The Depopulation Storm To Bring In The NWO

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  1. The number of children born has already stabilized at about 2,5 billion and it dies about the same amount of old people. The increase will come from those in between and population will end up around 10-11 billion. A big challenge to be sure but not un sustainable if we work together. Want some hope? check out the video "This world-don´t panic"

  2. Jas Dilo says:

    Good video. I totally agree with population reduction but not by killing the majority of the current population. We need limited breeding laws here in the U.S. just like in China, at most 2 kids per family. It amazes me when I see families with 5 and 6 babies who live off of taxpayer money and government checks and free housing just to have an excuse not to work. Also the amount of illegal immigrants who are breeding many babies and automatically becoming U.S. citizens again at taxpayers' expense. That is why the illuminati hate people.

  3. mb8577 says:

    Y'all need to stop predicting dates because your thesis looks DUMB when the day comes and goes! "15 million infected by Ebola by Jan 2015" lol we're entering 2017 where's the Ebola?

  4. Sal Reed says:

    Gates is another depraved eugenicist! Make NO mistake about this creep. He doesn't spend #30 mil healing the sick, just making them more sick. 48,000 dead children in India & Africa to date, may thou more maimed, crippled n suffering for life not to mention their families misery. This bastard needs to be REMOVED from human society as do the other warmongering sub-human lunatics!!

  5. hey its aug 2016 what happened, hurry up virus, another bs story…….

  6. pisces3750 says:

    this prick supports IsRaHell! do Not bother falling for his B/S.

  7. Lynn Alba says:

    It's a bunch of bullshit there's is not to many people this thugs,or elite,and if they and who ever else believes Ted turner,than they should take vaccines or get any kind of virus.

  8. this is true especially in usa so wake up murica

  9. WOOOOe. Bill Clinton sign a plan to depopulate the world? I must look this up.

  10. seeamerica1 says:

    Dangers of vaccines, GMO's, Flouride, Codex Alimentarius, Agenda 21, & Chemtrails are issues people should be aware of, but If you wanted people to actually absorb the contents of this video, you should have taken out the stupid pounding horror music. To many it just makes the video look like a fear mongering/conspiracy attempt; besides it over rules the commentaries with sound.

  11. OMG!! Gates is a MONSTER!

  12. jack lock says:

    When the hell is some one going to get rid of Henry Kissinger? Hasn't he been polluting the planet long enough? Same goes for all those old bastards. I'll shuffle off if they will.

  13. I see. So they want to kill us all off to ensure, 1) they never make another dime, 2) they have no one to support their commfy lifestyle, 3) end up foraging for survival like rats!!! HOW VERY OBVIOUS!!! YOU ARE A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID!!!!

  14. Azaziel-33 says:

    I think the error of this video (or theory) is that they are adding a huge intellect behind all the stupid things the actual elite are doing. And this add of intellectual plans (depopulation) needs to be there so it can justify a motivation that must be evil. It's just confused people doing plans to maintain their families in the elite of this controlled and modified world consumption. They are not planning an apocalypse, they just want more and more without noticing the stupidity and justifying their actions through ideology and rituals, wich they call "science" and "tradition". That's my point of view.

  15. Chris Martin says:

    IJ…you're hot!

  16. Everybody thinks it will come down using nukes HAAA! why would they want to destroy everything in a uncontrollable nuke war when they can just use bio viruses to kill off what they need to and have total control over it, well some control compared to a nuke war, only the elite would be given anti virus.

  17. They could control third world population growth if they wanted too but they dont, so why is that.

  18. GEE TED Turner, how big is that swimming pool that you have in your back yard, and that mansion you live in must take a lot of power to run, you use up 20x the resources compared to a lot of us poor people combine.

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