Must Read: The Dajjal’s War on Humankind


Editor’s note:

In various religious references it was mentioned that Dajjal will rule the world for forty (40) days: 1st day would be like years, 2nd day would like months, the 3rd day would be like weeks and from 4th day onwards the days would be like normal human days (See this video for more info:  Dajjal – The False Messiah )

What history tells us? Who is ruling the world? An small island called Britain became the ruler of the world where sun never sets down on its empires and ruled the world for centuries (1st day like years), then suddenly the mighty British empire collapsed and emerged a new age of world rulers who are ruling the world now from USA (2nd day like months) , now we are witnessing downfall of the American Empire and the last age, (Latest: Collapse Of America Could Begin In Two Months) the third day, is about to begin when Dajjal will come out in front and rule the world from Israel ( Throne of Solomon).

Do you think this is all coincidence? No. All of what is happening around us today is linked and planned for centuries and being covertly executed by secret societies. One thing to remember, the secret societies named as Freemasons and Illuminati, existing since the age of Pharaoh and the mastermind of this ‘New World Order’ system or simply the right hand of Dajjal, use cryptic symbolism to express their agenda. Actually they are not people of books (Jews or Christians). they are satan worshipper or pagan. It began with Jewish cabala sect and infiltrated the ordinary Jews and Christians. (See these videos for more info: Illuminati Exposed! & The Arrivals Series )

In Quran it’s written about them. In sura Baqara Ayat 104-105, In sura Jinn and sura Kahf and in many places about these secret societies, who worship satan and invoke demon to destroy morality and bring chaos to the world.

And year 2012 might be the year, when they will unleash their satanic plan. But, we Muslims are not afraid. Or are we? Hadn’t our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us about that some 1500 yrs ago? Don’t we still find the sign in the holy Quran? So, what are we afraid of? Are we afraid that, we have slept too much and still feel dizzy? Or have we become comfortably numb in the ‘Dajjalic’ system? But whatever our case is, if we repent and come back to our merciful lord, He will give us Victory as He promised. So, we have to be stay alert, pray and be righteous and ready for the Greatest war that is coming.

Dont reject all such information just by saying that these are conspiracy theories (this is what they want you to do). Do your own research and find the truth. Read this interesting article exposing Dajjalic system with Christianity insight. We must remember that Christian faith is the closest faith to Islam and we Muslims believe in the coming of Imam Mehdi and the return of Jesus Christ (PBUH) who will defeat the Dajjal with the combined forces of Muslims, Christians and Jews (not Zionists).

ALLAH Knows the best. My knowledge is poor. May ALLAH (SWT) forgive me.

Praise to my lord, the most exalted One, Allahu Akbar!!

By Philip Jones 14th June 2009.

Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.” Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society.

The Illuminati:

In this, the concluding part in the series, we will take a look at the multi faceted war being carried out against mankind by an oligarchical elite who regard themselves as the `proxy` lords of our world. They call themselves by many names, or no name at all, but we know them as the Illuminati.


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For those involved in this field of research, the word “Illuminati”, applies to those individuals and secret societies who worship Lucifer, and continue to further the `great work of ages` and aspire to the attainment of a One World dictatorship. The order’s existence in essence if not in name can be traced back to Ancient Babylon, during the sixth century BC, with the formulation of the heretical Kabbalah. The Illuminati claim to represent the descendants of the Fallen Angels mentioned in The Book Of Genesis Chapter Six:

And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. The Nephilim were on the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”

So, the Old Testament tells us, these `Fallen Angels` interbred with humans, to whom they taught the Ancient Mysteries. This is the reason why throughout the centuries, the Illuminati bloodlines [4] have been carefully intermarrying and interbreeding with each other, in order to preserve their `unholy` lineage, handing down their knowledge of `magic` from generation to generation. For those of you who have questioned why European Royalty, Aristocracy and the American `Bluebloods` always seem to marry their cousins, there is your answer.


More videos: The Arrivals Series

Today, the Illuminati is dominated by the most powerful banking dynasties of the world, the Rothschild’s and Rockerfellers. They hold sway over nations and economies, and as we have seen in the previous parts to this series, have massively, intentionally and adversely perverted and corrupted cultures on a global scale. The Illuminati is a world wide web that functions in a kind of parallel world, operating through fronts of legitimacy on the one hand, and criminal activities on the other.

Their method of operation, or modus operandi has been to degrade and deprave the societies of the world, breaking down their moral fabric, deconstructing all decency and then promoting every vice, perversion, greed and war. In the enslavement of the earth’s nations through massive debt, they ensure subservience and acquiescence, and bring about the gradual transfer of national sovereignty to supranational government. Through their insider knowledge and manipulation of the stock markets, they siphon off the wealth of the mesmerised and bewildered masses, and as we are only just beginning to witness, they are, by the diabolical use of Hegelian Dialectics, creating a global economic cataclysm, with which they intend to prove to us our utter inability to govern ourselves, and then offer their own solutions as salvation. As David Icke has so frequently put it, `Problem, Reaction, Solution,` and it seems to work every time.

They have no concept of morality or restraint. They fund their `underworld` activities by control of the world’s illegal arms trade, narcotics trafficking, and prostitution. Their operations are interconnected with those of the world’s leading intelligence services, and international crime syndicates, like the Mafia and the Asian variants. Adopting any façade to advance their collective goals, they work hand in glove with Freemasonry and numerous other secret societies, and are responsible for the emergence of the New Age Movement and a plethora of other subversive cults, such as Scientology and others.

By utilising an almost unearthly degree of financial and political power, they plan to ferment a Third World War  (Read: THE THIRD WORLD WAR AND ITS AFTERMATH) from which out of the ashes of the expired civilisations of our time, their God Lucifer will rise, like a phoenix from the fire, ushering in their New World Order [8]. The precursors to this global conflagration are happening right now, without most of humanity even being aware of it.


The Palladian Rite:


Albert Pike.

In a letter that he wrote to Italian Freemason Giuseppe Mazzini [2], dated August 15, 1871, Albert Pike [1] the most prominent of American Freemasons at the time and a man still revered as a Masonic `God` outlined plans for three world wars, that he said would be necessary to bring about the One World Order. For a short time, this letter was on display in the British Museum Library in London, and was copied by William Guy Carr, former Intelligence Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy, and author of `Pawns in the Game.` Carr summarizes:

The First World War was to be fought so as to enable the Illuminati to overthrow the powers of the Tzars in Russia and turn that country into the stronghold of Atheistic-Communism. The differences stirred up by the Agentur of the Illuminati between the British and German Empires were to be sued to foment this war. After the war ended, Communism was to be built up and used to destroy other governments and weaken religions.

World War Two was to be fomented by using the differences between Fascists and Political Zionists. This was to be fought so that Nazism would be destroyed and the power of Political Zionism increased so that the sovereign state of Israel could be established in Palestine. During world war two International Communism was to be built up until it equalled in strength that of united Christendom. At this point it was to be contained and kept in check until required for the final social cataclysm.

World War Three is to be fomented by using the differences the agentur of the Illuminati stir up between Political Zionists and the Leaders of the Moslem world. The war is to be directed in such a manner that Islam and Political Zionism (including the State of Israel) will destroy themselves while at the same time the remaining nations, once more divided against each other on this issue, will be forced to fight themselves into a state of complete exhaustion physically, mentally, spiritually and economically.”

In his book, `Terrorism And the Illuminati,` [3] Canadian author David Livingstone further explains Pike’s intentions:

“Pike then told Mazzini that, after World War Three had ended, a global social cataclysm will be provoked that will be greater than the world has ever known:

We shall unleash the Nihilists [meaning terrorists] and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

Recognising the Enemy:

Multi Theatre Operations: We can perceive rightly that the war being conducted against the human population by the Luciferians is a war on many simultaneous `fronts.` They appear to comprise separate, though interconnected assaults at the the military, economic, social and the personal levels. At the military level, we see how Western governments especially though not exclusively, are targeting their own societies. This has become particularly evident following the September 11th `false flag op` on the twin towers, whereby justification has been found to increasingly impinge upon civil liberties and enact ever   more draconian legislation on the pretext of national security. In Europe, the creation of the European Gendamerie[5] and the European Arrest Warrant, are indicative of the shape of things to come. Exaggerated media reports of expected civil unrest across Europe this summer are creating an atmosphere of tension in major cities across the continent, as the manufactured financial crisis bites hard on the most disadvantaged.

The deeper one researches the Illuminati and their conspiratorial agenda, the more confused the picture can appear. Then it becomes apparent that their methods involve a multi layered smokescreen of phoney conflicts, which camouflage, hide and distract public attention away from the real wars being waged against humanity, designed to disintegrate whole swathes of the earth’s population, reducing it’s size, and thereby paving the way for what was always the `End Game`, the bringing in of the World Dictatorship.

In this concluding part, we will look at each major aspect of what can be seen to be the build-up to their desired world war, or `clash of civilisations,` and bear witness to the dialectical trap being set for us.

Farther afield, in wars of aggression in far off lands, weapons are already being used, and more are being developed, which are designed to specifically target women and children. Their intended purpose is the destruction of civil societies including infrastructure, health care, food production and water supplies. The American military, now conducting `multi theatre operations` in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, as was determined as being essential to American `Interests`(PDF) in the 2000 report by the `Project For The New American Century`[6] have stated that weapons which don’t kill instantly but do so slowly and painfully, such as radio-biological weapons and those which burn and mutilate – have the greatest psychological effect and are to be preferred.

Codename: Operation Enduring Turmoil

Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and AF-Pak (Pakistan – Afghanistan)

project-for-the-new-american-century-pnac-and-pakistanClick on image to see full version

Overall Project for the New American Century plan for the World:

overall-pnac-planClick on image to full version

The drama played out for the TV audiences in the West however tells a different story. We are told the lie that modern warfare utilises `precision bombing` and `surgical strikes` rather than the `carpet bombing` seen during the Vietnam conflict. Little or no mention is made of the use of depleted uranium charges. The systematic bombing of villages year after year is explained away as being “regrettable errors unavoidable during warfare.” But they are not errors, nor are they regretted. They are deliberate acts of terror.

