The Difference Between Hating Government and Exposing Corruption

Andrew Pontbriand

Over the past couple years the liberty movement has been increasingly labeled as a “hate” group, shattering the Media’s credibility.

Since the beginning of organized civilizations, people have always felt their time in history is special. It is a human trait, to think because you are alive at this very moment, something incredible is due. In point of fact this is true, to a certain extent. Every human being is special, and every human being contributes to the events of everyday life to the collective. However, when this thought is applied to Government, this is just not the case. Governments throughout history have been engaged in corruption, high crimes, and sexual endeavors too telling to write about them here.

The Difference Between Hating Government and Exposing Corruption

The seat of power almost 100% of the time is sought after by those who crave such power. When our constitution was drafted, although they were not perfect; our Founders envisioned a Republic where this would all change. They understood the fundamentals of corruption that could develop, and has; throughout history whenever a group of people have control over a population. The Founders looked into the future and thought brilliantly of a way to restrict that power, and drafted the Bill of Rights and Constitution to do exactly that. It was so well written (even with its many faults) even today we can thwart certain atrocities likely to occur because of our founding document.

This is now beginning to change. The Constitution, for many reasons I will not get into; has now been trampled on and set side. More and more our government, and the people behind it are finding ways to rewrite it. Tyranny is corruption, and corruption is rampant in a system that has been re-designed to legally allow special interests groups to write laws, pay off judges, politicians, and even Presidents. Since our system of government is the closest the world has ever come to allowing the people of the land to be heard, make decisions, and have the greatest freedoms; a new “hate” has emerged for government.

The 90′s saw an explosion of 20th century Militia groups. These Militia groups were always labeled as extreme, and anti-government. This was however, not the case in almost all circumstances. It is now seen radical, to speak about the Constitution, or laws that protect our way of life. The Militia’s that exist today are explicit in their purpose, and that is to help the public if the government ever engages in a direct takeover of our freedoms.

To understand how these so-called hate groups, are mixed in with people who speak out against government; you have to look no further than the media.

The media has for a long time, been state-run. The major media conglomerates are owned by only 5 corporations. The people who own the media, are also behind political agendas that are reached through finance of a certain politician, lobbying or special interest groups. The media then reports in a biased manner only to steer the public in the direction they see fit. When ever opposition, or a popular movement arises nationwide, the media steps up to the plate to report isolated incidents, outright lies, or propaganda about these groups to sway public opinion against the groups.

It is not fair to say that “hate” groups do not exist, because they do. However, most of these hate groups are actually aligned with fascists, socialist, or communist ideals. Most of which seek to get change through violence or oppressive means. However, there is also a completely separate movement which has been demonized.

The “Liberty” movement, and the “truth” movement, can hardly be meshed together. Although I think both “groups” would tend to agree on the same result they are looking for. There are millions of people that want our current system to stay in place, and do not hate it. They do not hate the 3 branches of government, the police, the constitution, the bill of rights, or any other framework that works for liberty. I do not speak on behalf of these movements, however I understand that these groups simply wish to return to a system where the average person can be seen as sovereign.

The difference between a hate group and a group that seeks to find truth, expose corruption, and return American life back to liberty, family, national pride, peace and prosperity; is simple. The hate groups are always co-opted by government agents, and end up committing violence.

It is important to understand the difference between hating the government, and disagreeing, or even having a great dislike for PEOPLE, who are in office. The paradigm that exists protects those in power because they are in control of the system of law. Over and over these power brokers have been caught and accused of egregious crimes, and have never been prosecuted. This tends to cause a negative reaction by those who are screaming out to the American public about whats happened.

Corruption runs rampant, even in our great Republic. There are people today who may appear to “hate” the government, and are labeled as extreme to turn the average person against them. So as long as the people fight amongst each other, a revolt, peaceful or forceful is impossible. The people who are involved in gaining back their freedoms, by exposing criminals IN the government, by peaceful means and investigative journalism, activism, protests, and spreading awareness, are blatantly skewed by media, and figures in the media as extreme, only because they disagree with the current consensus. When you understand that those who spread truth, and advocate liberty; are not those who look for violence, or attacks on the government, or anyone for that matter. You will easily see through the facade that is put up, blinding the public even further to the many truths about the power behind our government.

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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    Aaah, hating government? Government is necessary or you will have chaos. However criminal government is illegal and only benefits criminals and their criminal Elite masters.
    Nothing wrong with hating CRIMINAL Government. Appropriate use of guillotines is necessary. You know the ones purchased by the DHS to be used on Law Abiding Citizens.

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