The Da Vinci Code: The True Story (Discovery Channel)


Great Documentary, loaded with facts and brings a good balance to Dan Browns Fiction as well as the controversial “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” work that seems to have been mislabeled in the non-fiction category. Check out my other videos if your interested in symbolism, ancient histories and lost history, archeo-astronomy, archaeology, and ancient languages.


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  1. Arnab Mondal says:

    did da Vinci know the letter M and V if he means to hide a code behind the last supper so that modern we can reveal the M and V?

  2. what's the big deal if He's married?…

  3. Hi guys, does anyone know the music score @ 26:41?

  4. That Nba Fan says:

    Omg this is 100% true god told me so.

  5. inge smit says:

    all suppers could be maria magdalena so his arguments is not valid

  6. Not the Last. I am the great granddaughter of Clovis I and also of King David through his daughter Tamar.

  7. guenda jones says:

    Maybe it was just a painting… I don't understand why people have to take something so simple and beautiful and turn it into some controversial mess. Something's really are how they look…

  8. topsilog says:

    so what if jesus is married?isnt marriage a holy thing in a religion>? so what if mary was a prostitute? isnt forgiveness taught in every christian?

  9. Tim Lane says:

    I guess it's hard for the Catholic Church to admit they had it wrong. tends to happen when you preach religiously but don't have the whole story. any how, I recently learned that Jesus must of had a wife. it was tradition in the Jewish culture for Rabi to be married and have kids. so it's more likely he did have a wife.

  10. Man Davinci wasn't alive @ the one of Jesus !!! WTF!!

  11. It's obvious proved in this video and that nobody nows the true, however they might be right.

  12. Maria Banfi says:

    If you look at the painting you can see that the disciples are 12( count them). Judas is not there becouse he already betrayed Jesus. So it does not make any sense, all the story of Mary in this painting, becouse the disciple close to Jesus is just John, who being the jungest was always portraited with feamle feature. If mary had been there it should have been 13 disciples( included John and no Judas) plus another one

  13. Steve Ramsey says:

    Personally I despise Dan Brown for his theft and fictionalization of
    what was originally an interesting and potentially factual story (which
    is what made it so interesting) written by Michael Baigent, Richard
    Leigh and Henry Lincoln, called Holy Blood Holy Grail. Baigent and Leigh
    sued Brown and lost the court case, but any honest person who read the
    book, then saw Browns movie, had no doubts in the slightest that Brown
    had stolen the material. Neither Brown, the judge or for that matter
    Hanks, had any inkling of integrity.

    If you want an interesting read without the fiction Brown added, read
    Holy Blood Holy Grail, along with the follow-up novel Messianic
    Legacy…thus sending a few bucks to the people who did the research and
    actually deserve to profit from this story! Don't support the crook
    Brown who did nothing but commit theft and reap the rewards from the
    labor of others!

  14. the church claims celibacy but lusts after beautiful pure choirboys!??????

  15. Tim Holland says:

    Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a spiritual relationship….like Jesus putting his penis into Magdalene's vagina. Very spiritual.

  16. Jesus was a kundalini master! Learn about it.

  17. Seble Negash says:

    Another Jewish corporate propaganda against the Son of God and his Church. The sons of Devils are in full force to fulfilled the curse upon them. Jews are behind the mastermind of revolution, rebellion and wars.

  18. John S says:

    And, there is complete silence that the first bible didn't include a resurrection either.

  19. read all the books u want the reason we don't know the the truth cause we hold it back from us point 1 why we can't access 100 percentage of our brain Cuz of recarnation we only can do off instinct everything n everybody been here

  20. Sofia Matos says:

    I wonder if Dan Brown has the balls to try and pull one of these books with the Quran or the Torah. I guess not.

  21. Broken Heart says:

    Bullshit . The Jews try to divide the human race by attacking the religions in our world . Look what they done wars and nothing else .

  22. Eric Hansen says:

    Mary Magdalene (Latin: Ananas magdalenae – the wild pineapple, a piña in group taxon Pita), is a "Strong Tower, Highly Favored of YAHH" God's sacred name. This is in direct contrast to the Tower of Babel (Magdla d'Babel – in Syriac). Her humble/selfless deeds of anointing the LORD's feet with her tears and costly pure nard perfume, and wiping them with her hair, and kissing Jesus' feet, WILL BE TOLD all around the world wherever the GOSPEL is proclaimed, in memory of her.