Per head of population, the average Western woman now gives birth to well under two children during her lifetime. She has she believes, in turning her back on the religion of her parents and the moral codes which went with it, escaped the `slavery` of marriage and children, but in truth, she has instead prostituted herself to an employer and the `gods` of the marketplace. Having taken this life path, she then finds herself under tremendous pressure to fulfil the expectations placed upon her small shoulders by a society which tells her she must be educated, career minded, manage her personal economy, and in due course deal with the added responsibilities of being a wife and a mother to one or maybe two children.

We shall now identify both the covert and overt aspects of the Illuminist’s war against us, and use the revealed information to connect the dots, in an attempt to see if and how their planned global cataclysm can be averted.

Covert Ops: The Pincer.

Since the sixties, the Illuminists through the use of Cultural Marxist front groups, of which feminism has been in the vanguard, have conducted a full frontal `psy op` on Western Civilisation, its traditional culture, religion and moral fabric. This `pincer` move on what was once known as `Christendom` has comprised three main thrusts, of which the first is the war on male patriarchy.

This `thrust` into the masculine domain was carried out by a `fifth column,` a metaphorical Trojan Horse if you will, via the establishment of second wave feminism (fronted by the likes of CIA sponsored Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem) – a doctrine that dispersed and propagated the idea that men were the oppressors and unscrupulous abusers of women, and depicted women as infallible, divine, innocent and `Goddess Like.` State and media sponsored feminism became externalised throughout society, and was subsequently institutionalised by all Western governments as being the only true and just social model.

In this battle, men found themselves out-gunned and outmanoeuvred time and again, with the new secular religion of Political Correctness the hammer used to nail them to the proverbial cross. As a consequence of this, with the full weight of the state, education and the media, firmly entrenched in the enemy camp, men began to withdraw from the `field,` capitulating, leaving the day to the feminists.

All analogies aside, during the recent Euro election campaign here in Denmark, the disproportionate number of female candidates compared to males, showed clearly that men are increasingly leaving the public arena to women. Because of this, a vital and essential element in the political maelstrom has been lost. Women are by nature generally content when they feel secure, and with the promise of that security via the Welfare State and Social Security `net,` they have been manipulated and controlled into playing a most tangible and important role in the deconstruction of society, the family and the furtherance of the depopulation agenda. With the mass of modern man cowed, intimidated and seemingly in thrall to feminists, the ever less subtle control over women has resulted in an overt control over men, who generally now appear more interested in the football scores, than the open prison being constructed around them.

Women, having been conditioned to `divide` and separate themselves from their natural companions in life, have suffered from the global agenda perhaps more so than have men. The Illuminati war on women is intricately connected to the war on men, but it also has it’s own peculiar dimension. The debilitation of the human male has been paralleled by a similar yet more sinister debilitation of the female. Women having been `educated` and inculcated with the feminist ideal, have been lured into the workplace with promises of equality, independence, personal fulfilment and career advancement, as opposed to what the feminists view as mindless and menial labour, namely husband and children.

The Danish Researcher Kjeld Heising writes in `Phamageddon, The Global War Against Women:`

Here in Denmark, it can sometimes appear as if female puberty has been prolonged into the late twenties, even early thirties, as ever more women remain in higher education, either postponing becoming wives and mothers, or putting it off altogether. What all of this has achieved is the alienation of the genders, along with a growing disinclination on the part of Western adults to procreate. This is a fatal condition which if allowed to continue for too much longer is likely to become irreversible.”

Some would argue it already is!

Kjeld Heising continues:

But the war on women has, it’s own dimension: It’s objective is to eliminate women’s ability to have children – their fertility. That happens mainly by chemical means, by imperceivable effects of additives in food and stimulants and from medical drugs and endless vaccinations. Together with the general war, it has decreased the birth rate substantially in the whole western world. The female sex of the west has been eroded from the strong and proud inner core of societies to an unhealthy blithering dumbed down crap consuming entity. Women are still dreaming of life and beauty – never realizing that such phenomenons neither come from the sun nor the chemical industry.”

Children are, through the now highly coercive state education (institutionalisation) systems, and the mass media, (Hollywood and Pop/Rock in particular) being targeted to ensure that they are imbued with what the Illuminists, Masons, Marxists, Humanists and New Agers all seem to agree is the `correct `attitude. Namely an anti-Christian pro anything else state of mind, which is locked tight where tradition, monotheism (whether it be the faith of the Torah, Koran or Bible) and it’s accompanying set of morals are concerned, but open wide to all things New Age, Humanist, Secular and Internationalist.

As in the co-opting of women, the `war` on children is in general socio-political and economic in dimension and is designed to create isolated, lonely, weak, mentally dysfunctional people. As the traditional family breaks down and traditional culture collapses, children are left without positive generational role models to tell them who they are and where they come from, and consequently, the roots are terminally severed. In effect, the tree is killed, and the generation gap I heard so much about as a youth widened to canyon proportions.

Our progeny, morally and philosophically vulnerable, disconnected, alienated, and derisive of their elders, become easy `pickings` for the conglomerates and multinationals, pandering their additives in food and stimulants, of which some (aspartame, benzene derivatives) are evidentially poisonous while others have a more diffused debilitating effect. An extended list of so-called iatrogenic diseases (diseases caused by medical drugs) have been the result. The most obvious example here are that class of drugs which are supposedly intended to increase a child’s ability to concentrate, but which instead dumb them down and make them emotionally unstable.

A veritable cocktail of medical regimens with sinister aims, and devastating effects are now being put into circulation in Europe, having been initially developed and marketed in the US, exported to the UK and then shipped across the channel to the mainland. A plethora of these psychoactive/psychotropic [7] drug schemes are now in systematic use in the US, UK, Europe and and are increasingly being prescribed globally to children and those adults who display characteristics deemed incompatible with the `New Social Model.` More than just shades of Huxley’s Soma and Brave New World.

Their purpose and objective is to prevent cognitive independent thought and to make people, and children especially, incapable of recognising or rebelling against the invisible prison fence being erected daily around their lives..

Overt Operations: Closing The Pincer.

In the previous paragraphs, we have seen how the covert side of Illiminati agenda has targeted religion, tradition and the nuclear family, both collectively and individually. The remainder of this article will explain how the overt war has no prejudices, nor does it discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age or religion. It hates us all!

As they close the pincer move on the global population, we can again discern three main theatres of operation in their overt assaults on humankind. These are the socio-political, the weapon-based and the economic.

The Socio-Political Theatre:

The aim of this theatre of operation is to weaken and destabilise societies. Its most effective instrument is as we have discussed in the previous parts in this series, mass immigration from the Third World. Until recently, few have been able to recognise that large scale immigration from the developing world was part of an orchestrated conspiracy to dilute the indigenous population of the west, cause chaos and hopelessness in that populace and aid in the deconstruction of traditional Western Christian Culture, thereby removing what the Illuminists saw as the greatest obstacle to the World State. The two sub theatres in this phase of the war against populations are the United States and Europe. Let us deal with each in turn:

The United States:

In his book, `The Clash Of Civilisations,` the author Samuel P. Huntington writes:

Immigration is the central issue of our time. If over one million Mexican soldiers crossed the border, Americans would treat it as a major threat to their national security and react accordingly. The invasion of over one million Mexican civilians as President Fox seems to recommend, would be a comparable threat to American societal security and Americans should react against it with vigour. Mexican immigration is a unique, disturbing and looming challenge to our cultural integrity, our national identity and potentially to our future as a country.”

The last seven words of the above passage are exact and precise in the author’s identifying of the threat, and pinpoints what the human tidal wave pouring across the border into the US is really all about. When we look at the recent developments towards the formation of a North American Union, along similar lines to those of the EU, and combine the culturally disintegrating effect of Mexican migration into the South Western States, now happening on an unprecedented scale, it becomes clear that this is a planned and orchestrated attack on the people and traditional culture of America. This is happening with the full knowledge and complicity of American Political leaders, sworn to defend the constitution, yet secretly in thrall to, and working for the Internationalist Illuminati elite.

The huge numbers entering the US is larger than anything experienced in so short a space of time. In the 1990’s alone, the numbers of people of Mexican ancestry grew by 50% to twenty one million, not including those there illegally. Mexicans have a different culture and are arriving in numbers impossible to assimilate. Organisations like MEChta have with covert backing from the usual suspects taken the offensive, and are openly demanding that huge swathes of the southern part of the USA be `returned` to the Mexican people.


Let us revisit the UN statistics on the depopulation of Europe. In 2000, there were 494 million Europeans aged fifteen to sixty five. All demographic forecasts predict that by 2050, that will fall to 365 million. But the 107 million Europeans over sixty five will soar to 172 million, within fifty years, the ratio of European young and middle aged to seniors will fall from 5-1 to 2-1.

With Europe’s welfare systems already collapsing under the weight of it’s social programs, whose taxes will pay for the health, welfare and and pensions of the elderly? This is the economic equivalent of what Pat Buchanan has called a `nuclear winter.` If Europeans wish to maintain their social security `net,` either trillions of Euro’s must be found from somewhere, European women must begin having 2-3 times as many babies, or Europe must import a new workforce.

When people begin to suspect that the official line regarding immigration in Europe is unsatisfactory at best and even spurious in it’s agenda, the question which they often ask is why European leaders, having opened up their borders to large scale immigration from Muslim lands, have since, through blatantly anti Islamic propaganda and policy making at home, and participation in wars against Muslim lands overseas, along with the numerous `false flag` terrorist actions blamed on Islamists, contrived to create an atmosphere of fear and hatred against them.

The answer is simple enough, but perhaps harder to stomach. Just as is the case with the Mexicans entering the US in such overwhelming numbers, it is my belief that the sole purpose of importing millions of Muslim people into Europe, was to destabilize the continent, dilute the genetic base of the indigenous people, and cause widespread chaos. I do not believe for one minute that the architects of the European Super State did not foresee the tensions which were bound to be caused, when introducing a deeply alien culture into countries such as Denmark or Sweden for example, which had always been highly homogeneous and somewhat isolated from the European mainstream. It has been done for a reason, and I fear we are beginning to see the true face of that reason.

The State in whatever form has always justified it’s existence and the domineering of it’s citizens by the ever present threat of an external foe. With the `Cold War` filed away in the history books, and no would be aggressors anywhere to be seen, it was necessary to invent a different kind of threat. Enter the `War on terror`. A war without end as it were. Is it purely coincidental that the very multitude brought through the gates of the Western Citadels, is now identified as this new threat.

