller-Maersk Group. When launched in 2006 she was the biggest ship …


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  1. This is an old documentary!!!

    It's been a while sine Emma Maersk was the biggest containership as there are at least some 26 newer ships that can carry many more containers.
    MSC Oscar, Maya, Oliver and Zoe from Mediterranean Shipping Company all have a capacity of amazing 19224 TEU (compared to Emma Maersk of "just" 1550).
    CSCL Pacific Ocean, Globe, Artic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Artic Ocean and Atlantic Ocean from China Shipping Container Lines can also carry 19000+ containers

  2. Andrew Smith says:

    The Seawise Giant (or Mount as it was last known) was the worlds largest ship when Emma Mærsk was already sailing, but it was so complicated being so large that it was scrapped. That's a problem with super tankers and super container ships they are only used for a decade or two, then they get scrapped. 

  3. Recep AKGÜL says:

    Morning guys 🙂
    MSC has longest and largest capacity vessels. MSC ISTANBUL and MSC LONDON are 399 meters with 16,653 TEU capacity …
    MSC OSCAR, MSC OLIVER and MSC ZOE have 19,224 TEU capacity…
    you can find them -> about us -> our fleet
    today you learnt sth. :)

  4. Emma's crew and officers are top notch.

  5. where is that company located

  6. non alcoholic beer ?

  7. rascalferret says:

    Check your dumpsters,scrap heaps and landfills…All brought to you by these enormous haulers of predetermined obsolescence. After all, what would be loaded if it wasn't for new garbage…

  8. Tesla says:

    This is great! Totally enjoyable! Thank you for posting.

  9. Monse N. says:

    Et tilbageblik og jeg får tårer i øjnene,Lindøværftet ( gode kolleger) og var en dejlig arbejdsplads. (:o)

  10. Brad Perry says:

    I wonder what the estimated value of all the goods would be in the 12,000 containers?

  11. This guy sounds like Artie Ziff

  12. brent56and1 says:

    It's crazy how they can swap out a piston rod while all of the other pistons in the engine are running.

  13. "Contact with the soft bottom could rip a hole in her hull." What? Get real narrator lady.

  14. Kent V says:

    I wonder if being late is an option

  15. Mark Kadah says:

    This guys voice is cancerous

  16. Zyoop changa says:

    This lady seems to not know how to pronounce "schedule"…

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