The Coming World War – Sheikh Imran Hosein


Part 2 of a Multi part interview – recorded August 6 2016.


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  1. abbynady says:

    i 100% agree with sheikh imran

  2. Sage Watson says:

    I agree as well. You know that calmness you feel before something terrible happens? Well we're passed that..the wave is about to break.

  3. U Do No Cmee says:

    I agree, judea must crush all other powers. Right now it is small. It must make the others small to take them out. The timing has to be perfect. Ya got to give em credit for being smart,and dedicated. A long time in the works this end game.

  4. Griz London says:

    Agree with most of what he says. I'm Christian and the messiah the Jews are wanting is obviously going to be the anti christ. The false messiah whom is going to deceive the world. That messiah who commits the abomination of desolation is not our messiah. It clearly teaches he is the false messiah. Which also completely fits with the zionist agenda. Makes perfect sense to me and the Bible is seemingly right on them money.

  5. Al Truist says:

    If you wish to hear the expanded version of Sheikh's discussion here, I suggest watching the video on his channel entitled "The International Monetary System & The Future Of Money By Sheikh Imran Hosein" which he recorded in Malaysia a few years ago. May God bless all honest, ethical, moral and truthful people like Sheikh and like Morris.

  6. pato milbert says:

    Nothing concerning the Jews is done by accident! Lets get them out of our government and media, money, printing!

  7. pato milbert says:

    All these religions are totally nuts and all of them threatening the very existence of man! After this war hopefully we who are left will not allow another religion to have power again.

  8. I reckon the Messiah is Jeremy Corbyn. (J.C.. Jesus Christ… what more evidence is needed?)lol

  9. Sheikh Imran, brilliant as always. Excellent historical analysis on war in Crimea … something I have reflected on in my own work, though from a different perspective. In my opinion the Crimean war was important to understand.

  10. It is hard to fathom the technological changes that have occurred on this planetary body in the past one hundred and fifty years.

    Consider the relative time spans involved from the Wright Brother's First Flight on the Kitty Hawk Sand Dunes of North Carolina in 1903; to the Trinity Test of an Atomic Bomb on the White Sands of New Mexico in 1945; and, to the mediated Landmark Apollo 11 Moon Landing in 1969.

    In a lifespan of ninety-nine years my grandfather witnessed the Great War, The Great Depression, WWII, and the transportation shifts from the horse and buggy; to the automobile; and, space rockets to the moon.

    In a life-span of eighty-seven years my father experienced The Great Depression; fought in WWII and Korea; witnessed the Cold War; the public assassination of JFK; the decade long Vietnam War; the Civil Rights Movement; The Great Society Program and its aftermath.

    In a relative range of birth from 1946 to 1964 post-WWII Cold War 'Baby Boomers' have been subjected to a relative revisioning of the educational, historical, and humanistic process as doubtful occurrence; propaganda memes; and, the mediated information wars of ''False' Flag programming.

    Phillip Bobbitt's relative views of the Long War, the Military Market Nexus, the Rise of the Machines, and the Wars for the Twenty-First Century presents the conflicts of the Middle East as a psychohistorical process paralleling the Peloponnesean Wars of the Mediterranean basin.

    One could postulate a New World Order Transhumanist Agenda as a New Age Transition from the Collective Unconscious of Religious Eschatology to the Artificial Intelligence of Robotic Machine Technologies.

    The Star Trek and Terminator models of the Borg and SkyNet and the propaganda meme "Resistance is Futile" comes into play. A YouTube viewing of H. G. Wells' Things To Come (1936) provides an interesting view of Back to the Future Studies.

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