What we are seeing throughout Europe is the Hegelian Dialectic in action, via an orchestrated plan to instill fear into the citizens of the old continent. This will in turn give justification for the implementation of ever more restrictions on personal freedoms, and the introduction of ever more Draconian legislation in order to `protect` the people.

Why change a winning formula ? The Dialectic works. We have seen this time and again with Pearl Harbor, 9/11, 7/7 et al. And through the manipulation of the public consciousness, the media whores advance the cause of the EU Superstate, NAU and thereafter the New World Order, and the population, now immune to common sense, free thought and the truth, will be led by the nose into the Totalitarian future planned for them.

The Muslim boys running around the streets of Europe are mere pawns in a deadly game. Some of them, creatures of the Intelligence services will know this, and profit greedily from it. Most will not, and have no idea that their own frustration and visible violence, will be used to eventually crush them. As I have written previously in other articles, Muslims are ironically being set up as the `New Jews` of Europe. An archetypal scapegoat and it seems that history is about to repeat itself once again. As Kjeld Heising writes:

The clash of civilizations: Well suited to weaken and destabilize societies and to introduce police state measures. We cannot rule out that such riots are instigated by moles from intelligence services.”

There is of course a contradiction between the Illuminati’s policy of introducing mass immigration into the West while at the same time vigorously pursuing its depopulation agenda . This is if nothing else a clear indicator that population control has nothing to do with securing better conditions for future citizens. The nexus of depopulation and immigration combined with the manufactured climate of fear and hate, only makes sense when they are both understood as being the means by which the West is destabilised.


The Military Theater:

The arms industry in the West is now fully committed under commission by governments preparing for insurrection, to the manufacture of weapons designed and intended for the control of the civil populace, either by the killing or incapacitating of citizens. The latest generation of Taser weapons can do both. Also being developed are unmanned drones, equipped with heavier on-board armaments, able to do the job from above, killing, maiming or pacifying large crowds engaged in anti state (Bilderberg, G8 etc.) demonstrations. Microwave weapons are able to bring large crowds under rapid control by creating symptoms ranging from discomfort to internal heating to death. Similarly `Sonar Pulse` weapons can emit sound waves so powerful that it becomes beyond the capacity of those targeted to bear.

The defined aim of those issuing these weapons to security forces, whether military or civil, is the absolute ability to exercise easily, total control over populations. The more powerful of these weapons are already being tested on the civil populations in Afghanistan and Iraq and Tasers are now commonplace amongst Police Forces in America and are have been on trial in the UK for some time now [9].

The Economic Theatre:

As the current manipulated, orchestrated and designed global financial crisis worsens, people around the world will notice that their `money` will not cover even the barest necessities. This is part of the `softening up` process which will slowly prepare people for the `hammer blow` planned. This is the purpose of the much vaunted monetary crisis. As life becomes impossible and unbearable, people will be willing to accept the planned change just to get some financial relief. In fact they will demand it.

The `Global Lords Of Money` will then propose a changeover to a universal electronic money system by fraudulently claiming that it will stop money laundering and other criminal activities. And that when the new money goes `online` and all other currency is declared worthless, then the relevant tax authorities will be able to scrutinise who has been hiding money and using it for criminal purposes. The criminals will be unmasked they will claim.

But as ever, the reality will be quite different. The international criminals, have most of their money deposited in the `Megabanks` owned by the Illuminati, creators of the crisis in the first place. Only a tiny percentage of their ill gotten gain is held in Dollars or Euros and the like. As is invariably the case, the so called `Terrorists`, Mafioso and Drug Cartels will be able to retain the proceeds of their criminal activities because in the main, they are either working for, with or colluding with the bankers. Those fellow travellers in thrall to the Illuminati will of course receive advance warning of any crash and will be protected because of this privileged knowledge. As usual, it will be the honest hard working men and women who will suffer when the `robbery` takes place.

People will be required to hand in all of their paper money and Credit/Debit cards and will either be issued at their own cost (setting them from the beginning in debt) with either an Electronic `Smart Card` in the form of a Biometric ID. Or, a `Personal RFID Microchip`, on which will be stored every piece of personal information imaginable, along with remote accessibility and who knows, controllability also.

William Raspberry, Former Editorialist for the Washington Post wrote this about the intent to introduce `E-Money`;

The benefits of replacing cash will be incalculable. No cash to smuggle. The sale of illegal drugs would cease since no one would want a record of it’s transaction. The spread of AIDs would be curtailed as drug abuse ends. The cost of government would go down, as would the cost of private business. Tax evasion, payment in cash to avoid sales tax, or failure to report cash income would end. The national debt could be reduced: stolen items could not be sold without a trace. Personal Security would be assured. Little old ladies could walk in the park again”.

Raspberry also mentioned, more ominously that when one understands the agenda, that every single transaction would create a record which could then be used for criminal investigations, as cheques, bank accounts and credit card records are used presently. Yes, and much much more. With a whole database backing up this new `E-money/personal identity system, life will be come increasingly like the words of the song by the Rock Group `The Police`;

Every breath you take, every move you make, every claim you stake, I’ll be watching you”.

The Phoney Theatre:

To truly understand what is happening in our world, it is a prerequisite to have a basic working knowledge of the Hegelian Dialectic[10]. Armed with this, then that which bewilders begins to open up like a peeled orange. Our enemy are experts in the use of this tried and tested tool of human control, and it’s time we were too. Basically it goes like this:

1. You identify a group e.g. Nazi Germany as thesis.

2. You select an opposing grouping e.g. Soviet Russia as anti-thesis.

3. By having your agents working in both camps, and by financing both sides, you manipulate the outcome to create the desired compromise you needed to achieve your intended synthesis, the United Nations Organisation and a step closer to the One World Dictatorship.

A more simple form of this is David Icke’s `Problem, Reaction Solution` concept where a problem is created, which causes a reaction, allowing the desired solution to be implemented., with the consent and support of the bemused populace.

Going back to antiquity, Dictatorships have either manipulated events in order to justify advancing their agenda, or like all good opportunists, recognised the possible advantages in a given situation and made use of them. The Roman Emperor Nero used the burning of Rome to justify his persecution of Christians.

Similarly, Hitler seized on the burning of the Reichstag to finally crush Communist opposition in Germany. The day after the fire, Hitler asked for and received from President Hindenburg the Reichstag Fire Decree, signed into law by Hindenburg using Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution. The Decree suspended most civil liberties in Germany and was used by the Nazis to ban publications not considered “friendly” to the Nazi cause. Despite the fact that Marinus van der Lubbe claimed to have acted alone in the Reichstag Fire, Hitler, after having obtained his emergency powers, announced that it was the start of a Communist plot to take over Germany. This sent the Germans into a panic and isolated the Communists further among the civilians; additionally, thousands of Communists were imprisoned in the days following the fire (including leaders of the Communist Party of Germany) on the charge that the Party was preparing to stage a putsch. With Communist electoral participation also suppressed (the Communists had previously polled 17% of the vote), the Nazis were able to increase their share of the vote in the March 5, 1933 Reichstag elections from 33% to 44%. This gave the Nazis and their allies, the German National People’s Party (who won 8% of the vote) a majority of 52% in the Reichstag.

The False Flag:

What are known as `False Flag Ops` could more easily be termed in football analogy, intentional `home goals, whether by complicity as in 9/11 or 7/7, or criminal negligence as in “that day that will live in infamy” December 7th 1941, when with full knowledge of the approaching Japanese Armada and the plans to attack the US fleet at Pearl Harbour, FDR did nothing, and thousands of US personnel were killed.

Hegel was convinced that the Dialectic was the law of the Universe. That all change requires conflict. Governments are using the dialectic as a means of instilling terror in populations, causing them to beg to give up their liberties in exchange for security. Problem, Reaction, Solution.

Scorched Earth:

What I have tried to do in this series is show that there is a conspiracy to depopulate the planet significantly and in doing so introduce a One World Dictatorship. All of the multi faceted layers, and methods being used to accomplish this have one and the same purpose: To reduce the number of people on the planet, to maintain tight control of them during the process, and to consolidate all power in a grip of steel.

Although up until now, the main theatre of operation has been in the West (see Albert Pike above), with victory in that theatre seemingly assured, the Luciferians have shifted focus onto the Third World. There, by the ungodly creation of severe food shortages, famines etc. via economic extortion on the part of the UN and it’s numerous splinter groups, combined with the increased use of chemical weapons, poisons, vaccines and defertilization, the rightful inhabitants of the richest continent on earth are being brought to their knees and decimated.

Knowing that as surely as night follows day, disease follows food shortage, the strategy has been to establish clinics with the overt purpose of curing disease (which occasionally and considering the methods used miraculously does happen,) covertly, these are little more than centres for genocide. With a remit to vaccinate as many women as possible, the visual only recognition criteria for supposed Aids sufferers, and the subsequent prescribing of cell destructive drugs such as AZT, there has been nothing more diabolical in all of human history.

The network of such centres is expanding. Recently, it was announced that Merck (the company whose FDA approved painkiller Vioxx killed 60,000 people in the US) plans new centres in Uganda and Zambia. As Kurt Nimmo says in an article:

“When the big pharma ‘philanthropists’ come calling with their ‘skilled health professionals,’ people should grab their kids and head for the hills.”


So how did we get ourselves into this mess? Before we consider the answer to this question, let us be clear on one point; Satan/Lucifer, call him what you will, is real and his disciples, the Illuminati are in total submission to his will. The evil we see being perpetrated in our world is, I am convinced beyond the capacity of humankind. Lucifer’s greatest talent is his ability to deceive, and he has been able trick us into believing he doesn’t exist. The ability of the hidden hand to manipulate policy depends upon concealment. It has been assisted by the widespread apathy towards public affairs, generated largely by the relative tranquillity of life in the West over the last sixty years.

By the careful planning and manipulation of the Capitalist system, and with total control of most, if not all of the earth’s real wealth in their grasp, the Illuminati’s plan to bring in their New World Order, and reduce what’s left of the global population to serfdom is well on track. The financial barons provide the money and organization for all the utopian dreamers who believe in a command and control society.

