The Blue Beings: Occult Programming?


by Zen Gardner

Ever notice the string of blue entities we’re treated to seeing periodically? It can be anything from (top left going clockwise) ‘Mystique’ of Xmen, Avatar’s heroes, the Smurfs, nuclear Dr. Manhattan, and the genie from Aladdin, to start with a few.

Is there any significance to this?

The Color Blue and Esoterica

Just the list of characters alone is a bit of a give-away that something’s very symbolic about this color. Is it part of a secret language?

Here’s somewhat of an introduction:

Within Freemasonry, the color blue is a symbol of universal friendship and benevolence, as it is the color of the vault of heaven. Blue is the only color other than white which should be used in a Master’s Lodge for decorationsSource

Something else of interest:

Among the ancients a fabulous bird called the Phoenix is described by early writers … in size and shape it resembles the eagle, but with certain differences. The body of the Phoenix is one covered with glossy purple feathers, and the plumes in its tail are alternately blue and red.

Blue and Red? Did someone say blue and red feathers? Like these?

Or maybe this type of simplified confusion?

How’s that for variety? Are we being programmed?

So Now Blue

Is this typical Freemasonic either/or false choice speak so we don’t consider other alternatives? Or is it implying a more subtle, “you uninformed cattle don’t know anything about this” type of message? Or more?

And no, “they” don’t own all the symbols and colors. Blue is a dominant color of our  gorgeous and so many of its fabulous natural phenomena. According to Wilhelm Reich our planet’s orgone energy (chi, ki, prana etc.) gives off this wonderful blue hue we see around us.

It’s also a color often associated with spirituality. I just like to find out just WHICH spirituality we’re talking about, knowing our societal manipulators are just about always up to no good. After all, why was the clandestine UFO research unit called Project Bluebook, or the fake UFO scenario called Project Bluebeam?

Take a quick look at some of these characters and see what elusive qualities they have in common:

Radha Krishna, Hindu god. Real entity? If so, limiting and controlling, or helpful?

The less subtle, more imposing underlying genie concept.

These dudes are badass in the religious world. You don’t just flip the blue guy and walk away.

The name Genie is from the Arabic “Jinn”, considered nasty, demonic entities. That Disney would make a good bud outta one is no surprise, as they do with several other “monsters” below.

“Megamind”. Again, why blue? Nothing innocuous here. Mental suggestibility lubrication for their subliminal message?

The Blue Meanies of the Beatles’ psychedelic Yellow Submarine. Early programming for boomers.

Blue aliens are a popular image in Sci-Fi movies…bigtime. Watch for it…there’s a reason.

Many people report blueish “lightbeings” as ET contacts. Blue can be good or bad, as anything. In this world it’s unfortunately minimized.

Good doesn’t “sell” like fear does, nor can you manipulate and control with it. Hence, the “truth twisters”.

More blue alien images…this is everywhere. Are they blue? Perhaps.

And The Use of Blue In Imagery

“Cowboys and Aliens”..totally ridiculous film glorifying monster mayhem and phony heroics. All about fear.

E.T. artwork..setting a stage, or mood, or more? Early programming again.

“War of the Worlds”. Blatent fear message again. Spielberg a total “insider”.

Blue Monsters

Such friendly, harmless monsters….again, Disney HUGE inside player feasting on the young.

Cookie monster……why?…just guess…

Now a friendly, heroic blue DRAGON?…reptilian programming everywhere!

Blue Demons

University mascot….nice

Sports logo…again, inspiring…

Brooklyn high school mascot. Roll model?

Duke University mascot. “Higher learning” institution? Of what?

It goes on. I guarantee you.

But what does it mean? A LOT more…

Just wondering again…but it is intriguing, and certainly does not indicate a strengthening of humanity…just more debilitating fear in almost every case. Sad, when there’s so much good to this wonderful color.

It’s really the use of it in the form of beings I want to point out here. Just as they have debased love into hedonistic sex, turned the feminine form into an unnatural, unattainable distortion from reality, made bad guys the good guys and vice versa, and glorified war, death, destruction and even vampires and transhumanism, they’re using this for their agenda in some way.

It’s just the way it is. We’re living in a carefully engineered matrix.

I don’t know the whole picture, but I’m on to ‘em, as are many others. And it brings freedom and empowerment.

And again, it’s worth keeping an eye out for patterns such as these, looking for the good as well as the bad. There are signals in everything we’re fed, most deliberate, some accidental. But we are input accumulators and interpreters, all according to our various combinations of experience and programming, good and bad, natural and, in this current controlled world, extremely unnatural. Understanding is an essential tool for staying conscious.

That’s the issue at hand. Unfortunately, the PTB’s disinformation is self-metastasizing and needs meticulous attention from all of us as to what they’re up to so we can identify and dispel their poisonous disinformation. And hopefully help others do the same.

Keep on, team, keep on.

Sincerely, Zen

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4 Responses

  1. Dwarn says:

    You forgot The Blue Man Group – that’s even creepier.

  2. Hi, Salaam! Briefly; u overlooked, or insha Allah just forgot to include the UN, Official ISRAELI Flags, NATO logo also of the USA r dominated by BLUE color. The Official Israeli Flag being the one with TWO “bars” above and below the David Star!

    Re the Israeli Flag I posted, briefly, somewhere (if my memory serves me well at realzionistnews dot com) re the EVIL magic influence it (Israeli Flag) emits, and that ONLY True, UPRIGHT Muslims (not “ahlul bid’ah/Shirk that r MANY among us) who can BEAT the EVIL MAGIC power of it (Hence; every nations that establish DIPLOMATIC relations — including the UN Fake body of peace — has all been NEUTRALIZED/tamed by ISRAEL) by way of CHANTING loudly while STARING at it; the Kalimah LA ILAHA ILL ALLAH repeatedly till IT BURNS!!! That’s how we can DESTROY Israel — and remotely! :]

    Salaam. C me at

  3. Percy says:

    To be honest, if you read the protocols, it doesn’t mention blue, but it does mention manipulation of the young…. that fear and violence and hedonistic sex is what they are aiming for. The idea is no “higher thought” processes. Is a diminishing of consciousness, an attempt to stop evolution and bring us out of spirituality and into this 3 dimensional reality they control. When we are spiritual, they can’t control us…. remember you can’t have “love of God and fear in your heart at the same time”. That is a fact. Love and fear cannot occupy the same space.

  4. Link says:

    im trying to connect these blue dots, routinely repeating myself and all i get is a big blue dot,
    now im getting the blues.

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