The Debate – Ukraine Crisis (P.2)



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  1. God… you experts really don't know what are you talking about… Russia always had troops in Crimea – Russian fleet stationed here….

  2. 01:50 russia has massacred the ukrainian people that is why there is a russian majority.

  3. hopeintruth1 says:

    The anglo american banking empire has been goose stepping across the world since 911 , smashing countries to keep there fiat ponzi scheme afloat . 

    As usual everything the main stream media has said is a bald face lie . 6 corporations own every tv station and newspaper in the US , the same corporations that own the defence companies !!!! The media in the west is a bad joke and it is no different hear in Australia .

    Zbigniew Brzezinski and his globalist masters want mother Russia .

  4. Whether it's Mark Levine going apeshit filibustering on RT Cross Talk, or this guy in DC, you can see that those who champion American hegemony are plainly losing their shit over one nation, Russia! frustrating US imperialism.

  5. Neither one of these guys are as knowledgable as I'd like them to be… 

  6. The guy in washington knows very little about the media in Russian Federation.He is under the western negative propaganda against RF.

  7. 408Magenta says:

    Victoria Nudelman or Nuland admitted that Fascist Amerika spent 5 BILLION dollars to overthrow an elected Ukrainian government. What does that tell you?

  8. 408Magenta says:

    Press TV who is this guy from Washington and who or what does he represent. I know Danny Shecter but who is the other guy? Why don't you tag their names and who they represent.

  9. Borjigin says:

    Mister Washington wins this on all fronts.


  11. Luis Gomes says:

    Mister fascist washington man is very badly and disgustingly disguised as a "democrat". He assumes full cumplicity in the fascist genocide of democrats and inocent ucranian civilians.

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