However, there is still a chance, albeit a slim one, that with a return to faith on the part of Christians, and the acknowledgement that the Devil himself is at work in all of this, then with the rapid dissemination of information through the internet, the machinations of the Elite Cabal we call the Illuminati, and the cumulative toxicity of its various activities can be exposed to the greater mass of the earth’s population, and steps taken to resist and finally defeat their plan.

  1. Albert Pike.

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  1. Abbu Anjum says:


  2. Zorana says:


    I absolutley agree with many points of this article but i fail to believe that Christians and Jews are not people of the book when it is clearly stated in the Holy Koran that the people of the Injeel, the Torah and the Koran are the people of the book. Arent we also thought as Muslims to believe that every soul born into this world is a that of a Muslim.Please can you clarify this for me???


  3. qaisar khattak says:

    Guys dont listen to comments from MUNIR….He is a bloody Qadiani..a Non Muslim and declared Kafir….They believe in a person called mirza ghlam ahmed qadiani who died while doing ‘SO SO ‘ in a toilet….

    How ignorant they are…British govrt fund them and help them to convert people…I dont even feel pity for these people…cinfirmed Jahanamis

  4. curiouskath says:

    Okay, I have to ask this question –

    If the Dajjal is the False Messiah in Muslim beliefs, and Jesus Christ is the True Messiah and the son of Mary, then why don’t Muslims believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God when all through the Old Testament of the Bible the Messiah is referred to as the ‘Son of God’?

    From the viewpoint of philosophical LOGIC, TRUTH and REASONING and according to the Quran, the TRUE MESSIAH is Jesus Christ, son of Mary. And the ‘Messiah’ is the ‘Son of God’ according to Christian pre-BC writings and prophecies!

    So, in truth, the Quran states that the True Messiah is the Son of God!

    BY Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel
    ” Woe unto every slandering traducer who gathereth wealth of this world and arrangeth it. He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, but verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama. Ah, what will convey unto thee, what Al-Hotama is. (It is) the fire of Allah kindled, which leapeth up over the hearts. Lo! It is closed in on them in outstretched columns”.
    (Quran -104-Al-Homaza)
    Now this is the full text of the warning (Prophecy) about the atom bomb. Please, read it carefully, and see what you understand by it. Yet, it is much regrettable fact, that the translation, of whatever quality and in howsoever great and grand a language, would never portray the exact picture of the original as a rule. Again due to the necessity of remaining as close to the original in the translation, as the peculiar nature of a scripture demands, the translation would be likened to the meat of a slaughtered body of a living oracle worth millions, when alive. It will be seen however, first, that the characteristics of those doomed to atomic hell, are enumerated, and then the Atomic Phenomenon has been characterized with all its subtle and distinctive features, and lastly the atomic phenomenon in actual explosion has been portrayed.
    The Warning about the Atomic Hell
    Let it be known, that it is a warning and not a decree pre-ordained. But a warning and therefore avertable and avoidable by removing the real causes of the tragedy, the causes enumerated explicitly in the text of the warning, the causes responsible for the resultant emergence of the atomic bomb, and indeed nuclear energy. Let this be known also, that this warning is primarily alluded to the next world that is the eternal atomic hell in the next eternal world. But just as the fire and the garden are representations of the hell and heaven respectively on earth, this atom bomb is the representation of the atomic hell of the next world on earth. The text of the warning is, as it can be seen, miraculously brief and succinct, yet is most clear and most comprehensive. The tones are oracular. How clearly and completely have all the inconsistencies responsible for the appearance of atom bomb; and also the particular characteristics and the distinctive features of the Nuclear Phenomenon, been described, and how precisely have the atomic explosion been portrayed. All in thirty four words only. We repeat the text thereof. Let the reader see, the characteristics of those atomic-hell bound:-
    (a) ” Woe unto every slandering traducer, who gathereth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it. He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, but verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama. Ah, what will convey unto thee what Al-Hotama is?”
    (b) The characteristics and the distinctive features of Al-Hotama:-
    “(It is) the fire of Allah, kindled, which leapeth up over the hearts”
    (c) The portrayal of the atomic explosion:-
    “It (fire) is closed in on them, in outstretched columns”
    Hotama means a hell of fire generated by nuclear, that is, atomic energy with all its attributes, namely, the heat radiation, blast, and radio-active fallout united.
    The word Hotama, etymologically speaking is derived from its root verb “Hatama”, which means “to Break Something into Pieces”. Borrowing the language of the scientists, we could say; “the process of atomizing”. Further inquires into the grammatical conjugations reveal that the inflective form Hattama, that is Hatama with T doubled, assumes, a sense of greater impact, and thus it means, “to smash, or dash to pieces, to shatter”. The next inflection, namely, “Tahattama” , “TA” having been prefixed to Hattama, means “to break up, go to pieces, or to be wrecked”; and so also would mean the inflection “Inhatama” that is “in” prefixed to the basic word “Hatama”. Further “Hutaam” and “Hitma”, being the nouns and mean, “Smitherines, pieces, particles” etc. Very interesting use of the word “Hutaam” is seen in the phrase “Hutaam-ud-Dunia”, that is the “vanities of the world”. These are called as “Hutaam” metaphorically, since they are perishable and must one day be disintegrated. Again the wreckage of a ship is called by the Arab “Hutaam-us-Safina”.
    The Resemblance between Quran’s “Hatama” and the “Atom” or the “Atomos” of the Scientsist:-
    The word “Hatama” is purely of Arabic origin. The word “Atom” as is used by the scientist, has been adopted from the Greek word “Atomos”. The word “Atomos” means uncuttable, indivisible and indestructible. We will now make our utmost endeavor to show the phonetic resemblance, as well as the resemblance and disparity as regards meanings and purport, between the two words that is “Hatama” of the Quran and “Atom” or “Atomos” of the scientist. This phonic resemblance, amounting to astonishing identity is no secret that has to be divulged. Yet judging from the nature of the topic and impending necessity, we are obliged to show it. The slight phonic difference which is noticeable between “Hatama” and the “Atom” or “Atomos”, could well be attributed to the phonic peculiarities of the two different people with slightly variant vocal organs and their accentual variations, and also to the difficulties of transliteration. It may come as a surprise to the reader, if he is told, that the Arabic Alphabet contains no letter, which we could exactly call as T, as it is pronounced for example in the words, tap, test, tip, top, or tucker etc. by the people of England proper, or certain other parts of the world. Arabic language has two other alternative letters, that is a soft T and TUA. The T of this TUA is not the hard one, it is soft one, but this TUA is pronounced not as ordinary soft T, but literally as TUA. Keeping this testy discussion in mind, we proceed to note, that although the Arabic Alphabet contains the exact letter H as it is pronounced in English “Hat” etc. Yet it has another character which although may sound something like H to a foreigner, yet it is pity that it cannot be exactly, transliterated into not only English, but as far as my knowledge goes, into any language spoken in the world and needs practice to be correctly pronounced by a foreigner and is something in between the letter H and KH. This peculiar letter is used in Hatama and not simple H. However without falling into such minute complexities, we should conclude that the word which we have transliterated as Hatama with H is strictly not at all the exact representation of the word, it is meant to stand for that is the Arabic Hatama, and the actual pronunciation of the word Hatama, we have spoken about, by virtue of TUA having been preceded by that untranslatable character, and which we are always obliged, to write as H in a foreign language is actually far near to the ATUAMA in pronunciation, and not HATAMA. If the reader happens to be so lucky as to have an Arab in his neighborhood, let him ask this Arab friend to pronounce the word HATAMA as is the actual Arabic word which this Hatama stands for, and you will hear him say something like ATUMA with a strange accent on the first A, sounding something between H and Kh. By all this minute description all that we mean to show, is the miracular nature of this coincidence that of the phonic resemblance of these two words, that is, the Arabic HATAMA and Greek ATOMOS, if coincidence we may justly call it for it is a miracle manifest, that of the Omniscient Allah. It is this resemblance of these two basic words which actually is the key to the door and the clue to the inner secret of the prophecy. I say this on personal experience, since, but for this phonic resemblance I would perhaps have never been let in, into the real mystery thereof.
    The Quran exact but the Scientist is wrong
    By saying that scientist is wrong in a certain aspect, I do in no way mean to injure the feelings of anyone for whom I feel a heart-felt regard, but I feel myself obliged also to point out a little error which the scientist is himself well aware of and which has had a remarkable mystery concealed beneath it.
    By the Greek word “Atomos” is necessarily meant “something uncuttable, indivisible and indestructible”. The same is the meaning of the word “Atomos” in Greek language, and the same was meant by early Greek atomists when they used the word, “Atomos”. This word, rather the term “Atomos” was adopted by the modern scientist as “atom”, with the same significance, but in time the atom was split up in sub-atomic parts, such as Neutrons, protons, Electrons and positrons etc. So the “atom” remained no more as “atom”. It has changed its character. It was no more uncuttable. But the point which interests us most is that, was the scientist unmindful of this fact of this basic change of the character of Atom? Did he not realiz the necessity of changing the term with the change of the quality, was the earth allowed to retain its previous designation that is “flat”, after it was known that it was not flat, but round. Or was it again allowed to retain its previous quality as stationary when it was discovered that it was not stationary, but rather it revolved around its axis and it rotated around the sun. The answer is No. The word “Flat” was changed to “round” , and, “stationary” to “rotating”. Why not then, the question arises, this word “atom” was changed for some other correct word, while Greek, Latin and all the dictionaries of Europe lay opened before the scientist and we could not suspect DEARTH of talent amongst the scientist community. Whey then the word atom was not changed and this misnomer allowed to continue. Was the scientist unmindful of this serious flaw or did he neglect the discrepancy. No. We find Sir James jeans regretting this error, on page 45 of his admirable book, ” The Mysterious Universe” as saying ” Just as the 19th century was drawing to a close, Sir J.J. Thompson and his followers began to breakup the atom which now proved to be no more uncuttable, and so no more entitled to the name of “atom” than the molecule to which the name had pervasively been attached”. Now this was the case at a time as Sir Jeans tells us, when the 19th century was drawing to a close. But we have seen the”atom” shattered into pieces completely by the scientist during the first half of the twentieth century. And yet the atom retained its previous name as if it were its inviolable birth-right. All this seems strange, but the fact which excites far greater wonder than all this is, that the scientists had actually called up a conference with a view to discussing this very question that of the error in the name of the atom. But did they discuss the matter? The answer is yes, they did discuss it. But did they change the name of atom? The answer is No. The question is why? After the discussion of the matter however it was –we do not know why or how, decided, to let the “atom” remain as it was. It may seem something extra-ordinarily strange to anyone acquainted with the hard-headed nature of science and consequently the scientist. The scientist, the adherent of the principles of science, as a rule could not be expected to call atom as atom which was not atom but was actually tom, that is exactly the opposite of what the scientist condescended to call it. Why all this happened. Why the scientist did subject himself to the charge of a gross violation of the rules of science, and how did he happen to slight and ignore the basic spirit thereof. It is a very interesting situation and there lay behind it a fact far more formidable than at first is to be suspected. And you might ask, what is that fact so astoundingly tremendous to justify so loud a clamour as this. The answer is that, the power which had been so pleased as to place the prophecy in the Quran about the Atom bomb, the very same power had superimposed itself on the minds of the scientists in their conference, that they so decided as to let the “atom” remain as it is. This they did, at the eleventh hour and they dropped the question when they had reached the last rung of their proceedings. We are tempted to ask this question from anyone who would be sceptic about this our assumption; why if this was not the reason, then the scientists dropped the question to violate the very spirit of science, and of course, in vivid contradiction to common sense, nay even in violation of the general principle of a world in which no one would ever call “ugly” the “beautiful” or “dark” the “white” except in satirical sense. But again the question arises, as to, why the providence was so over-particular, and so very much interested in the name of atom, that it remains as it is? The answer to this question is this, that this apparent phonic resemblance as existed between the two words, namely, the Hatama of the Quran and the Atom of the scientist; it was desired to remain, for it was due to this phonic resemblance that the prophecy about the atom bomb, contained in the Quran, could be discovered. But for this resemblance, the eye of the mind could perhaps not be directed to the inner mystery. This, as I have already said, and I say this on my personal experience, for, it was this apparent, phonic resemblance between these two words that enticed me into the actual bosom of the secret, and I indeed by the grace of Almighty Allah discovered it and then corroborated the facts by the actual characteristics of the phenomenon in practice. It remains only to say now in this respect, that the terminology of the Quran, is, found to be exact and correct, for, the word Hatama, as is used by the Quran implies, cut ability and not otherwise while the scientist has been mystified by the providence that he may persist in error.
    Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel
    Gabriel House Idara Ufqar e Gabriel Quaid e Azam Street Nawababad Wah Cantt Taxila District Rawalpindi Pakistan.

