The Death Of Marilyn Monroe – Conspiracy Theories. August 4th 1962


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  1. She rejected Jesus Christ and mocked him.
    Galatians 6:7 KJV
    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    She's in hell.

  2. Sea life Msp says:

    She should be like 70-100 y.o??

  3. Sea life Msp says:

    If it was overdosed she would not have blood. If it was a m_ _ _ _r then she would have blood

  4. Sea life Msp says:

    I have a friend and her B-day was in the month of July and that is the 7th month of the year and she is really smart.And I had another friend and I asked him "Why are you so smart?" He said it depends on your Your birth date, And I checked what birth date she was born in and it was the seventh month and I don't know why I am putting this in the comment section…

  5. Sea life Msp says:

    The police cannot just investigate everything in her hotel they need clues like: The actions she did day before her death, For example: The day before her death her main action was: Singing to president John f Kennedy that is the first clue the murderer could have been president JFK, also known as John F. Kennedy or his brother.

  6. Sea life Msp says:

    How are these clips in color and it is the actual Monroe back then pictures did not have color the color was created by Antonio bell and another Man

  7. marilyn is dead because she said something to God like I don't need god

  8. 1celticChef says:

    Wow, what a suck ass show with No budget. The "story" didn't get started till around min 12 and from then on it was so repetitive in narration and clips. Indicates they had little content.  How many times did she shovel the pills down and did we see the yellow ones topple into her stomach? She no more committed suicide than I created bread.  No mention of the recording of her death since her house was bugged with VOX equipment; nothing of her being alive when they First took her to the hospital; nothing of the injection site that was found in an armpit that was bruised, and Eunice Murray is skeezy altogether. They weren't as thorough at crime scene investigation as they are now and since she was a known user, a theory that was easy was used. Per Sperigilio, Slimy Greenson helped kill her and a Kennedy knew it was happening.  R.I.P. Norma Jean

  9. Day zz says:

    These narrator's drive me…………NUTS!

  10. Donna Casman says:

    but kennedy visited her before the doc and he stated to the lady that marylin was acting doozy and drugged

  11. asovcll says:

    maybe it was a natural died scene she died because it was her last day

  12. The Girl really looked liked monroe

  13. Amar Kaitha says:

    she was a gold digger

  14. you guys should contact forensic files

  15. I think she was murdered she was on an upswing in her personal life and career at the time of her death and she was 28th members of the mob and the president and also according to people around her she was showing signs of possible schizophrenia like her mother so she may have felt her relationship with Kennedy was more than it was and they felt they had to kill her

  16. I'm sure Marilyn did not die of suicide
    this was a crime!

  17. maybe maybe maybe … that lab test for the pills disintegrating over 3 minutes is highly dubious …. they tell us the pill containers were the same as what Monroe took? Where did they find these? The autopsy details are more vital to the investigation ….

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