The Book that destroys Christianity but hidden by the christians


the book is completely hidden by christians. Islam, christianity, judaism, hinduism, buddhism, ex-christian, ex-muslim, ex-jew, muslim revert, convert, mecca, …


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  1. christianity is a scam, instead of concentrating on the teaching of Jesus which is Islam, they built a completely different religion based on the worship of jesus. christianity of today is just the ancient religion of Rome (mithraism) but the names of protagonists are changed to get the romans to accept the "new religion"..Paul the liar advocated lies in order to attract as many people as you can.

  2. Ajohnny says:

    ok answer up christians. your religion is shit and the jesus you worship is definitely not the historical Jesus but the satanic demon Jah-bu-lon worshipped by the freemasons. they (masons) worship it openly in their temples, you (christians) worship it unknowingly and call it jesus. now go to your churches and cannibalize his satanic body.

  3. M.Cohen says:

    i guess the muslims got this one correctly.

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