  6. Franklee says:

    Very good resarch done. Gazakallah

  7. johna says:

    Very nice site!

  8. Munir says:

    Whatever is presented on this site and all the links, seem part of the program of the so called Illuminati. I do not brand these stories as “conspiracy theories” but there is much truth in this. However, I am more interested to learn about the SOLUTION of this onslaught.

    All religions talk about the coming of their prophet. The return of Budha, the return of Eliah, the return of Jesus and for the Muslims, the coming of Imam Mehdi. And these religions have a similar belief that once the Reformer comes, he will fight the satanic powers. Call those whatever you want – Illuminati, Masons etc.

    Mention is also made on these sites about the Pyramid, and the Lucifer Eye, especially on the one dollar bill. The Book of Genesis is also quoted about the Nephilim or the fallen angels.

    I will revert to the information which Torah, Bible and the Quran have. As such Jews, Christians and Muslims share that information from the God they believe in. And that is about Satan. The built in power within the human system which when unleashed will be the so called Lucifer. To counter this built in power within the human is the other power of goodness. This power of goodness is rveived and thehuman being is made conscious of that through prophets.

    As such there is no need to be demoralised, but to look around for that Reformer who invites all religions on one platform of “goodness” to over come the power of Lucifer.

    That Reformer was born in India in 1835, the year the Dajjal forces circumvented Daras Salam by colonising Indonesia.

    He had declared himself as the Massaiah in 1889. And now his followers have built the Pyramid to counter the Lucifer’s Pyramid.

    I welcome all those who are scared of the coming days and switch on your TVs and listen to a very simple Tv channel, free of all the verbosity of religious preachers. The name is MTA, 24/7 transmission in 8 different languages


    Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel
    If you have viewed a detailed study of the Islamic License of material utility, and Islamic view of this world against the other world, and of the rivalry existing between man’s love for God and for this world, and the correlation between the love of this world and infidelity, and the Islamic view of the moral of the disbelieves, and might by own have made a clear picture of the whole, to realize that Quran is an severe and as austere in its policy about this world and its wealth as is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or any other religion that teaches renunciation of this world, and monasticism and hermitage, which Islam does to. Islam, though it has prescribed individual monstracism, and the renunciation of the world, yet it s close study revels that it has aimed at a universal monasticism, that is to change this entire death into a monetary, just as it has declared all this earth to be the mosque of Allah, with the difference only that it has a sort of a social monasticism in view, a monasticism in which people live in Society, do, but never entangling their hearts with this world, never considering it as their permanent abode, and looking always at the next world with such anxiety and longing as is to be found cherished in the mind of a person living in a strange land and yearning always fort his homeland. All this may appear strange, but in fact all the pious Muslims in any are a have passed their lives o n this earth like this. The heart of Hazrat Omar (Razi Allah ho Ta’ala Unho) the second caliph of Islam during his tenure of caliphate may be seen hardly less detached from this world and its pomp than digenesis the tub-dweller of ancient Greek. The necessities of life, however, are allowed by Islam, without any perceptible severity as has been the custom in certain other religious, though the indolence is not without conditions and is restricted. The difficulty today is that the mankind of these present times has completely lost any sense of guilt or remorse associated with the love of this world.
    The person of the Holy Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him, being the first and foremost model for his followers, for his mission embraced the entire human race, the question naturally arises, what was his attitude toward the Islamic licence, how much did he himself avail of it. Obviously his life appears before the world like a clear book, and he lived life of self-imposed poverty and self-abnegation throughout the tenure of his prophetic office. His motto was, “Poverty is my pride”. His opinion of this world and its seekers was publicly given as, that this world was dead carrion, and its seekers the dogs. He himself preferred to wear coarse apparel. He never once ate a full meal. He and his house-hold frequently suffered starvation. And all these sufferings continued even after he was raised to the status of a head of a state. He distributed thousands house ands among the people, but generally he himself went him empty-handed. And what a home. His family lived in cells whose roofs were touched by the head of a man. He sat on the floor, and he possessed one blanket, which during summer he would speed beneath him, while during winter he would wrap it about his person. Yet he was a paragon of nobility and generosity. No needy person ever went empty-handed formed him, if there existed anything to give in his home. Nay, even he borrowed from the Jews to give to those in need.
    This was the prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, but he had inspired his disciples with the same views. All the of them (Peace Be Upon Them) knew the virtue of poverty and its place in religion. Most of them strove to follow the model. Some have left memorials that whole human history has failed to produce the like of them. Hazrat Abu Bekr Siddique (Razi Allah ho taala unho) was the first caliph. He lived a life of poverty such as could not be the envy of the poorest among the people. Hazrat Omer -e-Farooq Razi Allah ho taala unho , the second caliph. The conquer of Iran and Rome. Hazrat Omer-e- Farooq, Razi Allah ho taalla unho, the terror of emperors went about wearing a short with fourteen patches, dined on the tops of the mosque, inviting the passers by to his diner who generally declined the offer, w slept under a palm tree at noon with his whip under his head as the pillow, the drops of sweat tickling down his forehead and being absorbed by the sand below. And all this be suffered intentionally.
    Hazrat Othman Ghani , ( Razi Allah ho Taala unho) the third caliph, who o was famed forth is wealth and for his generosity, would put out the lamp of his public office, and light up his own, if the conversation was of private nature. Hazrat Ali Karamullah Wajhu, (Razi Allah ho taala unho), the fourth caliph was a model of poverty. Self imposed poverty, and was generous beyond imagination. Hazrat Omer Ibn Abdul Aziz, also deserves mention. It is enough to mention about him, that on his demise, the Roman Emperor wept and wailed a loud, saying, “Today a saint has departed from the world. If here was a saint, it was Omer. The world was beneath his feet and he shunned it”.
    These were the disciples of the Holy Prophet, (Peace Be Upon Him), or were the disciples of his disciples. Let us see the state of the Islamic saints thereafter to this present day. Poverty has always been their motto and the basis of their cult. This was the decisive, distinctive, distinguishing feature of their order. This was the criterion of judgment or their merit. The slightest sign n of the world’s love or worldly temptation was a signal for their fall in the estimates of the people. And it is still like that. But in the cases of this Baconian progress the world has became blind of sight. Even today the first requisite for the saintly life is the poverty and disinterestedness .The peculiar situation of this world today form the viewpoint of this Baconian system of progress, however, warrants a peculiar attitude on the part of this mankind in universal manner. The entire mankind has individually and collectively to adopt the saintly attitude of poverty, if escape form the all-devouring flames of the atomic hell, the logical consequence of this Baconian progress is desired.
    This dispute is nothing new. Poverty, humility and charity have been the features of God’s religion always. See any religion, and you will find no exception anywhere. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and indeed every teacher of religion has taught this. Controversy, however, appears to be of little avail in the case of this modern Baconian system of progress. The philosophy of this age is s based on rationalism, and it is easiest thing in the world to say, this modern progress stops no one form either adopting the religious attitude or from understating religious practices. Though ages of controversy could hardly succeed in furnishing that this mankind with a decisive answer, thanks to the agency of time that the real decision has appeared without the least ambiguity the form of atomic hell, the logical and scientific result of Baconian progress. The wonderful thing in this respect is that the Quran has contained for all these past fourteen centuries, the subject of Baconain philosophy of modern atomism, and a complete characterization therefore, and the resultant atomic hell. The description of the Baconian philosophy of atomism as is given by he Quran it is a miracle. And to deduce the appearance of atomic hell that is atomic bombs and radiations from the Baconian atomism as the Quran has done is a miracle. And the scientific characterization of the atomic phenomenon and its manifestations by the Quran in is a miracle. And it is a challenge to the scientist ad as well as the philosopher of this Baconian age. And the atomic weapon is not a weapon of defense, it is the wrath of Allah, it is the divine vengeance. It is the grievous retribution. It deserves radiation, before it has eradicated this life on earth.
    Before we quote the answer of the Quran to Baconian philosophy, that is the prophecy which has been alluded to above, it appears reasonable to pose a question to every well-informed person in the world, namely, that could Islam or nay to other religion, even if it were completely, perfectly promulgated, save its followers, or the mankind, or even itself form the flames of the atomic hell, if this Baconian progress were allowed to continue as it did? The answer is the negative. The consumption of this world by the atomic hell is inevitable in the presence of this Baconian progress. The stage by now is set and the time is long past for such verbal assertions as:-
    (a) Does not Islam allow the necessities of life and the material utility of the resources of nature?
    (b) Do we not find in the Quran the emphasis laid on the contemplation of the work of God? And does not Quran alluded to the conquest of nature?
    (c) Is not Islam a progressive religion?
    (d) Is not Islam averse to monasticism and hermitage? And is not Islam a dynamic religion?
    Such assertions and others for this kind are now long past their age. They are noteworthy herein, nor can they give the least protection against the blazing reality now advancing toward a mistaken mankind like an infallible doom. For rolling is the text of the prophecy of the Quran about the Baconian hell, that is atomic hell, that is nuclear hell. The worst and most terrible of tall the hell. The Quran says:-
    “Woe unto every back-biter, defamer who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future) .He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama. And what could teach thee cast into Al-Hotama. and what could teach thee what Al-Hotama is? It is fire of Allah kindled with leapeth up onto the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on the m in outstretched columns”.
    (Quran 104-Al-Homaza)
    What does this mean? The Quran which allows the material utility, is here seen uttering terribleness denunciations against those who id is their own opinion, and indeed with a clear conscience, are only utilizing the permissible license of the Quran, keeping within the limits and adhering to the basic policy. This indeed is a postulate that warrants keenest attention of those who have not as yet acquiesced in the preordained doom. A very terrible, most frightful, and besides that exceedingly shameful doom.
    You have read the prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell. Please re-read it, and seethe nature of the evils that amazingly implicate such a terrible punishment. Do you find disbelief, the most grievous in included therein? No, none of that. This excludes the differentiation between the Muslim and the non-Muslim. Believer and non-believer. It embraces everyone. Do you u seek shirk (giving partners to God), the next grievous a sin? No. Not even that. Is it murder of felony? No. Is it thereto, man-slaughter or fornication? No. Nothing. What is the crime then? It is merely the slander. It is only the engrossment in wealth-accumulation. it is just a belief in the eternity of riches. If you have any regard for the God’s word, or you realize the proper significance of the word of God, then look. This Baconian philsophy of modern atomism is a slander of the doctrines of revealed religion. And this is an age in which the habit of a slander moves like the spirit form one corner of the earth to the other. This is the age of criticism and propaganda .And this Baconian progress is n no more than a process of systematic, organized, ever-increasing, infinite and eternal wealth-acquirement, wealth-increase and wealth-arrangement. And this is a generation which has implicit and explicit faith in the ever-increasing eternity of his wealth-acquiring progress. The case is clear. And above all else, its result is no more a bidden secret. It is there in the form of atomic hell .Now only its gate has to be thrown open. What remains now is only, that you sit open. What remains is only, that you sit alone and think if you are not involved in it.
    The crux of the mater as you have yourself read in the prophecy of the Quran, is that the causes both of the appearance of this temporal atomic hell of this transient world, and those of the punishment in the eternal atomic hell of the next eternal world, wherein there is no notion of death, are the same. They who deserved hotama, the atomic hell, are the same. They who deserved Hotama, the atomic hell, even if they escaped this transient atomic hell of this world, cold not escape the eternal atomic hell of the next eternal world. The Baconian philosophy is a beautiful snake which appears innocent, harmless and lovable. But actually its bite is so deadly, and its breathe is so fiery, that it would not allow its victim to count there to ask for water, or to explain the trouble.
    When we seek the example of this Baconian philosophy of man’s dominion over nature for material benefit in the Gospel of Jesus we find the following striking example that my be read with interest and for instruction equally by the Christian and non-Christian communities:-
    (33) “Here another parable: There was a certain house-holder, which planted a vineyard, and hedged it round about, and digged a vinepress in it, and built a tower, and let it out to husband men, and wet into a far contrary:
    (34) And when the time of the fruit drew near, he sent his servants to the husband men, that they might receive the fruits of it.
    (35) And the husband men took his servants, and beat one and killed another, and stoned another.
    (36) Again he sent other servants more than the first; and they did unto them likewise.
    (37) But last of tall he sent unto them his son, saying, they will reverence my son.
    (38) But when the husband men as a what son, they said among themselves, this is the heir; come let us kill him, and let us seize on his inheritance.
    (39) And they caught him, and cast him out of the vineyard, and slew him.
    (40) When the Lord, therefore of the vineyard cometh, what will he do unto those husbandmen?
    (41) They say unto him, He will miserably destroy those wicked men, and will let out His vineyard unto other husband men, which shall render Him the fruits in their seasons”.
    (Gospel St.Mathew XXI- 33-41)
    This world is the vineyard of God. He has let it out to mankind. Bacon has sought man’s dominion over this vine-year .Poverty, humility, and charity appeared as servants of God to take the fruits. But poverty was beaten, is beaten, humility was killed, is killed, charity was stoned, is stoned. Then the idea of resurrection appeared as the son of the master of the vine-yard, and was killed, is killed. Baconian mankind, wants to seize on the inheritance, the dominion of God. But will it succeed? No the matter is far beyond human power. It is blasphemous even to think of such a thing. The successful of mankind hitherto in the scientific achievements has been only an enticement into the final trouble. Steam bent itself to the service of man. Then electricity followed the suit and bent its back to Man. Then atomic phenomenon appeared before man as an adamant advisory. The folly of man now is to think that the will be able to subdue and trap and tame this fierce, fiery giant atumbumb. It is a kind of false optimism and blind confidence of Baconian spirit that will lead this mankind right into the heart of the atomic hell without any hope of redemption. And this will be eternal woe.

    Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel
    Adara AFqar e Gabriel Quaid E Azam Street nawababad wah cantt
    Distt Rawalpindi

  10. Sayed Abdulhayan says:

    I am Sayed Abdulhayan from Bangalore India.I am working in IBM India as software engineer.

    I want to explore Afganistan and Pakistan and discover it Cultural ettiqueties.

    I am interested in Journalism and reporting.But am not a professional Journalist.

    Can you please help me to get Mobile numbers or Address details of Talibans from Afganistan or Pakistan.

    I want to interview Taliban about their view on India.

    I want to interview hakimuallah Mehsud.Can you please help me to provide his spokemen’s Mobile number so that I can meet him for interview.

    I want to become reporter and Journalist.Please help me in this regard

    Thanks & Regards
    Sayed Abdulhayan

    Application Developer
    IBM India Private Limited.
    Embassy Golf Links, Ground Floor
    Bangalore 560071.

    Work: +91-80-4192 Ext. 6645
    Mob: +91 9986610680

  11. muhammed arafat shaikh says:

    assalamalaikum,to me john mccain seems to be the dajjal who would get most probably elected as the last president of the united states of america in 2012 and will then get manifested as dajjal who has been predicted in various prophecies,lastly it is ALLAH who knows the best,ALLAHHAFIZ.

  12. Dr T says:

    Muslims knowing all this are still defying Allah… not praying,losing morality, cheating, bowing down to the USA, getting bribed..
    Where will the army that can fight this Western and Jewish decay appear from, I wonder!
    May Allah have his mercy on all Muslims and bring them to the right path, ameen!

  13. Kathryn says:

    It is very clear the dajjal will be atheist but will also try to fool fool believers and he will try to get himself worshipped in a parody of belief.
    It is not so unbelievable that this should happen in this time.
    We are now in a global age.
    But for those with wisdom look for your example to the French Revolution, to the Cult of Reason and the Cult of The Supreme Being, and the Terror.
    But this was but one of the 30 small dajjal.
    Stalin, Hitler, Mao these were also but small dajjal.
    The worst is yet to come.
    But be of good cheer believers.
    The people of the book will fight the evil one and with the return of Jesus, peace be upon him, he will lead us to victory in the name of God and thrust the evil one and all his minions into hell.

  14. Truthseeker says:

    If the Illuminati are so powerful and organized, why would they allow this forum?

  15. Dean says:

    I found this website to be very informative but then I noticed the dollar bill image “MDCCLXXVI = 666”

    This is a pretty blatant error, and an explanation as to why it is not corrected reduces the credibility of the presentation. I would expect the author to show more care when presenting facts.

  16. John1701 says:

    Very nice site!

  17. Blessed Wisdom says:

    This is a correction with reference to the picture of the dollar bill shown.

    MDCCLXXVI is not numerically equal to 666 b/c in Roman numerals
    therefore, MDCCLXXVI=1776

    Now what is the significance of 1776?

    In year 1776 there where several major events that laid down the foundation of the United States of America.e.g.
    January 5, 1776 – The assembly of New Hampshire adopts the first American state constitution.
    July 4, 1776 – United States Declaration of Independence

    We know what is going on in the world and what is this State,which is said to be a masonic project, doing, whose foundation was laid down in 1776

  18. agenyesta says:

    What I can say is very nice and helpful as well as informative post…really help me very much more!! Thanks..


