The Cinematic Orchestra Arrival of the Birds & Transformation


The first part of the commercial is anche of Acqua di Gioia , this video contains anche Transformation , Which is a bit different but still the same concept . Enjoy! i just …


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  1. There isn't anything more beautiful. We all know this song in our hearts.

  2. Anh Tu Trinh says:

    veri gud i r8 it 10/10

  3. beautifull music, thank you…

  4. Meghan Ng says:

    Considering what I've read on Cinematic Orchestra's Wikipedia explaining their original style, it was unbelievable that they created the Crimson Wing soundtrack…this is amazing, genius and so fantastic :0

  5. beyond beautiful. words cannot begin to describe just how beautiful

  6. this song makes me cry too! I thought about my son's dad and our last 7 years together for some reason…..I'm not the only one apparently.

  7. when i listen this song my soul is free of fly in the sky . During this travel i go towards the stars , among the stars and can feel all love that there is in the universe.

  8. do you know what movies this song is in?

  9. As a warm tear runs down your face its telling you that you have feeling. Even though your crying you will be mentally or emotionally stronger we keep things bottle up for to long music is the key to a better life!!!!!!

  10. Tommy Davies says:

    Can anyone recommend any other epic tunes like this please?

  11. that part at 3:16 always gets me in some way

  12. Annie Paget says:

    am i the only person here listening to the beautiful music and not pretending to cry?

  13. wolf heart says:

    I agree just so beautiful

  14. TÜRK ARKADAŞLARa sesleniyorum gelin gelin şarkı çok güzel lan :)

  15. Excelente……Bravo ?

  16. monika lukic says:

    I really liked this song until they used it in a very annoying commercial in our country :I

  17. Ton bonheur tu le crée toi-même. Si tes pensées sont noires, tu engendre certaines réactions autour de toi…. Mais si au contraire tu t'ouvre, tu souris, et que tu laisse venir les choses telles qu'elles sont…tu pourras remarquer une nette différence. La pensée créé… vraiment. C'est un truc de malade.
    mais c'est difficile de gérer tout ça. Pour tout le monde! :)

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