    This Mary is a Piña Pita. She is the Holy Spirit incarnate representing the spirit of the DAY OF ATONEMENT (Yom Kippur),
    and the Feast of Tabernacles/Shelters/Tents.
    The name of our God is a strong tower. The righteous run inside and are safe.
    She was made holy when Jesus cast the 7 demons out of her. She represents humbleness and selflessness.
    A hollow rock (Keph in Hebrew) tower with interior steps spiraling to the top in her ascent to God.
    The Tower of Babel is represented by the Scribes and Pharisees and the evil Mordecai the Jew.
    These are solid rock towers (unable to be filled with God's Holy Spirit), with exterior steps spiraling to the top
    in their ascent to God, for all the world to see how pious they are. It was the evil Mordecai the Jew who would not
    bow down to Haman (2nd only to the King), which caused the greatest Gentile holocaust perhaps recorded in the Bible.
    A preemptive attack upon the Gentiles by the Jews – because of the Jews fear of them. They forget, "Stand still and see
    the salvation of God". They forget that it was Elisha the prophet who gave permission to Naaman the cleansed Syrian
    Leper that he may bow down to a foreign god whenever his King leaned upon him. They knew what pleased God was
    being a Jew on the inside – a matter of the heart, and not external appearances.

    Simon "Peter" Bar-Jonah is a Pita. Pita in modern Hebrew, or Peeta in modern Greek, for unleavened pocketed bread.
    Peter/Pita/Peeta/Kapha/Kepha represents the Holy Spirit incarnate as the spirit of the empty hollow rock tomb.
    Peter went straight into the empty hollow rock towb (Keph) on Resurrection morning, while Mary and John waited
    outside. Bar-Jonah is Hebrew for "Son of an intoxicating dove" i.e. yayin yownah.
    Peter represents the spirit of Passover/Unleavened Bread/First Fruits.

    Mary is the part of the Holy Spirit which shows its love for the Son of God (Jesus), whereas Peter is that part which must prove its love for the Son of God. Peter denied the LORD 3 times before the cock crowed 2 times. 3 is for the 3rd person of the Trinity and 2 is for the 2nd person of the Trinity. How can this be?
    "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" But Peter made a comeback, proving his love for Jesus.

    John Bar-Zebedee is a Piñata. A traditional hollow clay pottery (Kaph/Keph) Spanish piñata, filled with gifts.
    In Hebrew: Pinnah + YAHH + ta = "An upper room of God", his sacred name. PENTECOST.
    John represents the Holy Spirit incarnate as the spirit of PENTECOST.
    "I will strike the Shepherd, and the sheep (gifts or Zebedees) will be scattered". Zebedee means "gift".
    John was loved by Jesus (the Son of God). John was the "beloved" as was King Solmon i.e. Jedidiah.
    John, Jesus said, was to tarry with us until Jesus returned. This functional part of the Holy Spirit is with us today.
    Was John exiled to a real island of Patmos? or could it be that he was exiled, like EZEKIEL, to a personal island?
    EZEKIEL lay on his sides for months and months for the sins of Israel.
    John may have mean caught up in a Holy Spirit induced coma, to a personal island of Potos Potamos – Greek for an "intoxicating river" of Living Water.

    Although Mary showed no righteous indignation, both Peter and John did. Peter killed a husband and his wife for lying about the money they gave to the Apostles for selling a piece of property. Peter took personal offense because he is the Holy Spirit.Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven in this life or in the life to come.

    John and his brother James wanted to call fire down from heaven and consume the people opposing Jesus.
    They could do this. Can you? EliJAH had done this too, consuming groups of 50 people at a time.
    I would have been a little nervous at the feeding of the 4000 and 5000 if I was there.
    It was at this time that Jesus told the 12 Disciples to make the people sit down in groups of 50 and 100.
    Had the people started to murmur about the bread and fish, as the people had about the quail and manna in the desert,
    perhaps James and John would have called fire down to consume them? But Jesus had rebuked James and John at another time for asking Jesus if they could do this. Jesus came to this world to save it, not to judge it.
    I believe John Bar-Zebedee is the same as Elisha. Elisha killed 42 boys with a curse that brought 2 she bears out of the woods to maul them to death for calling Elisha "baldy". Again, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (incarnate) will not be forgiven. I believe these boys were the ones (symbolically) who had chased after Judas in the film PASSION OF THE CHRIST.

    This is the Divine Doctrine of the Holy Piña, Pita, Piñata. DDHPPP.

    What this means then is that Emmanuel/Immanuel, "God with us", is more significant than we have understood.
    Moses, EliJAH, Ben-Deker ("Son of Piercings" 1 Kings 4), John the Baptist, Jesus, Stephen, and perhaps more, are the Son of God incarnate – although only Jesus was the fullness of the Godhead made manifest. Don't forget that Moses and EliJAH and Jesus, in all their glory, appeared together at the Transfiguration.

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