    By Allama Muhammad Yousaf Gabriel
    “It is not you O Mohammad”, our promised Messiah. “contended the Jews”, ” but he shall be form among us. Our messiah : Son of David; he shall be the lord of the sea d the land. Canals of water shall move along with him. He shall restore our lost kingdom, and he shall be sign out of the signs of the Lord”. Yes replied the prophet, your Messiah (Jesus Christ) came to you ad you rejected him. I am not the messiah. I am the last of the prophets. Your messiah will come, but he will be the messiah-id-dajjal (the lying, simulating, gilding Christ).
    To the contention of the Jews was:-
    “As to those who cavil at the sign of God without authority having reached them, nougat is there but pride in their breasts: but now they shall not succeed. Fly thou for refuge then to God, for He is the hear, beholder, greater surely that the creation man is the creation of the heavens and of the earth; but most men know it not. Moreover; the blind and the seeing, and the evil-doer and they who believe and do the things that are right, shall to be deemed equal. How few ponder this .Aye, “the hour” will surely come: There in no o doubt of it: But most men believe it not”.
    (Quran 40×56-59)
    Now the phrase Messiah-id-dajjal means a lying, simulating glutting Christ, who pretends to be the Messiah, but is false. We will now treat the topic of messiah-id-dajjal in the light of the description of the prodigy as is given by the Holy Prophet of Islam peace be upon him, I say not to you that this Baconian culture is that very same Messiah-id-Dajjal as was prophesied by the prophet, but what I will show in that it has al those characteristics most easily and clearly observably by any one. What, however, I insists on saying is that this Baconian philosophy and this Baconian progress and this Baconian culture deserves to be opposed by the believers, and needs its eradication as a noxious weed, or, if it is not eradicated in time, it surely will destroy this mankind bodily and spiritually, leave in no chance even for preparedness. I will show the identity between the characteristics of the messiah-id-Dajjal and this Baconian sprit. And there is nothing in it, that which could not be observed by any one anyone with greatest ease and clarity. In the following is given point by point the characterization of the messiah-id-dajjal as is given by the Holy Prophet; each point followed by the relative characteristics of this Baconian culture:-
    (1) “He shall be of the race of the Jews”.
    Mark that this modern Baconian culture is utterly, entirely, basically and completely the Jewish culture. Not indeed the mosaic Jewish. But the culture which is generally associated with the Jews. The culture of wealth-seeking, wealth accumulating and wealth-increasing. Culture of the love of wealth. Culture of usury, interest, trade merchandise. The culture which stood against Jesus Christ as basically antagonistic to this doctrine of otherworldliness. Could this present day Baconian culture of wealth and world be regarded as Islamic or Christian, or Hinduism, or Buddhists? No not with any justice. It is clearly Jewish.
    (2) “He shall be nick-named as Messiah–il-Makhmur, that is the intoxicated, drunken Christ”.
    How so very truthfully this modern Baconian culture, and how obviously, is the culture of intoxication and drunkenness. You find nowhere the religious remorse or contrition in any heart. No one weeps for the sins committed. No one ever removers death or the resurrection. But a general atmosphere of intoxication and drunkenness prevails throughout. Laughter and not weeping, pleurae and not sobriety is the quest an intoxicated pursuit of wealth.
    (3) “In his right eye there will be a wart of the size of a grape and he will have frizzled hair”.
    Now this is the point. This modern Baconian culture exclusively is concerned with the material, substantial world. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the moral, or spiritual, or the go her worldliness. The right eye may be metaphorically regarded as of the spiritual. The left eye as for the worldly and material. Thus this modern Baconian culture is blind of its right eye, though its left eye is exceptionally sharp and far-seeing. Equally blind of the right eye is this modern science which guides this Baconian culture. It is well-known that this modern science is confined to the five senses only, and can deal with only the material, substantial, and is totally line of spiritual and metaphysics”. But its left eye is exceptionally sharp. It can peep through earth to the death of miles, and it can gaze upwards to distances of millions of miles, though it can see nothing that side of the grave. It is surprising that people in spite of knowing these facts should neglect them.
    (4) “He shall be riding a donkey”.
    And this is the point. The mechanical mode of transport is a feature which is a most distinctive feature in comparison with the entire human history. The biological donkey has always been the symbol of transport and conveyance. While this modern age has its won particular mechanical mode of transport and conveyance. The point assumes conspicuity when it is seen in comparison with the past ages, and it is a weighty point. Also it has to be borne n mind that it is the messiah-id-dajjal, the adversary of Messiah-in- Nazarite that is the objective of discussion, for there exists a memorable tradition of Jesus Christ having ridden the donkey. The simulating Christ too ought to ride the donkey. But his is the donkey of his own special making that is a mechanical donkey against the biological donkey. And what after all is the difference between a donkey carrying a load of wood, and struck loaded with wood, excepts that the one moves on its legs and brays, while the other moves on its wheels and brays.
    (5) “Messiah-id-Dajjal shall make his first appearance is Syria and Iraq, and there he shall announce his prophethod, and then He shall proceed to Asphahan, and seventy thousand of the Jews will be flowing him, and there he shall announce his claim to Godhead, calling the people to his worship”.
    No doubt this modern Baconian culture has raised the first with the claim of prophethood. Bacon’s has been a philosophy of life complete in itself and indeed in radical opposition to the prophetic religion, that while all revealed religion was based on the doctrine of the next life in heaven, Bacon’s philosophy is based exclusively on this material world and this temporal life, and Baconian philosophy is taught like the teachings of a prophet. Then on a further stage we see the Baconian philosophy assuming the role of God-head> No doubt the germ of godhead may have been found in the Baconian philosophy itself in virtue of the doctrine of man’s dominion over nature an man’s right. Today Baconian culture’s role of God may clearly be seen in the fact that this mankind depends not on God, the Creator of the world, but on the Baconian culture, the process or of modern science. It is not to god that the people resort, but it is to science that they resort for their necessities or guidance, or problems or troubles. Also like God this science-guided culture dominate nature.
    It is said, that the messiah-id-dajjal will make his first appearance in Syria and Iraq. if England and France are regarded as the substitute for Syria and Iraq the mater appears to be well adjusted touching this Baconian culture. It was like a religion that Baconian culture m merged from England the homeland of Bacon and of Baconian philosophy. Then by the tie the scientific achievements a had covered the phrases of human life, and man had become completely dependent on science, it may be regarded that the time for the assumption of the claim of Godhead by the Baconian culture had reached.
    It is said that seventy thousand Jews will follow the messiah-id-dajjal. Now every student of the history of this modern Baconian age knows, that the Jews conspicuously have been and still are the alpha and the omega, and the creators of this Baconian culture. This Baconian culture is the exact and complete interpretation of their dream that they had been seeing for millenniums. It is the materialized realization of their long cherished hopes. It is the achievement of their prolonged deep-rooted ambition. In short, it is their triumph. It is they that have commenced it, created it, worked at it, build edit and completed it. Others may be regarded only as their poroselytes in the formation of the Baconian culture, and their followers”.
    (6) “Miracles by the power of god for the test of the mankind will be wrought through his hand”.
    From the railway engine to television and atomic bomb, are the numerous miracles wrought by him. But because all these works function on the principles of nature created by the god himself, they may be said to be worked by the power of God. The position of the Messiah-id-dajjal in this respect is only of a conjure.
    (7) “In spite of all these miracles the letters K.F.R. that is Kafir (infidels) will be written on his forehead. They who shall have faith in Allah will read these letters on his forehead, even if they were illiterate. They, however, who will be devoid of faith in Allah, will not be able to read those letters on his forehead even if the they were illiterate”. No doubt, no knowledge, but faith it is that a show the reality of this Baconian culture.
    (8) “A fire named hell and a garden named paradise shall accompany him during his tour of the world. He shall throw his enemies in his hell and he will enter his friends in his paradise. But in reality his hell shall be paradise and his paradise a hell”.
    No doubt today, all those that are zealous pursuers of this Baconian progress, and are seemingly well off, suffer from a torturous fever and constant torment of heart-burning, and are deprived for heart’s contention. On the other hand it three be any such people as have faith, and due to their faith take less interest in this modern progress and culture, and thus suffer from financial difficulties, their sacrifice is well rewarded in the form of contentment, hopes and joy in their God.
    (9) ‘After three year’s famine he shall appear, and a pile of broadened quantity of water will be with him. To whomsoever he shall wish he shall give of bread and water. and to whomsoever he shall wish he shall refuse. Praise of God and prayer will at that time be the subsistence of the faithful, and thus it is that their thirst and hunger shall be assuaged”.
    The strangest state of religion in the world, and the burning, ungratified desire of the people of the West fore worldly feast prior to the appearance of Bacon’s philosophy (1626), may be referred to as famine. As for as the question of bread is concerned, it is quite obvious, that this modern Baconian culture is the culture of bread, and nothing but bread.
    (10) “Canals will move along with him wherever he will go”.
    This again is no hidden secret. Canals of water are a particular feature of this culture. This earth today is covered with a network of canals.
    (11) “And on whatever people he shall pass, if they will take him as their God, he will order the cloud to rain, and it shall rain, and will order the earth to bring forth the corp., and it shall obey him, and will order the trees to bear fruit, and they shall bear fruit, and will order the goats to become fatted and to become with milk, and they shall be so. And fantasy people will not believe in hi, he will stop the rains upon them; and their crops and their fruits will vanish, and their beasts shall become lean. And he shall order the treasures of the earth to come up and they shall come up, and the beasts shall walk in his company”.
    Now there appears to be no need of spending any words or many words to show that all that has been said above about the doings of the Messih-id-dajjal, is being done by this modern science-guided, culture in a manner more than manifest. Any one, however, who has no knowledge of the pre-modern ages, might not notice the particularity of these activities, considering them as usual. But anyone who has knowledge of the condition of pre-modern age will at once discern these activities as unusual particularly associated with this modern age. Artificial rain is being made from the clouds. Crops are being grown with amazing speeds and in much increased magnitudes by improved methods. And so also the fruits of the trees are being grown in amazing ways. Animal husbandry is taking particular attention, and even artificial seminarian is being successfully practices. And see how the earth has rendered up all the its treasures, water, oil, minerals, metals etc.
    (12) “And he shall say to the people, “If I brig your dead mothers and your deaf fathers back to life, will you believe on them.”.And he will order the devils who shall thrust themselves into the earth and the emerge in the shapes of their dead mothers and dead fathers, and shall say, ” O our children believe in him”>
    There might be some better examples to explain this point, but see that ape records of the voices of the people, and their picture, that have been long dead.
    (13) “No one could slay him except Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ it is that will kill him”.
    Judging from the actual situation f this modern Baconian culture, it appears that unless the people adopt the doctrines of FAQR (poverty). There is no possibility of getting grid of this culture and its economico-industrial set up. The doctrine of poverty ad otherworldliness reputedly associated with the name of Jesus Christ, Quran, though is in no way behind the teachings of Jesus Christ in respect of poverty and otherworldliness. At present the remedy of their ills and the solution of the peculiar and particular problems of this culture is prescribed as more production and still more production ad-infinitum by the assuages of this age. This in fact is no remedy of this malady. It is just as to add fuel in an endeavour to extinguish the fire. People will have to revert to the pre–modern philosophy of poverty and self-abnegation to escape the dreadful effects of this culture.
    (14) “The stay of the Messiah-id-Dajjal on earth will be forty days. of which the first will be equal to a year; the second will be equal to a year’ the second will e equal to a month, the third will be equal to a week, and the rest will be equal to ordinary days. And they only will escape his enchantment who will take refuge in the mosque”.
    This duration is known to God only. But inside the mosque now is the spirit of religion whereas out-side the Baconian culture reigns supreme.
    It is interesting to observe that this Baconian culture has undertaken to do all the works which were done by Jesus Christ. We will enumerate them in the following:-
    (1) Christ feeded a few thousand people by a few loaves miraculously. This Baconian culture is the culture of providing the people with food and other necessities of life. To fight against hunger is one of its basic slogans
    (2) Christ cured the sick, and gave sight to the blind. The Baconian culture has undertaken the same things. See the hospitals. To fight against disease is one of its basic slogans.
    (3) Christ raised the dead. This Baconian culture has particular attention on this fact, and has kept constant endeavour to achieve his miracle. Though hither to has no seen success.
    (4) Christ made out of clay things reassembling birds. And breathed in them, and Lo! They went flying. This Baconian culture has made the aircraft.
    (5) Christ walked on water. This modern Baconian culture has caused iron to float on water in the form of sea-ships, and has devised submarines, and divers’ suits.
    (6) Christ’s teachings inspired compassion and mercy in the hearts of his followers, compassion and mercy also is a feature of this Baconian age.
    And inspite of all this resemblance, there exists basic antipathy between the work of Jesus and this modern e culture. Jews worked these things with spiritual power. This modern a culture does all by means of material agency. And Jesus had always heaven and resurrection in sight, where this modern culture has its eyes fixed always on the earth. The end of the teachings of Jesus was heavenly paradise. The end of this modern culture is atomic hell on earth, as well as in heaven in the next life. The compassion and mercy of this age is that of a world in sheep’s skin, to burn the people alive is a feature of this age, sea, bombs, incendiaries, atomic, gas, and plague bombs. The people of pre-modern ages cold not have the heart to commit such strictly despite their proverbial savagery. In these days if on the one hand relief is sent for a stricken people, on the other hand one atomic bomb is added to the stock-pile. Do you understand? This is Baconian civilization. Typically.
    We have brought our discussion of the Messiah-id-Dajjal to its end. We will however continue history further to his end as is told by the Prophet of Islam. Peace be upon Him. It is as follows:”-
    “And he will pass over so many lands until he will enter ye men. And will take many a renegada with him for everywhere. And when he will reach near Mecca, he will not be permitted to enter therein by the guards of angels there. from there he will set out for Medina. Medina will at that time have seven gates. On every gate Good will appoint two angels with drawn swords in their hands, and they will not allow any of the Dajjalian army to enter the city. After his arrival there thrice the shocks of earthquake will be felt within the city, and those of weak belief, and the hypocrites will leave the city and will join the Messiah-id-dajjal.
    There will be at that time a youth in Medina, and he will come out to give a battle to the dajjal, and will inquire about him form His comparisons. Some of them seeing the insolence of his manner, will want to kill him, but others will say, no it is prohibited by our Lord to kill anyone except by the order of Mehdi. Then they will inform the Dajjal, that a person, insolent and disobedient sought his audience. Dajjals admit him to his audience. The youth will on the first sight of the dajjal exclaim “verily will I have recognized you are that same accursed dajjal about whom our Prophet has forewarned us, and has explained the lie and deceit that is yours. Dajjal upon hearing this will be greatly incensed and will order a saw to be brought and having fixed that on the head for the man, will saw him in two. and will cause the two parts of the ode to fall on either side. Then he shall walk to and fro between the two parts. And will say to his followers” if I bring this man back to life, will you believe in my Godhead?”. To which they will say: verily, verily, we do already believe in your being our God, but if that will be done,, our faith will only be strengthened. Then He will place the two parts of the dead man joined together, and will say: Arise, and the man will rise, alive, actually by the power of the real God. No sooner than the dead man will come to life than he will say “Now I am quite certain that you are the same accursed dajjal whose identity the Holy Prophet has revealed. Dajjal upon hearing this will fly into rage, and will command his followers to kill the man. His men will do it to the utmost of their power to kill the man, but the knife with which they will endeavour to kill him, will have no effect on the body of the man. Dajjal upon this will in a feverish manner command him to be thrown into the hell-fire. The man will then be thrown into the fire but the by the mercy of God the fire shall become cold ad ineffective. Thereafter the dajjal will not be able to bring the dead to life. His power to do so will be taken away y from him.
    Thence he shall move mount toward Syria. When he will reach near Damascus, Mehdi will be in Damascus and will have made the preparations for war against Dajjal. The caller will call to the prayers of after-noon, and the Muslims will be in preparation for the prayers when Jesus Christ reclining on the shoulders of two angels will descend form heaven on the eastern minarets of the Jamiah Mosque of Damascus, and will ask for a ladder. People will fix the ladder against the minarets, and Jesus Christ will come down, and will meet the Mehdi. Mehdi will say “O Prophet of Allah lead the prayers”. To which Jesus Christ will say, “You will lead the prayers, for certain among you have the lead of certain others, and this honour is fro this (the Muslim) ummah (nation) only. Mehdi will then lead the prayers, and Jesus Christ will follow to him in the prayers. After the prayers will be over, Mehdi will say to Jesus Christ, O prophet of Allah, else take the command of the army in your hands, and do as you deem fit. To which Jesus Christ will say, No. The command of the army will remain in your hands. I have me only to kill the Antichrist (Dajjal). He is to be killed by my hand.
    When the night will pass and the morning will appear, Mehdi will march his army out against the force of Dajjal. Jesus will then say. Fetch me a lance and a horse. So that I will assail the infidels (Dajjal).Jesus then along with the Islamic force attack the forces of Dajjal and a gruesome fight will begin between the contending forces. A peculiar feature of the fight will be that to whomsoever of the opposite army the breath of Jesus will reach, he shall die. Dajjal will try to flee before Jesus, but Jesus will pursue him, and overtaking him will thrust his lance through his back, and will kill him. Blood will gush forth form the body Dajjal, which Jesus taking in his hands will throw towards the Muslims as a surety that he had killed the dajjal. And it is said that Jesus would not spear him, the dajjal would in the hot pursuit be dissolved just as salt is dissolved in water. The Islamic force will busy themselves in the slaughter of the force of Dajjal. The Jews that had accompanied the Dajjal will find no refuge any where. So that a Jew will hid himself behind a tree or a stone, the tree and the stone will cry out, its way the slaves of Allah, he is he (the Jew hiding; take him. Thereafter an era of peace and prosperity will begin. There will be great security and plenty n the world. All hatred and malice will be laid aside. Lions, camels, bears and sheep shall live in peace, and a child shall play with serpent unhurt.

    Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel
    Adara Afqar e Gabriel QA St.Nawababad Wah Cantt Distt Rawalpindi Pakistan

  20. Jeff says:

    MDCCLXXVI does not equal 666. It equals 1776, the year of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

    There is no argument that America was founded by masons, nor that our money, and our capital city, were designed with overt masonic symbolism. But you do your argument no service when you make such a fundamental error. 666 = DCLXVI

  21. ron says:

    thanks guys! thanks! yo’ve done a great job

  22. sleekmason says:

    Here is some info that might point you all in a new direction, whether the totality of it is correct or not. I have no opinion on your beliefs other than to say that they too, are skewed by conceptualization, and that we must search a level or two higher, to fully understand where we are now, and how ALL given information might affect our future.

  23. MOz Melbourne says:

    hi and Salam,
    i agree with the overall issue BUT,

    read uptil 2nd para, and i totally disagree with the 2nd para as it shows the knowledge of a novice in islam. Yes the 1st para is correct.

    but incomplete, as i dont have a book right now so i cant write exact lines and page numbers.

    BUt want to share some info

    Dajjal is a person, clearly described by the holy Prophet P.B.U.H as having curly hair, 1 eye and KFR in arabic written on his forehead

    2ndly as 2nd para says about something about history as self assumed the meaning of the hadith, please. As a fellow muslim and fan. research first.
    (i am still a fan )

    acha ok: the timing hadith is also described by the prophet p.b.u.h clearly , i dont have detail but its like that 1 sahabi then asked if 1 day is like a year and so on.. so how we will prat salat, prophet said that then u have to say your normal salat but using time, not using the day, night light, so it will be 1 say but the morning will be like (assumed) for few months, then evening of few months then the night as few months. so there is no thing like Uk ruled like 1 year, USA like 1 month and so on..


    no worries

    take care, Salam and Allah hafiz

  24. Duke says:

    Peace be with all fellow believers.

    The time has come, the harvest is ripe.
    The Dajjal is already defeated, he just does not know it yet
    All those who do not believe that the Son of man is come in the flesh, is the Dajjal.

    Bring in the harvest and spread the word.

    The Faithful Witness

  25. jawwad bokhari says:

    wonderfull article but why didnt it mention the usmani khilafat, everybody knows that the ottoman islamic empire was a key goal of WW1 and it was the goals of the zionist to establish a zionist state in palestine which is the throne of dajjal in its 3rd stage (a day like a week)

    it is sad that we forget the biggest islamic empire, please edit this article and add the fall of the usmani khilafat in 1924 when khalifa adbull hameed was exiled and the yildz palace was taken over, all achieved by the imperial zionist puppet kamal attaturk who heading the young turks.

    also mention that the zionist came to the khalifa and asked him to let them establish a zionist state in palestine and khalifa came in front of them in battle armor and told them over my dead body…….the zionist also bribed the khalifa but he regected.

  26. TruthSeeker says:

    Perfect post. Perverting the religion is their very destructive weapon. Illuminati (or puppeteers) have been very sucsessful in mixing of truth and lies. But in this matter, i think they have more sinister agenda.

  27. kashif says:

    this link is very nice all of muslim people must read and watch video and inform to another

  28. Niki Raapana says:

    Brilliantly laid out and eloquently explained, Jones does an excellent job of telling it like it is.

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